Thursday, January 31, 2019

2:16 pm

How to Activate Airtel Instagram Bundle 1gb for N200

This is another awesome bundle made by Airtel and they also you can enjoy Airtel 3x data which makes you pay less and enjoy more or Airtel 1GB for N300 and many more to be introduced to you guys as in dey hot. So do join our telegram channel to get all our post updates ASAP.

Airtel officially unleashes her Instagram bundle just almost immediately after their rival MTN introduced their own instabinge bundle. Although they also offer smaller data for smaller amount also. Giving you more opportunity to enjoy the latest on Instagram with this bundle

We all know that Instagram consumes a lot of data which is the main reason why Airtel decided to make this bundle which can be used for Instagram.
This is what Airtel specifically said concerning the data

Introducing Airtel Instagram Bundles. Stay connected on Instagram all day with 1GB for only N200. Dial *141*205# to activate now

How to activate 1GB for N200

✅ All you need to do is just to load a card of N200 which can be from your bank or by buying a recharge card then you will dial *141*205# which gives you 1GB for 200 almost instantly.

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1:41 pm

Airtel Triple 3x Data Offer, Pay less Enjoy More

Airtel Triple 3x has been on the go for a while as many users have been keeping it on a low which I would be sharing with you guys today. as it seems to still be active and you can also opt for the airtel download bundle. So let's dive into that.

The steps below are quite lengthy and I hope the way Airtel selects sims shouldnt be too surprising to you as it might work for some sims while it wouldn't work for others. Anyways you are at liberty to check this on different who knows if it will work.

Do follow the steps carefully for a success

How to activate 3x data on Airtel

✅ Buy a new Airtel sim or you can make use of your 3months old sim
✅ Send GET to 141 and make sure you receive a response 

"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS "
If you do not get a response like this, you can try again or wait till you get a response just like that.

✅ Then send MIFI to 141 afterward
✅Load either 500 naira normally. and by normally I mean by buying a recharge card and not by bank transfer and dial *141*500#  (validity- 14days) 750mb x 3=2.2gb alongside with other smaller bonuses.

✅Or recharge 1000 naira normally like i explained in the step above and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days)1.5 x 3=4.5gb which also comes alongside with other smaller bonuses.

✅Or recharge 2000 naira normally like i explained in the step above and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days) 3.5 x 3=10.5gb which also comes alongside with other smaller bonuses.

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1:05 pm

How to Activate Airtel Download Bundle 1gb for 300

Just after glo and airtel launched their new data plans, airtel has also launched a new download pack bundle mainly for downloading as the name inclines.

The main motive for airtel to make this package is for users who downloads heavy files such as games, movies, software or just anything too large for an average data plan to take in.
Airtel download bundle pack gives you a whooping sum 1gb worth of data just for 350 which not too fair to me and surely on the high side.

Although its competitors, 9mobile charges 1GB for N200, while Glo offers 1.2GB for N200, all which last for 3 days. But Airtel download bundle of 1GB for N350 is valid for just 24 hours.

Airtel download pack works on all devices and can also be used on your modem which makes basically no restriction on your sim whether (4g or 3g sims but old and new sims also included)

How To Subscribe To Airtel 1GB For N350
✅ First of all you need to have N350 airtime on your phone to start with
✅Dial *141*354# to activate 
✅ Dial *140# to check your data balance

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Also do not forget that airtel triple data is very much available and alive which gives you a chance to 2.2gb for N500 and 4.5gb for N1000 is still smoking hot
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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1:08 pm

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version (v6.87) 2019

GBWhatsApp is almost the same as the WhatsApp app, but the difference is that GbWhatsApp provides more awesome features which the WhatsApp does not provide. There are different reasons you might want to switch to GBWhatsApp although they all do the same thing but the GBWhatsApp comes with different mods. Except you are making use of iPhone this post is surely not for you or you can switch to an android version.
You might be wondering why GBWhatsApp?

1 To stay invisible (Ghost): Many users do not like people keeping tabs on them. So the opt for GbWhatsApp which has a feature of hiding activities such as your last seen and your status views on WhatsApp

2. Apply themes: Some users like me do not like any of our stuffs such as apps, wallpapers to have the same look day in day out. hence switching to GbWhatsApp solves that making it possible for users to change themes for their GbWhatsApp as there are over 100+ themes readily available for download with little size. Which you can access by clicking the menu on the main chat screen, select Gb settings and click download themes. 

3. Lock Chat: Some users like keeping their conversations descrete from others which GBWhatsApp as well allows users to lock their chats with different passwords. You can access this feature by clicking in the menu button on your chat screen. As indicated in the image below 

with lots more other features which you can check out by clicking here

Whats new v6.87
✅ Now you can add stickers from playstore to any package
✅ New fonts added and new wallpaper application available for download 
✅ Added default Whatsapp icon. To change it go to settings
✅ Added option to disable click in header for hidden chats
✅ Added confirmation dialog when in group chat
✅ Increased pin chats from 25 to 30
✅ Fixed change app language in settings.

Here are the latest mods available for the latest GbWhatsApp. it just keeps getting better and better. 

Download GBWhatsApp Here
See older versions here
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Thursday, January 24, 2019

6:18 pm

How to recover Your Contacts From Google

Are you a busy or a business oriented person or a student? contact is something little but precious you wouldnt want to lose as the need for them might arise at the time you least expected. On this post i will be showing you guys how you can retrieve your contacts on google as they are saved automatically.
All you need is a gmail account surely and a laptop or an android phone depending on the platform that works for you best. 

✅ Login your gmail account which contains the number you want to recover
✅ Open your gmail and click the menu button no the upper right of the page

✅ Then click on contacts or Open this link on your browser. Click here
✅ You can also decide to export your contacts or import them from that same menu.

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5:53 pm

Glo Best APN for Fast and Smooth Browsing 2019

Glo subscribers these days we are going to see a way to enhance your network pace, as it appears most folks do complain of the slow network even though the network bar is full.

We have discovered the nice VPN to enhance your network, but, it most effective works for 4g/LTE phones, so in case your smartphone doesn't guide 4g kindly pass this post and maintain the usage of the default settings.

Hello! Do you want to enjoy stable internet connection while you surf the net, today I will show you how to maximize your browsing experience without losing your internet connectivity at interval on Glo . Just follow the instructions and act accordingly.
Glo internet configuration 

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For data subscription plan 
• Enter the main menu.
• Scroll to and select "Settings" and "Wireless & networks".
• Scroll to and select "Mobile networks", and "Access Point Names".
• Press the "Menu" button and press "New APN".
• Scroll to and select "Name" and enter Glo Mobile Internet.

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Check also how to get free 50mb plus N500 Airtime on every recharge on GLO 

• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "APN" and enter gloflat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "Username" and enter flat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "Password" and enter flat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "APN type" and enter "default".
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to Authentication Type and enter “PAP or CHAP”
• Press “OK”.
• Scroll to APN Protocol and enter “ipv4”.
• Scroll to Server and enter “Not Set”.
• Scroll to MNSC: “Not set”.
• Scroll to MMS Proxy and enter “Not Set”.
• Scroll to MMS Port and enter “Not Set”
• Press the "Menu" button and press "Save".
• Scroll to and select the new profile.
• Press the "Home" button to return to the main screen.
NB: Parameters above not included in your device settings may be ignored/skipped
Subsequently change the network mode following the steps below;

· Enter the main menu.
· Scroll to and select "Settings" and "Wireless & networks".
· Scroll to and select “Mobile Networks”
· Select 2G/3G (Auto Mode) or 3G Only

Please ensure that the mobile data feature on your device is enabled and restart the device to connect.
Note : The above information is reliable!.

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Friday, January 18, 2019

8:26 pm

How to Make Money On Fiverr 2019

You must have been wondering how to make money online as a freelancer, believe me you have landed on the exact page you need with all the details you need to get started and to earn which is the sole and the main important part of being a freelancer.
You must have been hearing of fiverr from folks, freelancers or computer oriented kind of people and most of them are very discrete about whats working for them but i will be sharing those secrets with you today. This post is divided to different parts to get you started on fiverr.

This post is a guild to help you learn how to make money to providing services to both individual and companies. Covering from the aspect of 
 Signing up 
 Creating your gig
✅ Professional response to clients
✅ Buyer ratings
✅ How to cash out

Also note it is highly advisable to make use of a computer during the whole procedure.

Getting started by signing up

In this aspect i will be making use of my demo account which i opened ages ago when i was yet to understand what fiverr is and how it really works. I will make sure you do not make the same mistake as me as mistake can forever affect your fiverr account, buyers and how well people view your gigs.'
wondering what gigs are? it will be treated.

✅ The very first to sign up is to open on your web browser which must be a desktop as it is not comfortable making use of your mobile phone.
After visiting

✅ You'll see join. Click and you should get this pop up just like the image above. Also,
Never log in with your facebook as you will automatically sign up using facebook. which unprofessional as keeping facebook aside from fiverr would  be much preferred. The facebook will reflect on your fiverr account.

✅ Enter your e-mail. Make sure the email you use is active and which you can reach when you receive a mail.
✅ Choose your Username. Do make use of an official name.
  Never make use of Nicknames as the buyers might find it unprofessional and might not opt for your services even if its needed.
✅ If you are out of username ideas, you can open fiverr as see other account maybe something might spark your interest

I will be making use of my old account for this post.

How to create your gig
To create your gig, head straight over to your profile at the upper right. click the image and select My profile

✅ On profile screen click on Create new gig on your profile page. which should look like the image below
 Gigs are basically services you can handle and render to buyers. Gigs are just a way of expressing or showing out what you can do for them with your price tags for different plans. if you do not understand do leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible.

✅ Here you will state the kind of services you will be rendering. In my case in this profile i would be making a SEO blog content writer.
► So in the empty space youll will state what you provide but here am stating "I will be your SEO blog content creator"

✅On category make sure you select the category that matches your service

✅ On tags type in keywords in reference to service you provide so that your profile shows up when buyers are looking for services. 

After all the input 

✅ On the next page is the part where you will put a price tag on your services, how long it will take to deliver and how much more the buyer needs to pay for extra delivery.

Depending on your type of account as there are different packages for different gigs. Do take some time to see guys doing the same gig as you which would help you in filling yours correctly.
Make sure you enter packages you can handle.

Gig description
This basically also gives more info about your gig. Below is a perfect example

I am Nicolas, a journalist with over 8 years experience writing for both online and print publications all over the world. From the United States to Europe, and the Far East, you can find any of my over 9000 articles printed or published for news outlets or businesses just like yours.

My goal here is not to sell you a pitch and make a one-off gain, but to help you build your dream through high-quality content that yields returns on what is invested on it. The perfect content is that which is:

Search Engine-Friendly
Engages The Audience
Calls The Reader To Action (Conversions)

I will write you HIGH QUALITY, 100% UNIQUE, PERFECTLY OPTIMIZED (Zero keyword stuffing), ZERO SPIN articles for your site or blog or business portal.  My writing can be whatever you need it to be, informative, technical, funny... but most importantly, my writing will make your reader believe in your ideas, products, or services.

If you need a perfect content that is ready to be posted with ZERO PLAGIARISM, NO GRAMMATICAL ERROR, then.

Order today! Let's get this magic started.

PS: If you need bulk or Web Content for a fresh site,  please send me a message first. Thanks

i guess now you get what the gig description is used for.

Then click on save and continue you will put requirements buyers need to meet like specifications, dimensions or background materials. depending on the type of gig mainly.

On the next page you will be asked to upload images for your gig. Here all you have to do is to upload matching your gig.

 As a writer you can search for writer images as you can check other profiles incase you do not full understand.
The image can be used for writer gigs.

After selecting your image click on publish and your gig will be published live making it possible for buyers to reach you for your services.

Response to buyers

This is one of the important aspect of working on fiverr as this determines if you will be earning from fiverr at all. This is a crucial part that many freelancers miss which later end up in the buyer leaving for another person which is definitely loss on your own side. as i will be showing you the best ways to respond to buyers which will help you in sealing the deal.

 Be timely, be fast when responding to buyer messages. Some buyers do hate when they do not get a reponse after sending messages for a while
Always thank them for contacting you as this might seem to impress them at first
Always have a sample work to showcase to your buyers apart from the ones you have on your gig. Some buyers like to see previous jobs done by that seller.
Always ask for their budget. Do not jump to conclusions
 Never insult buyers as this can lead to the buyer reporting you can you can end up getting flagged.

Buyer rating
Buyer rating is the feedback a buyer leaves after a completed job for the buyer. Getting a good rating gives your profile a good impression when other buyers lands on your profile page.

How to cash out
Cashing out is very easy but you will need to open either a payooner account or a paypal account. stay sharp on our telegram and whatsap group on updates as i will be dropping how to open both open Payoneer and Paypal. Please do leave a comment if you face any problem.
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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

7:38 pm

Download Latest GB instagram v1.60 for Android

Instagram is a standout app amongst the most utilized online applications widely used, where Images, video recordings and stories are shared. Everybody use Instagram to share stories which are inclining via web-based networking media. Yet, on Instagram, a standout amongst the most chafing thing is that nobody can download Images, stories and you have shared on it which other used different apps to download contents. But theres a better way with the gb instagram which i would be sharing with you.
Today I will acquaint you with GB Instagram from the designers of Gbmods, much the same as Gbwhatsapp, contains certain highlights that are not accessible in the General one. By utilizing GbInstagram you can essentially download any Image or Video from Instagram without downloading any outsider application. 
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Highlights Of GB Instagram Apk 
 Allow Users To Download Images, Stories and Videos From Instagram 
 Allow Users to Upload Images and Videos From Alsturi. 
 Translate Comments into your ideal Language. 
 Allow Users to Copy Comments. 
You can Copy and Share Images Links and Videos Directly. 
✅ Change Theme Conversations screen and transformation. 
 Ability to Zoom In/Out for photographs. 
 Able to play Audio with Video Automatically. 
 Allow Users to Copy Description. 
 Notification Count. 
 No Root Require to Download. 
 Allow to Use Two Instagram in the Same Phone. 
 And Much More
To download instagram post all you have to click on the 3 dots on the post to open the options.
•Click Gboptions on the gb instagram app.

•Select download as this applies for different post you would be downloading.

To download the new gb whatsapp Click Here to download now. 
Extra link
Extra link
Extra link
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1:34 pm

Latest MTN 0.0kb Config

With no long stories, i would be sharing with you guys the latest MTN0.0kb Config which is working perfectly and expires on the 22nd of January.
My sincere apology goes to everyone reading this as its been a while i posted updates on the blog. You can still keep in touch with us by joining our telegram group chat.

✅ Fast speed and you should not have much issue in connecting with this config.

✅Expires in 7 days. Incase you have any issue with the config, do reach out to us on our telegram group. Get the link just below this post. Download the new config below.

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Saturday, January 12, 2019

1:46 pm

Fastest MTN APN Settings For Fast Browsing 2019

Mtn Subscribers today we will see how to build our network speed when the network will in general is slow or can't load pages totally or properly.
Despite the fact that, MTN is the best and biggest system with over 50million supporters have been having a go at amid the past occasions up till presently to keep up their servers speed, in any case, now and again it just gets packed that at a point you get befuddled and may even rain reviles on them. 
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Along these lines, today; I will drop the 3 best APN we've found to enhance your MTN arrange, additionally, it deals with both 3G and 4G Phones. 
Just don't hesitate to change to any of the set down APN at whatever point your internet speed will be slow.
First APN
Name: Naijatweaks1
APN Type: Default
Proxy: Leave Blank
Port: Leave Blank
Username: Web or leave blank (Make a choice)
Password: Web or leave blank (Make a choice)
Leave the rest as default
Second APN
Name: Naijatweaks 2
APN Type: Default,supl
Port: 8080
Username: Web
Password: Web
Leave the rest as default
Third APN
Name: Naijatweaks 3
APN Type: Default
Port: 8080
Username: Web or leave blank (Make a choice)
Password: Web or leave blank (Make a choice)
Leave the rest as default
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Tip: to get to the APN List on your telephone; Navigate to Settings > More > Mobile Networks > Access Point Names > then you can roll out any improvements you want. 
I'll suggest the first APN which is the default APN, despite the fact that the rest functions admirably however relies upon your territory; that is the reason you have to experiment with all these three (3) to know which one works best for you. 
If its all the same to you; we might want to know which one is most favored by you. 
Do Share.

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