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Thursday, April 11, 2019

10:11 am

New WhatsApp Update Improves On Privacy

If you use WhatsApp alot you surely might have noticed anybody having your phone number or have you as a contact can add you to a group without your concent. Thats why you find yourself in many groups with the user who added you not on your contact list. Which is very annoying.

However, WhatsApp is currently tackling this issue in the latest update which will be rolled out very soon which will give you the option and control on whosoever can add them to different groups hence, keeping WhatsApp save and less annoying with the group feature.
The new update will now come with 3 different options which include:

  • Everyone: Anyone can add you to any group which i feel would be default on all profiles
  • My Contacts: Only your contacts can add you to groups
  • Nobody
If you are the group admin of a group you would be restricted access to add people whose privacy are set as nobody.

The only way to add such users is by sending them an invite link for them to join your group via private message whereby the user has up to 24hrs before the links become void.

To access this new feature, go over to Settings> Account> Privacy> Groups. The new feature has started rolling in and it's expected to be available to all users soon. Protection Status
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