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Thursday, November 09, 2017

10:02 pm

How to Remove Temporary and Junk Files

Temporary files basically referred as Temp file or Foo file are files which are created by computers to hold information for a short period of time while a file is being created and after the program is closed. Mostly when temp files are created which users don't  know and can take a great deal of memory if they are not checked and deleted. They are also used for file recovery when you lose your files or abnormally messed with.
So on this post how to check and delete your junk files would be the focus and on this post, no app would be used during the process and it is totally safe as you can save the memory that the junk file contains to save other files of your choice.

Remove junk files
»On desktop home or anywhere on your pc type the window button which is mostly located on the left-hand side of alt or the start button using the keyboard. so press the START_BUTTON+R after typing that it should display a box and type %Temp% which should look like this. 

» After typing that press enter and all your temp files would be displayed and you get to delete them if it pleases you and this method is better compared to the files used in deleting temp files
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Saturday, October 14, 2017

10:55 pm

How to Block Users Connected to the same Hotspot as You

We all know quite alright that when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi there is possibility of the internet connection being slow while the Wi-Fi bar may be completely full or the strength might be at excellent. Mostly when people are connected to such a Wi-Fi some people are bound to have a faster internet connection while some wouldnt just get a kb/s. So on this post showing younguys how you can actually reduce the weight of users on the wifi network or even protect yourself from people who might want to mess with the wifi connection by the use of Netcut.

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To start with you will have:
»To be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
»Little or slow internet connection from the Wi-Fi
»Preferably a PC
To get started you need to visit this Netcut by clicking here.
After clicking that link you will have to wait for like 3seconds then it wil direct you to a page which should look like this.

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Here you have to make sure you turn on your DEFENDER so as to ensure you are protected from being disconnected and hereby make your connection slow. To remove block or reduce the speed of other users just drag the pc to the jail column hence making the network faster for your use and you can also lock others from connecting by locking it up using the padlock symbol. You are solely responsible but this method is very safe

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Thursday, September 21, 2017

1:04 pm

Download the latest GB Whatsapp v5.90 with new Features

The GB whatsapp which should not sound new has made another update with cool new fresh features you cannot afford to miss. This is the verified customized whatsapp you can get any where as it comes with new features.
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In other words, this app is a mod version of the official WhatsApp. as it  enhances the features that WhatsApp already has and at the same time provides new ones which the official whatsapp does not permit users to do.

Sometime back WhatsApp blocked accounts that were making use of third-party Whatsapp apps. Now it is safe to download Gb WhatsApp apk and using the app would not get you banned as the problem with account banning as been fixed.
»Now provided with more than 100+ language support.
»New and fresh themes now available for download.
»Can now be installed along side with the official whatsapp as this is not possible in older versions.
»You now create your themes better and submit for the developer which can be featured in the next update.
»You can now copy other users status to your clipboard.
»You can now zoom profile pictures for a better view.
»This is the feature i consider the hottest.TheRECALL Feature (Now you can delete sent Messages) (Select any message – open options and click Recall and the messages you sent and you don't mean to do so will be drawn back.
»Now you can upload Text Status.
»Video calls now improved and working perfectly.
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»More than 90 images can now be sent at a single go as this is not possible in the official whatsapp.
»Without getting any app locker, you can lock your WhatsApp from the others.ithout getting any app locker, you can lock your WhatsApp from the others. Click here to get the GB v5.90
Download old version Download v5.8 here

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

6:29 pm

Download and Install the Latest IDM version 6.28 Build 17 Crack (Tested)

When talking and rating programs which gives a fast and time saving download and theres no IDm on the list then definitely the is not complete. For those who browse and download large files or videos can testify to the app as the best you can ever get anywhere. Incase you do not know the software IDM(internet download manager) is one of the fastest file downloader you can ever get anywhere as this app does noting but gives the fastest download which the file size does not really matter. The issue all users face with this software is that it always ask for serial number which probably can be given out by payment to their website. Getting this software for free without playing a dime is one of the coolest thing that can be done and it takes little time in getting this done which in turn save you some money which might have been used for purchasing the serial key. So on this post cracking your IDM would be the deal.

If you have tried the app before at times past, you should be familiar with the common pop up error asking for serial or saying it was activated by a blocked serial number.

How to hack your IDM
  • If you do not have IDM installed on your pc click here to Download in the link contains a page where you have to wait for 5secs the click skip ad before getting to the download page.
  • After downloading the app open and install the software and the serial will pop up. Just close it and download this file which is the crack that would be applied to bypass the app. Click here to download in the link contains a page where you have to wait for 5secs the click skip ad.
  • After download locate the root folder of internet download manager in your local disk.
  • The name of the folder would be internet download manager.

  • After locating the internet download manager folder find IDMan. Then locate the app you download previously. I mean the crack, then replace it with the original IDMan then run the program. 
  • After following all the steps carefully then the software would be integrated in all your browsers. Make sure you allow and activate the extension to start using  IDM.
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Friday, September 08, 2017

11:33 am

How to Locate Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Phone Without any App

Instagram is now new app or new world as the social media keep getting more users day in day out. Many people makes use of Instagram to share pictures, moments and it is well known for funny videos which are shared by comedians on the media. If you are a consistent user of the media you would have known already that the video streams itself whenever you come across any of the vid. The secret behind it is that the video somehow or someway downloads into your one which makes it still available for you to stream again even when offline. So on this post i would be showing how you can get those videos you stream back on your phone with no special trick.

The steps are very simple and if you follow me correctly you wouldn't have any issue in getting it done.
»Go to your file manager and locate your phone memory. Locate android and click on data. 

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»Then locate the folder with the name then open it. After opening locate the cache then click on the Video folder.

»In the video folder you will see alot files with different  extensions. Just locate the files with .temp then rename the file to .mp4 and the video would play.

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Wednesday, August 09, 2017

1:46 am

How to Play PSP Games On Pc With Gamepad

When you hear stuffs like ppsspp you already know that we are talking about games. Originally, the ppsspp games where made only and only for psp devices which are the only devices that can open the their files and make use of th content. So running this game on your phone can only be possible by using ppsspp which I believe and those who makes use of ppspp also knows its not comfortable at all because you have to spread all your fingers on the screen leaving little or no space for you to view what  you are actually playing which mostly accompany glitches and hanging which may also result to you rebooting your phone. The best place to play this games is your PC which may be a laptop or a desktop preferably should be  64bits to run psp games easily with your Game pads as that’s the best way you can enjoy playing ppsspp with a wider view, better performance and better speed without glitches or skipping of any sort.
So on this post  I would be showing you guys how you can run this games easily on your pc without glitches and the perfect speed you can ever get and also with your game pads which makes the game more comfortable for you to play which I believe should be fun.

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Basic requirements
»A 64bits pc with a good free memory space.
»Preferably 4 or 3gb Ram.
»Processor should be up to 2.4GHz
»Your Game-pad which can be dual all just single.
»Your PPSSPP for windows preferably ppspp version 1.3 and also all the game files you would like to run on your PC. Click here to download ppsspp v1.3  5 64bits.
I play my games with the system properties below and I experience to lagging or any issue or whatsoever.

So after downloading the ppspp for pc and your games just follow the steps below and am sure you wouldn’t experience any issue at all.

»First and foremost, insert your Game pad into your pc and search USB if you are using windows 7 ultimate you would see set up game controllers or you can just basically search set up game controllers on your PC.
»After locating the game controller set up just open it and it should display like the image below.

»After checking the usb controller set up, Just open the already downloaded ppspp v1.3 above and locate the psp game on your pc and open it.
»While the game still loads, press the escape button and it will show the setting menu. Just at the top of the list, click on mode and change it to skip buffer effects.

»Then click on CONTROLS . Here you would see many keys. Just go down and locate the key which displays only shapes like the ones on the pad. 

After mapping them to the pads which maybe the first or the second pad just press escape and run the game. Now, instead of using your keyboard to play which many do not like you get to control your game with your PC.
After applying and following all the steps above without missing any you will be able to run your games easily and more comfortably without using your keyboard at all. Did you try this and it worked for you or did you encounter any issue? Please feel free to leave your comment.

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Wednesday, August 02, 2017

11:35 pm

How to Get Free Likes Followers Youtube Subscriber and more Website Visits

Hey guys, Have you been looking for a way in which you can increase your twitter likes without the use of token codes which are mostly dangerous and renders your social accounts vulnerable to hackers?. Then this post is solely for you, Have been making some researches about this particular getting real human likes on your Twitter, Youtube channel and your google plus circle  and more blog views which are very real and are confirmed not to be bots. Have been using this stuff for a while now and I feel I should share with you guys for you to try it also as this stuff is very real and theres no special trick and procedure in it. Just like the name implies Youlikehits. Who doesnt like hits on your accounts. I guess no one.

»In getting started at all you would need to do is to visit Youlikehits and sign up with an active email by clicking Here.

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Youlikehits is a website which gives you real and human likes which are mainly based on the points you acquire by doing task and liking some post or you can even search for active working bots which makes the point earning faster and you don’t necessarily need to do task, surveys and like posts manually. On youlikehits you get free and real Youtube comments, Twitter followers, Twitter likes and retweets, google plus circles and share more blog views and so many more on youlikehits.  You do not need any form of token and no reference is made to any of your profile.
You get 5o free points once you sign up Here. To add your social accounts, you will just click on the add/sites which is located at the top navigation of the site. Clicking on it would show different  accounts you can add the like with. Keep getting points and you will keep getting real and human active followers on your social accounts.
Did you try this simple method and likes, follows and subscribers are added to your account?. Please kindly take some of your time to drop your comments. They are so cherished and appreciated.

9:44 am

How to Save and Modify Game Soundtracks

New android games being made recently are mostly made alongside with sound tracks which make them more enjoyable to play. There are times you would want to have this tracks on your phone which is normally not possible. But, I found a way you can save and modify the tracks to your taste in which you can add your favourite tracks to replace the tracks that came alongside with the app. The not too cool part of the stuff is that it doesn’t work with all game files. Mostly, it perfectly works with apps with obb files such as dream league, FTS, Ducati challenge and many more. In getting these tracks to your SD card you would be making use of Apk editor.

So on this post in would drop the steps to get these tracks to your SD without messing things up.

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-Firstly, Click here to download APk editor. Install and launch the app.
-Make sure you have installed the app youwould be getting the tracks from.
-Open the app. On the home screen you would see select an Apk File.  This would take you to your memory where you can filter out the apps you would be extracting there tracks. 

-The next option is Select Apk From App. Then you would click on this option which would lead you to all the installed apps on our phone.

-So on this screen you select the app you would like to modify or save the track and click on it.
-On this screen it would pop up three option and you would just click on the second option which is Simple Edit (FILE REPLACEMENT).

-On this screen you will see three categories at the upper part of the screen (FILES, IMAGES, AUDIO).

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-Click on the Audio category and all sounds present in the app would be displayed. On this screen you get to save and modify the app sounds here and here a simple mistake can lead to the operation not to being a success as an error message would be displayed on the screen.

-So to save the tracks you would just click on the small diskette icon and immediately it would refer you to your file manager. So for this sounds to save you have to select your phone memory and save in a folder your phone memory which is compulsory.
-Modifying the sound is very simple and much is not needed. To modify the sounds in the app, you must have saved the default tracks on your phone already and in another folder in there you put all the sounds you want to be replaced with the default sounds. So to modify the sounds you would have to copy the name of the default sounds and use the copied default sound name to rename the tracks you would like to replace them with.

-So to continue you will open the app and locate the music category. To change the sound you would click on the pen icon and it would refer you to your file manager. Here, you would pick the sound you want them to be replaced with. Apply the same procedure depending on the number of tracks you want to modify.

-After all mods click on save and it would show working and you wait till it’s done. If you get an error message can probably be because you did not rename the sounds exactly as the default.

With this simple trick you get to get your sounds into your SD card without really breaking a sweat. Did you try the trick and it worked and Just in case you encounter any issue while modifying kindly drop your comment.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

12:34 am

How to Cast Your Android Screen to Your PC

Have you ever stumbed or had the idea if your android screen can be reflected better still projected on your laptop screen for better and larger view. This is one of the best programs ever and this is a great improvement to all android users.

You get to chat bigger, Play your games on a bigger screen, Run your social accounts on a bigger screen. The app just gives you another feeling about all the apps on your phone and see them from a different and better perspective. Am talking of no other program other than MirrorGo.

Features of MirrorGo:

  • Allows users to cast their Android screen on their laptop or desktop computers.
  • Allows user to choose from a variety of qualities in which they want their their android screen to display.
  • Enables users to take screenshot and transfer files.

  • Enables users to record the screen which can be used in making tutorials.
  • Allows users to toggle between full screen mode and exit full screen.
  • Gives notifications on every change in activity on the phone.
Am sure you want this awesome app and i would be giving the steps in installing and getting this app on your PC.

  • First of all click Here to proceed download.
  • After downloading. Open the program which is in exe format and click on install.

  • Wait for about ten minutes to get the installation complete and open the program.

Connecting to your phone

The main and the way i use in connecting is via the USB with a little change in settings in which i would be dropping here.

  • For the first time usage you will be making use of your USB.  And you would also need to allow USB Debugging on your device.
  • To allow to debugging go to settings.

  • Then locate About device. 

  • To enable debugging mode click on build number like up to 7 times and it would show  youre now a developer.

  • After then  turn on developer option and allow debugging.

After applying all the settings above and the connection would start immediately and you will have to wait for like 3minutes for the connection to complete. In the course of connection the program would install an app on your phone in which you should never uninstall if you still want to connect.

Then your android screen would display on your laptop or desktop. The app uses time for the free trial in which your access would be limited using the app. 
I would be giving out a free account whose subscription to the app is unlimited which simply means you can use the app and all its feature for life.
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Monday, July 17, 2017

12:59 am

How to Get Downloaded Apps from Playstore into Your SD Card

Playstore has been one of the biggest apk bucket that ever existed in the world with lots of apps you don't have idea of that are present on the app which is officially owned by google. its not new that when you download an app from google play store and after installation you find out that the app is gone on your memory be it memory card or your phone memory. That has been how it has always been right from time and i feel thats not really too cool. Playstore found a way of making those apps you downloaded disappear but the good thing is that we naijabrainies we've also found a way to get those downloaded apps into our phone with just a simple trick that doesnt take much of your time. On this post getting those installed apps you got from playstore would be our main target.I would bea giving out two active means of getting play apps into your SD.
in getting those apps we would be making use of lucky patcher. The app shouldnt look new if you have been reading our feeds right from time. So follow my steps and you wouldnt have any issue getting tis done.

1st Method.

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For example i would be trying to get PC REMOTE which i downloaded on playstore in my memory card.


  • Firstly, download lucky patcher by clicking Here
  • Install the app and open after installation

  • Wait for thr app to Load all packages. After loading then locate the app you downloaded on playstore and click on it.

  • Different options would come up but just click on tools.

  • Clicking on tools would bring another menu, proceed by clicking back up it would show back up.apk anad click on it. Stay on that particular stage untill you get a successful feed back which should be like this.

  • Now you can exit the app and open your File Manager and click on phone memory.
  • Then loctae Android>>Data>>Andoid Vending>>Files>>Lucky patcher>>Back up>>Your app.

  • From here you can move the app to wherever you want it. Just make sure the app is still installed on your phone.
2nd method
With this method you get your apps faster into your SD compared to the first method. Still with the same app we have been using (Lucky patcher).
All you've got to do is to open your lucky patcher, Look at the extreme left bottom end of your screen. You will see switches. As illustrated just click on it.

Here, just swipe down to the last set of options on the screen and select the one which suites you best.

Did you try it and it worked for you? kindly drop your comment and like our page for more update.

Sunday, July 02, 2017

10:16 pm

How to customize your mouse cursor easily

Am a type that always find the default mouse cursor not professional enough maybe its due to the fact that have been seeing the same for a long time. Most of the ways in changing your PC cursor always come with you editing a file in which a single mistake can lead to a fsmsge on your PC which is so so not safe. On this post I would be hooking you with an app that changes your cursor without editing a single stuff on your PC which is completely safe and very active without  issue. The program is no other than Cursor fx. The program works for window 10,8,7 vita/Xp. With absolutely no coding and special trick.


  • Lots of different mouse cursors with different loading animation
  • Different fluid animation and sizes.
  • Allows users to add fancy trails to cursor movements and action.
  • Alot of sound for different action e.g A sound when the left button is head down.
  • Amazing effects to every action taken by the mouse and movement.
  • More and more unique and amazing cursors available for download to suit your purpose.
  • Runs at start up so no need for opening again unless there is a cause to change the setting.
  • Allows user to add shadow to mouse cursor which user can decide the position look and length.
  • Just click on the mouse you want and click apply.

Do you also find the default PC mouse not too cool and customisable with no effect and cool sounds? Get this program and give your mouse a new appearance and effect.
Click Here to proceed to download. Wait for 5 seconds then skip the ad and your download would start immediately. Do you have any complaint? Kindly drop your comment and get help.

Saturday, June 17, 2017

2:12 pm

How to locate viewed WhatsApp status on your phone

WhatsApp introduced a new update on their app that allows users to set images and videos with 30 seconds length to be posted on their status for members on the contract list to view them and also allows user to decide who to see their status. The secret is that whenever you view a contact's status it automatically downloads it on your phone which is unknown to you. There are times a contact uploads a status you like and you would like to save it to view later but you won't be able to as the status would be automatically deleted in 24hrs. So on this tutorial getting those status you like to stay on your phone and prevent them from being deleted is what this post isabout and getting and having them for viewing later.

Steps to locate your viewed status

  • Firstly locate your file manager and click on the menu to view hidden files  your phone.

  • Click on show hidden files and some files would come up which would look faint compared to the Non hidden files.
  • Locate your WhatsApp folder and click on it.

  • Click on media to see where all downloaded documents and all shared and sent images are stored.

  • Then click on the .shared which looks faint meaning it's also an hidden file and it can't be viewed unless you view hidden files.

  • So to prevent them from being deleted after 24hrs just move them out of the folder to view them later.
How easy was that?...very easy I guess