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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

3:14 am

How to Fix App Not Available In Your Country

This is a major problem faced by most Android users when trying to download from play store or other App stores which hides the download button and makes it impossible for the user to download the App or game. 

Note: The app requires root. If your phone is not rooted you can click here to see how you can go about it without hassle.

On this post, we will be sharing how you can bypass the app not available in your country issues on your phone which is as easy as it sounds.

How to Fix App not Available
  • First of all download, a mobile app called Mobile Unlocker which will be used in fixing this issue. Download now by clicking here.
  • Open the App and you should have a view such as the image below. If you are not having an app like the image below its either you just downloaded a wrong Apk or there's an update on the app.

  • To get the App started all you have to do is to click on the "Enable Unlocker" which unlocks the app store making it possible for you to download the app or game you want.
  • On the immediate right is the proxy. I do not advise you change the settings available on that panel.

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  • At the left side is the Market menu which displays location you can switch to just in case the location you chose doesn't allow you to download the app. You should have a view like the image below.
  • Hence you can switch till you get to download your app.

how t

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Friday, February 01, 2019

2:39 pm

Naijatweaks Mobile Download for Android

So today i will be sharing with you guys our official Android app which we have been working on for a while with many trials and error and today i would be sharing with you our app which makes it easier for you to get all our post updates, right on your phone which makes it very easy for you to reach us and get all alerts on all our new updates.

Features of Naijatweaks Mobile

  • Lightweight: The size of the app is very small so are the components which make it close to being impossible for the app to cause lag or your phone to freeze while on the app or out of the app. Just in case you are experiencing lags on your phone or your phone does freeze up during usage do see the post below.
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which do not need root authorization for you to stop your phone from lagging. If you also want to root your android phone see the post below

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and if you do not know what rooting is you can also see

  • Fast Connection Speed: The Naijatweaks mobile app is a lite version, meaning the app has been reduced in a way that allows the app to connect in seconds after opening. Also, do note that you might encounter a slow internet connection because your area which this issue can be fixed simply by changing your APN settings. For MTN and GLO subscribers do check the read also below

  • Post Notification Enabled: You can now get all new post notifications via our app. If you have notification disabled, do enable it to see all updates as soon as they come.
  • Available for all Android Versions: Naijatweaks Mobile works on all android versions spanning from old android versions to the latest. Download now by clicking HERE

Here are the latest updates available for Naijatweaks Mobile. Do you have a suggestion concerning this post? please do leave your comment they are well appreciated.

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Wednesday, January 30, 2019

1:08 pm

Download GBWhatsApp Latest Version (v6.87) 2019

GBWhatsApp is almost the same as the WhatsApp app, but the difference is that GbWhatsApp provides more awesome features which the WhatsApp does not provide. There are different reasons you might want to switch to GBWhatsApp although they all do the same thing but the GBWhatsApp comes with different mods. Except you are making use of iPhone this post is surely not for you or you can switch to an android version.
You might be wondering why GBWhatsApp?

1 To stay invisible (Ghost): Many users do not like people keeping tabs on them. So the opt for GbWhatsApp which has a feature of hiding activities such as your last seen and your status views on WhatsApp

2. Apply themes: Some users like me do not like any of our stuffs such as apps, wallpapers to have the same look day in day out. hence switching to GbWhatsApp solves that making it possible for users to change themes for their GbWhatsApp as there are over 100+ themes readily available for download with little size. Which you can access by clicking the menu on the main chat screen, select Gb settings and click download themes. 

3. Lock Chat: Some users like keeping their conversations descrete from others which GBWhatsApp as well allows users to lock their chats with different passwords. You can access this feature by clicking in the menu button on your chat screen. As indicated in the image below 

with lots more other features which you can check out by clicking here

Whats new v6.87
✅ Now you can add stickers from playstore to any package
✅ New fonts added and new wallpaper application available for download 
✅ Added default Whatsapp icon. To change it go to settings
✅ Added option to disable click in header for hidden chats
✅ Added confirmation dialog when in group chat
✅ Increased pin chats from 25 to 30
✅ Fixed change app language in settings.

Here are the latest mods available for the latest GbWhatsApp. it just keeps getting better and better. 

Download GBWhatsApp Here
See older versions here
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Monday, October 22, 2018

11:54 pm

Download Latest GB WhatsApp v6.55 For Android

Without no argument, GB WhatsApp is the best WhatsApp mod you can ever get on your android device as it supplies more functions and better looks that the normal official whatsapp app. GB WhatsApp started some years back, giving new updates which makes the app more better and better. On this post i will be sharing with you the latest GB whatsapp v6.55 and the newly updated mods added to the app. You must have been seeing different versions around but this is the official release of GB whatsapp.

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Whats new

  • New base updated 2.18.203
  • Know which messages are revoked and also who revoked the message. Available for both groups and contact chats.
  • Enabled media visibility(access via profile>Media visibility)
  • Enabled marked as read in notification. For contact chats
  • Enabled select all chats on Main screen
  • Separate App for GbWhatsApp theme has been removed. Which was formally introduced in the previous updates
  •  Removed Mod 6.8 as old
  • Removed messages  not showing on some devices has been fixed
  • Fixed theme for some devices
  • Fixed Gbwhatsapp web search
  • Exclusively improved Option for specific/groups auto reply
  • Fixed restart for newly added mod. No more need to restart after applying a mod to your whatsapp
  • Updated Themes 2018

These are the newly updated mods for the latest GB whatsapp for android devices which works perfectly on most android devices.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

4:55 pm

How to Get 1k+ Real Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app basically used for sharing photos and videos just like Facebook. Instagram with over one billion download still seems to be the best way of sharing videos to a large number of people which also let your products and services known to a wide range of people.

On this post i would be showing you guys how you can increase your instagram followers which works well and have been using for a while. I will be making use of fan lift.


  • Active instagram account or you can create a new one to test
  • Instagram App downloaded and installed
  • Fan lift downloaded and installed. Click here to download
The App

Fan lift is the app to be used in this tutorial as have tested the app and it works well. Without downloading any playstore user should know the app works perfectly due to the positive reviews on the android store.

 Fan lift does not display ads so you have less to worry about.

How it works
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the app and input your details.
  • Dont worry your details are totally safe. After logging in you should get an interface like the image below

  • Looking at the image below you can order the followers you have as you have enough points for the purchase.
  • This app makes use of points to give you followers. So to do so toggle the switch above and select the like icon to get point. What this basically does is that it likes pictures of others users as you which in turn adds points to order followers for your account.

    I made an order for 300 new followers as in the image below.

    • Your followers will be added in 30mins or more as the followers are not bots.

    Sorry for the image thats what popped up while i can still get the shot. Hope the painting aint bad.

    The coolest stuff about the app is that you can toggle on and minimize while it works in the background to get more points for followers when you are available. 
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    Thursday, July 12, 2018

    11:12 pm

    Get Free Airtime Vouchers Phone and More with OperaNews

    Getting free freebies from internet has not been really easy but i came over an app called Opera News which i find really amazing as it not just only keep you updated with the latest news but also comes with awesome freebies which i would be listing here.

    • Free airtime for both data and calls after installation.
    • Latest and trending news right on your palm
    • Free Jumia vouchers just to shop available also on opera  news 

    • Get free points to be converted to airtime by correct predictions and guesses on the trending world cup

    • Stand a chance to win free airtime GAG GA3S Car, ItelA32F, Techno spark2, Supabets voucher

    Who knows you might be the next winner for the car, android phone absolutely for free without spending a shii. Get started now by downloading Opera news by clicking here.

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    Wednesday, February 14, 2018

    11:06 am

    Introducing Uwansell Nigeria's Campus No 1 Buying And Selling Arena Mobile App

    Buying and selling has been a normal school deal right from time and its about time it is tuned to the trend of IT as hand to hand has been the most popular way of trading. Introducing “uwansell” which the name is enough to tell the uses which is mainly for trading in campus. Made from the Computer Science Department of federal polytechnic ede which is one of a kind. All you have to do it to sign up with your email which makes your password recovery easy. Uwansell presently covers for OAU and Federal Poly ede as more campuses would be added in new update.

    Features Include:
    »Easy and user friendly interface for easy navigation.
    »Different categories for full description of Ad.

    »Easy image swipe ability for clear view of the ad.

    »WhataApp chat enabled.

    »Direct contact of the buyer
    »Notification enabled on every new ad.
    »Browse ads by categories
    »Full description on the product for sale..

     Uwansell is now available on playstore. Click here to download 
     or you can download here.

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    Thursday, September 21, 2017

    1:04 pm

    Download the latest GB Whatsapp v5.90 with new Features

    The GB whatsapp which should not sound new has made another update with cool new fresh features you cannot afford to miss. This is the verified customized whatsapp you can get any where as it comes with new features.
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    In other words, this app is a mod version of the official WhatsApp. as it  enhances the features that WhatsApp already has and at the same time provides new ones which the official whatsapp does not permit users to do.

    Sometime back WhatsApp blocked accounts that were making use of third-party Whatsapp apps. Now it is safe to download Gb WhatsApp apk and using the app would not get you banned as the problem with account banning as been fixed.
    »Now provided with more than 100+ language support.
    »New and fresh themes now available for download.
    »Can now be installed along side with the official whatsapp as this is not possible in older versions.
    »You now create your themes better and submit for the developer which can be featured in the next update.
    »You can now copy other users status to your clipboard.
    »You can now zoom profile pictures for a better view.
    »This is the feature i consider the hottest.TheRECALL Feature (Now you can delete sent Messages) (Select any message – open options and click Recall and the messages you sent and you don't mean to do so will be drawn back.
    »Now you can upload Text Status.
    »Video calls now improved and working perfectly.
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    »More than 90 images can now be sent at a single go as this is not possible in the official whatsapp.
    »Without getting any app locker, you can lock your WhatsApp from the others.ithout getting any app locker, you can lock your WhatsApp from the others. Click here to get the GB v5.90
    Download old version Download v5.8 here

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    Tuesday, August 01, 2017

    6:35 pm

    Download the Latest GB WhatsApp Version 5.8 and Features for Android

    Do you want a change of look for your whatsApp, Do you want your whatsApp to look weird and better with crazy features then you are looking for no other cool or better App than GB whatsapp. Those who have been staying locked here would understand better and if you are new or just hearing about this awesome whatsApp for the first time, I guess theres no offence or sin in checking it out. With this app you would never feel like using the Official WhatsApp as this GB whatsApp beats it in all ramifications you can ever think of. Now, the latest and the hottest GB is here with cool features which would make you do no other thing but download this Awesome App without thinking twice. As you know already new things comes with new and better stuffs. The GB WhatsApp Version 5.8 comes with new features which makes it totally superior than the version 5.7. So on this post I would be hooking you up with the new features that have been added to the latest GB WhatsApp Version 5.8 .

    Latest GB WhatsApp Feature you Should try

    »You can now Disable Whatsapp calls for Specific Whatsapp contacts.
    »Video calling now improved and working.
    »You can now send a broadcast message to 600 people which instead of 250 people like before.
    »Send gif Images.
    »Helps you hide your traces by hiding your last seen for specific contacts.
    »You can now send link to join your whatsapp group publicly.
    »No more issues of your account being banned.
    »Improved and better Whatsapp calling feature.
    »Change your Whatsapp look with the inbuilt GB whatsapp theme store.
    »Theme server now updated.
    »Change tick buttons of your whatsapp to your mood and choice.
    »Counter for your group statistics.
    »New selfie flash added.
    »You can now decide who sees your online status and your profile status. By clicking your android menu and selecting privacy to use this newly added feature.You can also hide the blue ticks whereby you get to read a message with the sender not notified and so many more features.
    »You get to see all the messages sent by a contact in a group chat.
    »You can set password on a chat to keep all the conversation all to yourself keeping it away from snoopers.
    »You get a little alert when a contact is online.

    »You can change the logo of your whatsapp to make it more attractive and better looking
    With this awesome new changes am sure you wouldnt want to miss them. Get GB WhatsApp 5.8 by clicking Here.
    If probably when installing it keeps showing Application not installed it's no bog deal, all you have yo do is to uninstall the official WhatsApp on your phone. They conflict each other.

    Sunday, July 23, 2017

    2:12 pm

    Blackmart The Best Playstore Alternative

    Playstore shouldn't sound weird or new to any android user  at this point in time in the world. Playstore which is officially owned by google and which was launched March6, 2012 has been one of the widely used app buckets back to back. The issue here is that playstore dooesnt work on itself without the play service which you will also install along side with playstore. Which becomes bigger and bigger with time. The main focus of this post is for those whose phone memory are not so accommodating to use playstore, Those who feels playstore downloading is very slow like i do. So inoder to download apps on your phone i found an app called blackmart.

    Simply click here to download blackmart. Blackmart Alpha and Blackmart are the same. The name is just the difference.
    You can still prefer Playstore but you do not get a back up of the app you installed on playstore but with a trick you can get them on your SD card.

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     So comparing both Blackmart and playstore see the shots below;

    • Blackmart is just 4.07mb alone without no other file backing it up.

    • While google play srevice alone occupies 39.8mb and also be reminded that it also get installed along side with the playstore itself. 

    Blackmkart basically reduces the time spent in downloading your apps and it also makes a back up of the app you installed via the app. You can also get paid apps free on blackmart and also saves your data loading playstore and it basically works without you logging into your gmail account hereby saving space on your phone and get your apps faster. This app can also be used when the service is not good.

    Wednesday, July 19, 2017

    12:34 am

    How to Cast Your Android Screen to Your PC

    Have you ever stumbed or had the idea if your android screen can be reflected better still projected on your laptop screen for better and larger view. This is one of the best programs ever and this is a great improvement to all android users.

    You get to chat bigger, Play your games on a bigger screen, Run your social accounts on a bigger screen. The app just gives you another feeling about all the apps on your phone and see them from a different and better perspective. Am talking of no other program other than MirrorGo.

    Features of MirrorGo:

    • Allows users to cast their Android screen on their laptop or desktop computers.
    • Allows user to choose from a variety of qualities in which they want their their android screen to display.
    • Enables users to take screenshot and transfer files.

    • Enables users to record the screen which can be used in making tutorials.
    • Allows users to toggle between full screen mode and exit full screen.
    • Gives notifications on every change in activity on the phone.
    Am sure you want this awesome app and i would be giving the steps in installing and getting this app on your PC.

    • First of all click Here to proceed download.
    • After downloading. Open the program which is in exe format and click on install.

    • Wait for about ten minutes to get the installation complete and open the program.

    Connecting to your phone

    The main and the way i use in connecting is via the USB with a little change in settings in which i would be dropping here.

    • For the first time usage you will be making use of your USB.  And you would also need to allow USB Debugging on your device.
    • To allow to debugging go to settings.

    • Then locate About device. 

    • To enable debugging mode click on build number like up to 7 times and it would show  youre now a developer.

    • After then  turn on developer option and allow debugging.

    After applying all the settings above and the connection would start immediately and you will have to wait for like 3minutes for the connection to complete. In the course of connection the program would install an app on your phone in which you should never uninstall if you still want to connect.

    Then your android screen would display on your laptop or desktop. The app uses time for the free trial in which your access would be limited using the app. 
    I would be giving out a free account whose subscription to the app is unlimited which simply means you can use the app and all its feature for life.
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    Monday, July 17, 2017

    12:59 am

    How to Get Downloaded Apps from Playstore into Your SD Card

    Playstore has been one of the biggest apk bucket that ever existed in the world with lots of apps you don't have idea of that are present on the app which is officially owned by google. its not new that when you download an app from google play store and after installation you find out that the app is gone on your memory be it memory card or your phone memory. That has been how it has always been right from time and i feel thats not really too cool. Playstore found a way of making those apps you downloaded disappear but the good thing is that we naijabrainies we've also found a way to get those downloaded apps into our phone with just a simple trick that doesnt take much of your time. On this post getting those installed apps you got from playstore would be our main target.I would bea giving out two active means of getting play apps into your SD.
    in getting those apps we would be making use of lucky patcher. The app shouldnt look new if you have been reading our feeds right from time. So follow my steps and you wouldnt have any issue getting tis done.

    1st Method.

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    For example i would be trying to get PC REMOTE which i downloaded on playstore in my memory card.


    • Firstly, download lucky patcher by clicking Here
    • Install the app and open after installation

    • Wait for thr app to Load all packages. After loading then locate the app you downloaded on playstore and click on it.

    • Different options would come up but just click on tools.

    • Clicking on tools would bring another menu, proceed by clicking back up it would show back up.apk anad click on it. Stay on that particular stage untill you get a successful feed back which should be like this.

    • Now you can exit the app and open your File Manager and click on phone memory.
    • Then loctae Android>>Data>>Andoid Vending>>Files>>Lucky patcher>>Back up>>Your app.

    • From here you can move the app to wherever you want it. Just make sure the app is still installed on your phone.
    2nd method
    With this method you get your apps faster into your SD compared to the first method. Still with the same app we have been using (Lucky patcher).
    All you've got to do is to open your lucky patcher, Look at the extreme left bottom end of your screen. You will see switches. As illustrated just click on it.

    Here, just swipe down to the last set of options on the screen and select the one which suites you best.

    Did you try it and it worked for you? kindly drop your comment and like our page for more update.

    Friday, July 14, 2017

    11:52 pm

    How to Run Java Apps and Games On Your Android phone Without Root 2017

    Java! which was once the platform in vogue which started around 22 december 2006 and which basically make use of object oriented programming. Am sure gamer then had a game they love as myself have played more than enough on java. Java suddenly lost its face when better programming languages are developed. Am sure you wouldnt mind getting those games you played back then again at least just for remembrance mostly apps used to power JAVA apps mostly involve you rooting your phone. So on this post i found a way you can run JAVA  games and apps on our android phone which the need of rooting your  phone would not be required and its very safe and no special trick is required.

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    • Your Android phone which can be of any version.
    • PPSSPP emulator. incase you dont have that click Here to download you can use any psp version.
    • PSPKVM click Here to download.
    • Xplore or any zip opening app. get Here
    • java games you want to run.

    • Install PPSSPP and open the rar file.
    • After installing downloading and opening the rar just move the PSPKVM folder to the PSP folder inside the phone memory open GAME and paste it there.
    • Make sure you still have the downloaded app in another directory.

    • So to install the downloaded java files you would like to run. Just move them to the PSPKVM folder and paste them inside JARs.

    • After pasting the java files in the JARs folder run PSPKVM  using PPSSPP.
    • So to open using PSP locate the rar file for PSPKVM and open the rar via your PSP and it will display as shown below when you run it.

    • To install the games tap System midlets and select install from memory stick and all the java files present would be displayed and you install the files you want.
    so this is how you run your favorites java apps on your android phone. Kindly share with friends and if you encounter any issue try and drop your comment.