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Thursday, July 13, 2017

9:31 pm

Top 5 Best Browsers For All Android User

Browsing has been fun back to back right from time whereby close to everything of what you are looking for, ideas you need, points you need to write or questions you need answers on are all available online through the use of search engines like google. The fist browser believed to be ever made was called World wide web originally and the name was later changed to NEXUS exactly in the year 1990.
There are over 1,221,968,131 websites
Browsers enables users to access websites and without them it is close to being impossible to access websites. There are hundreds of browsers available on google playstore but little will only give you the best browsing experience such as speed, download speed. Well, on this post i would be hooking you guys up with the best browsers available to android in which all users should for optimum browsing experience on your android device.

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So sharply i would be giving the top 5 browsers on android

  1. Google chrome

This is a browser officially made by google which shouldnt sound new and which was realeased on 2008 for microsoft window which gives you the actual look of a websites and saves your data by blocking ads and making data last longer.

   2.APUS Browser

This is one of the best browsers available on android but its not noticed by users. This is the browser i personally term as a classic lite apk..Which means its very light and saves memory with a size of exactly 4.06mb and its very fast with classic features such as Night mode which reduces the brightness of the phone to protect the eye from problems also makes users encrypt and make some visits only known to the user with a privacy lock which is not a common feature on android browsers which also brings notification when the cache file is getting much for the user to clear them and many more features. I would personally prescribe this app for every android user who likes to browse and download.

This is a very popular browser which has been active right from java phone and is one of the best in downloading and which can be used to see how a site actually looks and get files downloaded, saves data, and helps in having access to music, videos cricket, news, live streaming and check live scores all at your finger tip.

One of the coolest browser which is commonly called the wicked fast mobile browser a thrilling speed and provide the best user experience. puffin web browser with Adobe-flash-over-cloud without in-app purchase.

This also popular android which has also been available right from java till now and is the best in saving your data plan, optimize sites which hence has a good browsing speed and also good in downloading with and also lets you download videos from social medias.

This are the best android browser you can get on android for the best browsing experience and if you wish to download any just click on the name. What do you think kindly drop your comment.

Monday, June 26, 2017

11:14 pm

How to detect a fake or cloned phone

Fake phones has been in existence from the unset of telecoms everywhere and its not really new. At some point I thought they're not allowed or people should be wise enough to detect the fake from the real but I noticed people keep falling for this fake phones still and that's one of the things that promoted me to make this post. The good stuff is that you can detect a fake phone I about 2minutes or more of scanning without any special trick or any difficult step .When you hear the word clone it simply means the transfer of identity and copying of design to make a duplicate of material.The same method also helps to show or tell us more about our devices. If you think you know everything about phones you're about to find out you don't know much. I personally tried this and I made my own personal research testing the method and I feel sharing with you guys would be a great idea.

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 So on this post detecting fake phones and knowing what our Android phones can really do  and inbuilt information and also what they contain will be the target for this post.

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On this posy we would be using the app CPU RAM/DEVICE IDENTIFIER. CPU Z can also be used as a duplicate

  • Firstly, click Here to download the app.
  • Install and open the app and if you want to get more info about your phone just click on evaluate and it should display something like this.

  • There are some phones who doesn't show the RAM(Random access memory). Using this app you can get the ram info and everything about the phone
  • You can also get info about the phones database and it's capability.

 Cloning and fake phone identification

Are you about to get a phone from a friend or do a kind of used phone and may method of purchase. I strongly recommend this app for you so as not to end up buying a fake phone.
After downloading and installing the app. Without any clicking and evaluation the app would automatically show the device is a fake . So when it shows the fake it means the phone is either showing versions bigger that normal and the phone is just a clone


I personally tried thisapp on the phone of my Friend whose android version was looking really suspicious and very glaring that the phone is fake. See screenshots below.

Immediately on opening the app it shows the phone was fake. So whenever you will be testing let the app load well or even go at extra length to click on the Evaluate button at the upper right of the app or switch on your data during evaluation.

On testing with another phone definitely an original it shows this.

So when you get a view of this when you evaluate your phone it shows the phone is original and then you can proceed with the bargain.

Don't just read our post also try to comment and tell us what you think.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

1:12 am

How to install APK with OBB file on your android device easily.

If you're the real gamer type the word OBB (opaque binary blob) shouldn't be new nor sound strange to you as the latest and the best in the world of android gaming makes use of the OBB data file to run and many game making companies are following the trend. This OBB is not an app with the file extension .apk. See OBB as a data file linking to the app the developer made it for. Its very simple and no real trick or much steps involved before you get your game running with the OBB file. So this tutorial would be based on installing your OBB data file to work alongside with the apk.

  • Firstly, checkout x-plore manager and download by clicking Here . Better still you can download ES explorer or za archiver. But on this post I would be making use of x-plore.
  • Download your app with the OBB file. You can decide to install the .Apk  leave the OBB on your memory card or phone memory. Most of these apps using OBB are mostly uploaded zipped.
  • Launch your x-plore manager and locate the downloaded zip folder.

  • Just click on the zipped folder to view the contents of the folder without extracting the zip folder. 

  • Mostly, the folder contains the OBB folder the Data folder if the game or file is a mod  and the apk folder.
  • After locating the app just open the folder and long press on the data either apk or OBB and click on copy to clipboard

  • Then paste the copied file to the folder or directory you want them to be located.
  • Make sure you paste the OBB folder not in the OBB file itself and click on android.

  • After clicking on android look for folder OBB and if you can't find OBB create a new folder and rename it as OBB.

  • After locating the OBB folder just paste the OBB folder inside the obb. 
  • With all the steps the apk should start and if the app shows No additional content just cross check the app you pasted if they're posted at the right directory.

If you still encounter issues with the installation kindly drop your comment to get help.

Friday, June 09, 2017

11:43 am

Get the best in screen recording

Do you own a channel on YouTube for tutorial on how to get things done or are you about to open one?. Its cool having a channel but getting your stuffs on it that's where the problem can arise. Tutorial mostly are on PC but there are some in which you may have to do them on android.

So on the this post I would be hooking you guys with one of the screen recorder I used and works perfectly without any issue or problem which would make your recording swift.


This is one of the best screen recorder you can ever get as you can control everything with a float button anywhere you go. Checkout the features

  • The coolest part of the app is that it doesn't need ROOT ACCESS as most of the android users now a days don't  even like to hear the word root.
  • You can take awesome HD QUALITY videos using the app hence, makes the view more clean and the viewers wouldn't have a time getting your stuffs.
  • Do you like a particular game play or replay of games like DREAM LEAGUE SOCCER and many other games you would like to show your friends or upload this recorder has got you covered.
  •  There is no limit to the duration of your recording ad long as you have a good memory space. 
  • The app can allow front camera to come into action during recording hence you can also show your expression while recording or you can just decide to turn it off.
  • This app allows you to trim the video you made hereby cutting the part not really needed and leaving the key part and saving time for the viewer.
  • If you're the YouTube viewing type you should have noticed some tutorials where you ll only be hearing the sound. This app is also capable and you can specify when to play the sounds you want and when not to add the sounds.
  • Plays on all video players there are some recorders whose saved records do not play on all video players
Start your recording by downloading
- From playstore Here
-Get directly Here

You must have seen videos whereby whenever the tutor clicks on anything on the screen it shows a bubble showing he touched that part of the phone.


Show touches is the name of the app and has the name implies it show your touches and makes your videos Classic. Open and click on the circle in it and your touches would start displaying you can turn it off if you don't need em.
-directly Here 

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

11:45 pm

Top 10 apps for all android user

1. DFNDR Antivirus and

if you're the type that wants your phone to be virus free then this is the app you need.most users don't even care about virus nor bother to protect their phone. Avoid tragedic events with this 1 best checks your memory and make your phone fast
Download DFNDR Here


This is one of the best app all picture editor use. It makes up for Photoshop and other picture editors . you can make awesome logo and cool anime cartooned pictures app logo blog logo and many other art but you have to purchase the brushes and you can easily hack that like every other app using lucky patcher.

 I personally used this app to make the picture below and am sure you can still make better toons with this app

try getting tutorials if you really wanna learn how to make stuffs with this app on your phone.

3. Notification sound app

Do you find the notification sound on your phone boring like I do and need good sounds for  your notifications. This is the app you've been looking for.spice up your notification sound alert my downloading this awesome app. This app provides over 20 sounds for notification

Download Here

4.Name art

So you need simple logo or want to make memes or are you planning of making a birthday picture for a friend this is the app ypi need.The app contains a lot of designs tailored to suit your need in different ways or even make a logo for yourself

Download Here

5.GB WhatsApp

Are you the type of android user that loves having classic looks of apps which are strange and more good looking that the normal app this is a perfect example of the app which could be termed as being strange but classic. The app provides a lot of themes to change the look of your WhatsApp and provide better extra functions than the normal official whatsapp.The FB WhatsApp allows you to send programs games and files. The GB allows you to send video up to 30mb unlike the official which allows only 16mb and games cannot be sent from a user to another

Download GB WhatsApp Here

6.lucky patcher

If you've been a fan of this blog for a while now the app Lucky patcher shouldn't look strange to you the app allows you to remove ads from ad filled to the brim apps,clone apps hence allows you to run two accounts on your phone.Remove Google verification and make paid inapp purchase FREE!!!

Download Here

7.Limitless remote

This is one of the best apps limitless allows users to control their PC either desktop Or laptop to be controlled right on their mobile phone. The app worms withhtall android versions it allows user to sit back and sit back with their PC connected to a flat screen while all the displays and everything on the pc can be controlled and displayed on the phone. You can use this app to play games like NFS. Firstly you must have the PC version on your PC and also install the android version. The app uses Bluetooth for connection with the PC. Connect and pair with your PC to start controlling you pc

8. Internet Speed Meter

This app allows users to monitor their uploading speed and downloading speed on the notifications anytime on the makes users know where imternet connection is awesome or terrible

 Download Here

9. Keep my notes 

Easy & simple notepad that you can use for quick note taking, for writing a diary or as a private notebook.
* Offline notebook that you can use to write on all the notes to remember without the need for internet connection.
* Notepad with password. You can make all your notes password protected.
* Memo alarm reminders for your to do list or checklist notes. The notepad alarms of the reminders can be repeated daily, monthly or yearly.
* Write notes with finger (handwritten note taking & drawings).
* Take audio notes using the voice recording notepad.
* You can set private note locks for specific notes or checklists without having to lock the entire app.
* Exchange your recorded notes that you take or your diary with other apps.
* Spell check text of your notes and diary.
* Wordpad styles : bold, italic, underline, strikethrough and highlight options.
* Sticky note widget (notes for home screen).
* Speech to text notes using android voice recognition.
* Picture attachments for notes.
* Notepad with no lines (no lines under the text of your note).
* Light theme and dark theme. Choose the theme you are most comfortable with when writing notes.
Can also save scripts and codes
 Download Here 

10. Anti Nuisance-Call&SMS Blocker

Easy call blocker and SMS blocker app with many call blocking and SMS blocking options.
To block calls and texts from a phone number, add it to the blacklist.
The app can also block calls and texts from everyone at specific hours of the day. For example: between 10 PM and 6 AM.
* Block incoming calls and sms using the blacklist.
* Block private calls or unknown calls (unknown caller id).
* Whitelist for phone numbers that should not be blocked. Use the whitelist for important contacts.
* Call and SMS blocker profiles. You can use different call blocking profiles and SMS blocking profiles for different groups of numbers.
* Blocking calls and text from everyone but contacts.
* Control the call block mode of the app. The call block mode has three options: hang up a call, answer call mode and mute the ring of the incoming call.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

10:43 pm

How to edit your blog HTML on your android phone

How to edit blog HTML on your mobile phone

Blogging can be real fun when you use your PC whereby things are done just a click away. II Can say a blogger that is unable to edit the blog HTML is little or no different from being weak.
Normally, those who have been blogging on phone would understand when you Need to add a script to your blog and you notice on the HTML edit page your phone starts to hang which makes it almost in impossible for the scripts to be edited to the way you like.
On this tutorial I would be giving out a sure way of editing your blog HTML which has been confirmed by me.and on this tutorial we would be making use of x-plore and this app comes in handy when you don't have a PC around to use.


  • Clear view and details of your entire memory
  • Editing of text files and XML
  • Picasa album
  • Login option to your cloud sites
  • File management
  • Wi-Fi data sharing and more

  • Login to your blog dashboard
  • Locate Theme and click on it
  • Then click on Backup/Restore
  • Then download your themetheme
  • NOTE!!!: make sure You copy the downloaded theme to another folder in case you make  mistakes
  • Download x-plore manager here 
Install the x-plore manager and locate the XML file you downloaded 
  • Locate the XML you downloaded and open it and click on edit
  • After making all the edit and changes make sure you save and upload the saved XML back to your blog
How easy was that? Very easy!!

Do you experience any difficulty understanding and trying the article kindly drop your comments

Sunday, April 30, 2017

10:42 pm

Get your airtime disappearance problem solved on your MTN line here

Get your airtime disappearance problem solved here

Have you ever loaded and airtime and later find out that it's gone without turning your data on nor making any call. 
This problem is mostly associated with users using MTN and on this tutorial we would be letting you know the possible reasons and ways to stop them so as not to ruin your plan of making a call or enjoying a service believe me it's the  Worstest experience ever! if there is anything like worstest  You just subscribed to a particular data plan and later discovered that MTN has been using the medium to extort money from you and for you to opt-out suddenly became a problem because sometimes, MTN doesn't give code to option out from a particular data plan. This is like a thorn to the flesh because you will be afraid to recharge your line. And the main reason is the problem with auto renewal 
Meanwhile, data renewal is good in some ways whereby, you subscribed to a data plan to keep renewing automatically for you in order to save time and stress of looking for codes to dial.

This data autorenewal has different codes to option out, depending on the type of data plan you activate and MTN has no special code to deactivate all at once. So in this tutorial, we will be making use of an App to deactivate this data automatic renewal. So let's go on!

How To Cancel, Deactivate, Disable, Stop MTN Automatic Data Plan Autorenewal

  • Its very simple and straight but firstly download the official MyMTN app Here
After the installation open the downloaded Mymtn app and click on start

  • After then locate the my subscripti     ons 
  • Then ypu see all the active subscriptions on your line and when you spot a subscribed service you so not need you turn it OFF

  • And then tap on unsuscribe and shortly you will receive a message saying "you have successfully unsuscribed" 
do you find the article useful kindly drop your comment

Thursday, April 27, 2017

3:29 am

How To Add Subtitles To A Movie On Android

How To Add Subtitles To A Movie On Android

Almost everyone loves watching videos and sometimes you might want to understand everything about the video or just don't want to miss any part of the video especially in a noisy area or when it's a foreign movie.

Adding subtitle on your Android video player is very easy and simple. Infact, is an app way because you only need to install the subtitle into your movie or download the subtitle file separately and add it into your video player. Meanwhile, the video player may not be your phone default player, but most of the video player from Google playstore also has the ability to add subtitle to your movie.

In this tutorial, we will make use of MX player for Android to add subtitle to any movie. You can also use this method to add subtitle to any other video players. Let's go on!

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How To Add Subtitle To A Movie On Your Android

locate or open your video
  • Then, tap on the MENU dotted lines at the left upper side and tap on SUBTITLE.
  • Tap on ONLINE SUBTITLE and finally, tap on SEARCH. 
  • You can switch on your data connection for it to search the subtitle for that video online and you should choose any best subtitle for your video.
  • It will be installed in the movie. So that's all.
How to add Subtitles manually 
  • You should go to any website to download the subtitle file e.g, and
  • Search for the name of your video and download the subtitle file for that video which is always in .srt file extension.
  • Now, after successful download. Go to your MX PLAYER or any video player and tap on SUBTITLE then, tap on OPEN.
  • Locate the subtitle file you downloaded and select it to install on your video player.
👉Note :This methods requires different subtitle file for each video or movies. It has same similar method to other video player.

▶Do you experience any difficulty understanding and trying the article kindly drop your comments 

Friday, April 14, 2017

6:11 pm

How to clone a app easily

How to clone your app

The need to clone a app has always emerge at some point where you will have to get two profiles on a particular application installed on your phone which is normally impossible. 
On this tutorial lucky patcher app would be used. 

  • Firstly download the lucky patcher Here
  • Open your lucky patcher and locate the app you want clone


  • Then click on tools and select clone application 

  • Then wait till the process is complete
  • And then install the app and it would be added to the list of app installed on your phone 

Do you experience any difficulty understanding and trying the article kindly drop your comments
5:24 pm

Earn free airtime to buy data and make calls

On my tutorial today i would be enlightening and introducing you guys to an application that pays and gives free airtime which could be spent like normal airtime you buy around
Raadaa gives you #50 instantly as soon as the registration is complete unlike geopoll which gives only #25 after registration . 

Get started>>

  • Firstly register and verify your email account using this Link
  • Input your number and your personal details to continue 
  • And also add more airtime to your account as there are other activities on the platform 

>>Do you experience any difficulty in trying this kindly drop your comments for help 

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

2:30 am

New Way To Tweak Or Change IMEI Number On Android Devices

New Way To Tweak Or Change IMEI Number On Android Devices

It's easy! It's simple to tweak or change IMEI Number On Android Device. Before you can activate some free browsing tweaks, you will have to change your IMEI Number and not just that, you can use another person's data by disguising your phone as the person's phone e.g My friend is using Infinix Hot 3 and assuming they are giving Hot 3 free data, I can just tweak or change my IMEI to that Hot 3 and get their data without upgrading or buying the Hot 3. I hope you have seen why tweaking and changing of IMEI is very good? Meanwhile, you can also use tweaking of IMEI to activate many bundles and data browsing stuffs.

IMEI means International Mobile Equipment Identity. IMEI can only be tweaked or changed on MTK ( MediaTek ) smartphones like Infinix, Opsson, Gionee, Tecno and other Chinese phones are MTK. This MTK (MediaTek) is a chip manufacturing company that based in Taiwan and regarded as fabless companies.

So if you want to tweak or change your IMEI Number, you have to follow up this tutorial below and you will definitely Tweak Or change your IMEI on your Android Device.

How To Tweak Or Change Your IMEI On Android Devices 

  • Firstly, download and install MTK engineering by Clicking here
  • Then tap on MTK Settings and navigate to CONNECTIVITY.

  • You can then select PHONE 1 or PHONE 2 (depending on the IMEI Sim you want to tweak or change)..
  • Then you will see AT+ and click on it, you will see four or six options will display;
  • SIM 1:- AT+EGMR=1,7," "
  • SIM 2:- AT+EGMR=1,10," "
  • Then put your 15digits you want to tweak in the middle of the quotation marks "Your IMEI" e.g AT+EGMR=1,7,"354535445544333" and make sure there is no space between the IMEI and the quotation mark.
  • Now tap on send AT command and reboot or set your phone on airplane mode and off airplane mode.



Question 1: I Sent The Send AT command But Says "this command is not allowed in userbuild"?
Answer: You just have to put space between the AT+ and the next symbol.

Question 2: How Can I Check My IMEI Number?
Answer: You check your IMEI Number by dialing *#06#

Question 3: How Can I Analyze My IMEI?
Answer: You can Analyse your IMEI by downloading IMEI Analyser then paste your IMEI Number and it will generate the valid one back for you.

Kindly drop your comments