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Monday, March 18, 2019

7:02 pm

Ways to Save Battery Life on Android Devices

Are you attempting to spare battery life on Android gadget? 
We all hate frequent charging. Battery reinforcement dependably matters now when we intend to purchase our new android phone. We all know without the battery, the phone is close to being useless or rather dead as all the specs wouldn't be put into proper and expected use.

Heaps of Android cell phones are out there in the market with great battery reinforcement yet sadly, they don't have perpetual battery life. So here are some basic hacks to spare battery life on your Android devices.

Various elements have schemed to diminish battery life and perseverance in the course of recent years. More slender plans with less space for batteries, bigger and more brilliant screens, quicker quad-center processors, more programming that keeps running out of sight, and eager for power GPS radios all offer obligation. The move from 3G to 4G systems a couple of years back—especially of the LTE assortment—has likewise caused significant damage.

Ways to save your battery life
  • Dark or Black  Wallpaper save Battery Life
Indeed, its weird and strange but still very much obvious, dark wallpapers can spare the battery life of your Android phone. 
You might be wondering Why dark backdrop? — Because of most android phones in the market AMOLED screen which just lightens the hued pixels. What's more, dark pixels are dim, so the more dark pixels you have, or the darker pixels, the less power is expected to illuminate them.

  • Home Screens and Live wallpapers
A lot of individuals are utilizing home screen widgets on android phones, they figure it will ease up their work. In any case, it makes a heavy and bad impact on battery life. Since gadgets work uses more RAM and furthermore foundation procedure will affix depleting of your battery life. On the off chance that you truly need to spare your battery life abstain from adding gadgets to the home screen. 

Indeed, live wallpapers offer life to your cell phone home screen. Be that as it may, remember it's utilizing a great deal of battery life on the grounds that live backdrops make screen constantly dynamic and this expends battery. So go for ordinary still pictures as backdrops or as we previously said utilize dark wallpapers and spare battery life.

  • Turn Off Auto or Adaptive Brightness
Adaptive Brightness — sounds helpful element, yet don't put it all on the line.
All things considered, programmed brilliance is generally path more splendid than you truly need. It's smarter to physically set the brilliance to a dimension that is low however agreeable, and knock it up when vital. This is a standout amongst the most ideal approaches to spare battery life on the grounds that the screens are one of the greatest battery suckers.

  • Uninstall Apps Not In Use
Most users keep apps which they do not use and most of this apps run in the background which surely takes a percent of the battery life. Uninstall the apps to save more of your battery life and hence save more.

  • Turn Off Animations
Adjusting animations settings is another best alternative to improve battery life on Android gadgets. However, to change animation settings you need to get to "Engineer Options" — a choice that covered up inside in your Android settings. 

To go into Developer mode, go to "Settings>>About phone" and tap on "Manufacture number" a couple of times and after that return to the primary settings page to locate the enacted "Engineer Options". Presently go to empowered Developer Options, and look down to discover three alternatives to be specific "Window animation scale", "Transition animation scale" and "animation scale" and turn them off or reduce them as the case might be.

  • Use Greenify
Unlike some other outsider applications which guarantee to spare battery utilization on Android — Greenify is the confided in one. Greenify spares your battery life by pushing applications into a kinda hibernation mode and prevent them from running foundation until you revive them once more. Since a portion of the propelled highlights of Greenify works just on the established gadget — however still functions admirably on non-established gadgets as well and also dont make use of saver apps as they load your phone with ads.

  • Keep your device at the moderate temperature
Indeed, the temperature can control the battery life of your gadget. So recall forget to remain your gadget at moderate temperature — neither too hot nor excessively cold. 

These are around a few hints to spare battery life of your Android smartphone. In the event that you realize some other techniques to spare battery life do leave feedback in the comment box below.

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Monday, March 11, 2019

1:43 pm

How to Detect and Remove Virus on your Android Phone

The Android working framework is generally utilized over the world as it holds around 65% of the market.

The comfort that Android phones bear the cost of its clients has its detriments. Since the Android working framework gives its clients the opportunity to download huge amounts of things specifically from the web, it puts the phone in danger. 

No framework is totally impervious, notwithstanding, it's critical to realize that, your phone can be tainted with viruses and other malware. With so much close to home information is put away on Android gadgets, including photographs, messages, contacts, and obviously every delicate snippet of data in each email account connected to your gadget! 

It's awful to think what a programmer could achieve with such information. On a considerably creepier dimension, the Android working framework has tuning in, review, and following capacities that, whenever hacked, can permit your own discussions, the view from your camera, and your GPS area to be seen and put away. Knowing this, I'm certain you're pondering, "Does my Android phone have a virus?" If things being what they are, how might we expel viruses securely from Android phone? Is there an approach to keep another break? 

We should begin finding out about Android viruses so we can recognize, expel, and keep from getting reinfected with viruses.
So lets run through this
  • Check for increased data usage: Because viruses run in the background, using your data plan to communicate with the internet, you may notice spikes in data usage. Keep an eye on your billing statement. You can ignore this if the data usage is actually from your own browsing
  • Look for apps you didn’t download: Seeing a new app icon on the home screen but don’t remember installing it? This could be the work of a virus. These apps might even look legit, but if you don’t recall downloading them, it’s best to remove them from the Android. Sometimes you can suddenly see an app installing.
  •  Battery Drainage: All of these unauthorized functions in the background will ultimately cause your battery to drain quite quickly because your phone has a virus. So if you notice signs such as drastic drainage in your battery or your phone heating up even if you’re not excessively using it, be alarmed.
App Auto-Installation: Also, you may have foreign Apps that you don’t recall installing to your phone. Trojan malware is known especially for downloading apps on your phone that is identical to popular apps. Cybercriminals and hackers, later on, change them to their original form through app updates.
Now how to remove the virus from your phone
  • First of all install a trusted Android antivirus such as Avast.
  • Check your device administrator and check if you do not give access to a strange app
  • Uninstall strange apps not installed by you.
Below is a screen shot of a shaddy app i saw on my phone. If you see things like that, have it at the back of your mind that its definitely a virus and they are mostly not installed by you.

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Friday, February 15, 2019

12:15 am

How to See All Recent Activities On an Android Phone

Hello guys, its Emmanuel again.  We open different download different apps, install different apps, run different apps on our phone and unknown to us a log file is being created which contains all our recent activities such as the apps you've been reading. Let's see how we can read that log.

So on this post, i will be sharing with you guys one of the coolest stuff on android that so many people do not know and you do not get everywhere. Today I will be sharing with you guys how you can see all recent activities with the time tags which shows what the phone has been used or is being used to do for the time being.

Disclaimer: By reading this post you solely and personally agree to use this trick, and you take full responsibility for any occurrence.

Do you want to spy in what apps your friend or your girlfriend or colleague uses? Them this is a must-read post for you.

  • You basically need your android phone.
  • Locate the dialer on your phone and open it
  • Dial the following code on your dialer

  •  Almost immediately after pressing the code you should land in a screen with the heading as *Testing* You should get a screen such as the image below.

  • Just select Usage statistics and it will bring a screen just like the one below.

And boom all the apps you have been running shows up. Pretty easy right? yes. Please do leave a comment, let's hear from you. Thanks

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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

3:14 am

How to Fix App Not Available In Your Country

This is a major problem faced by most Android users when trying to download from play store or other App stores which hides the download button and makes it impossible for the user to download the App or game. 

Note: The app requires root. If your phone is not rooted you can click here to see how you can go about it without hassle.

On this post, we will be sharing how you can bypass the app not available in your country issues on your phone which is as easy as it sounds.

How to Fix App not Available
  • First of all download, a mobile app called Mobile Unlocker which will be used in fixing this issue. Download now by clicking here.
  • Open the App and you should have a view such as the image below. If you are not having an app like the image below its either you just downloaded a wrong Apk or there's an update on the app.

  • To get the App started all you have to do is to click on the "Enable Unlocker" which unlocks the app store making it possible for you to download the app or game you want.
  • On the immediate right is the proxy. I do not advise you change the settings available on that panel.

Read also: How to fix lagging on your android phone
  • At the left side is the Market menu which displays location you can switch to just in case the location you chose doesn't allow you to download the app. You should have a view like the image below.
  • Hence you can switch till you get to download your app.

how t

That's all, for now, guys, for more post and updates, do like our social pages. What do you think? Do leave a comment. Let's hear from you.

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Thursday, January 24, 2019

6:18 pm

How to recover Your Contacts From Google

Are you a busy or a business oriented person or a student? contact is something little but precious you wouldnt want to lose as the need for them might arise at the time you least expected. On this post i will be showing you guys how you can retrieve your contacts on google as they are saved automatically.
All you need is a gmail account surely and a laptop or an android phone depending on the platform that works for you best. 

✅ Login your gmail account which contains the number you want to recover
✅ Open your gmail and click the menu button no the upper right of the page

✅ Then click on contacts or Open this link on your browser. Click here
✅ You can also decide to export your contacts or import them from that same menu.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

4:55 pm

How to Get 1k+ Real Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app basically used for sharing photos and videos just like Facebook. Instagram with over one billion download still seems to be the best way of sharing videos to a large number of people which also let your products and services known to a wide range of people.

On this post i would be showing you guys how you can increase your instagram followers which works well and have been using for a while. I will be making use of fan lift.


  • Active instagram account or you can create a new one to test
  • Instagram App downloaded and installed
  • Fan lift downloaded and installed. Click here to download
The App

Fan lift is the app to be used in this tutorial as have tested the app and it works well. Without downloading any playstore user should know the app works perfectly due to the positive reviews on the android store.

 Fan lift does not display ads so you have less to worry about.

How it works
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the app and input your details.
  • Dont worry your details are totally safe. After logging in you should get an interface like the image below

  • Looking at the image below you can order the followers you have as you have enough points for the purchase.
  • This app makes use of points to give you followers. So to do so toggle the switch above and select the like icon to get point. What this basically does is that it likes pictures of others users as you which in turn adds points to order followers for your account.

    I made an order for 300 new followers as in the image below.

    • Your followers will be added in 30mins or more as the followers are not bots.

    Sorry for the image thats what popped up while i can still get the shot. Hope the painting aint bad.

    The coolest stuff about the app is that you can toggle on and minimize while it works in the background to get more points for followers when you are available. 
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    Friday, October 12, 2018

    11:18 pm

    How to Get 4.6gb Or More On Airtel

    Airtel which has been one of the most loved by users due to its affordable data prizes and freebies which keeps users glued to them. On our previous post i explained how to How To Get 1gig Free On Airtel and today i will be showing you guys how you can get your 4.6gb which am sure you cannot afford to miss.

    • Your Airtel sim. Preferably a new sim but trying on your old sim wouldnt cost you a dime.
    • N200 worth of Airtel airtime.
    • Any phone at all including touch lights types of phones too.

    • First and foremost, go to your message  and type GET  to 141
    • Wait for a positive reply which saying "Congratulations you can now enjoy 100% data bonus anytime anyday for the next 3months when you buy data.
    NOTE: If you did not receive a message of any sort, it simply means your sim is not eligible. Get another sim or buy a new one.

    • Get your N200 airtime and load the airtime in this format
    *143*Your recharge card pin# Which can also be done repeatedly to get more

    •  Then sit back and get your 4.6gb worth of data free for just N200 only. See screenshot below(some as been used tho). 

    Worked for you? Dont be selfish kindly share with friends and also dont forget to join our telegram group and channel for more update.

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    Thursday, October 11, 2018

    7:37 am

    How to migrate to MTN mpulse and get 1.2gig/month

    Its no new update that the MTN 1gig/day has been reduced to 50mb daily which has basically stopped for some sims while some really lucky sims still make use of the cheat. You never can tell your sim might work well with the cheat. Click here to get the config files and procedures on how to connect your cheat.
    For the sims that have been blocked the only option left is to make use of the mpulse data which can be connected same way as MTN 1gig/day to surf the internet. The mpulse data has been proven to be working well and i would be sharing that with you guys.

    Benefits of joining mpulse
    – N200 free airtime as birthday gift
    – Free WhatsApp for 7 days
    – Free data bonus on recharge: With N100, you’ll get 10MB and N200 will get you 20MB. Which is active for 7days.

    How to subscribe to mpulse data plan
    - For 350MB weekly plan at N50  send 350 to 344 and await a response from MTN
    -– 1.2GB monthly plan at N150 send 351 to 344
    – Dial *344# and then, select data bundle then choose which suits you most. which can be used to power all apps.

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    7:11 am

    How to get 1gig Free on Airtel

    If you have been following our blog for a while you should know about the MTN cheat that have been saving lives and now been converted to 1.2gig/1month which nothing have been discovered from our neighboring network airtel has been out of the picture and recently a new trick to get 1gig free on airtel was discovered which i would be sharing with you guys.
    The real sauce behind the 1gig is that airtel wants to reward their users who has been recharging frequently on their network. As this might not work on sims that have not been recharging for a while.
    You can get more details about the data by clicking here.

    How to get your 1gig
    • Get your airtel sim which you have been using for a while and by that i mean an active airtel sim.
    • Dial the code in the image below

    • You will receive an SMS saying 
    You have 1gig free from Airtel for this month. Recharge N900 this week to unlock free 250mb this week

    After that keep recharging on your airtel sims for more free monthly gift from airtel

    How to check my Airtel data balance
    • To check your data dial *121#,
    • Input 3 then send,
    • After then input 1 and wait for a response from airtel showing you your data balance
    Thats all for now join our Whatsapp group and subscribe to our channel for more updates.

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    Wednesday, October 10, 2018

    10:18 am

    Update on MTN 1gig per day Cheat 2018

    Just saw this now and I noticed my mpulse just got disconnected.
    To all esteemed NAIJATWEAKS members,

    This is to inform you that Mtn ng have taken actions concerning the mobile tweak which give free 1gb data daily thru various VPN apps, Seems they have discovered the host and now they have limited the daily bandwidth to 30-50mb for specific Sims.😔😣

    Members who sims are capped are advised to kindly switch to mpulse to enjoy 1.2gb for N150 monthly and 350mb for N50 weekly.
    Many sims has been capped but we are left with only one more choice which is the mpulse  data

    Configuration files for the mpluse tweak will be dropped later in the day. Please bear with us for the time being as we will keep you updated.
    Stay sharp on telegram channel, WhatsApp as we update you. Invitation links below.

    WhatsApp link here and Our telegram channel

    Tuesday, October 09, 2018

    11:32 am

    New Active Configs File Packs v2

    New configurations files for our blazing MTN cheat have been updated and improved in speed wise and faster time in connection.

    Read also:How to root your android device

    Files are now available for Eproxy, http injector, KPN tunnel and stark which has been tested and seem to be fit and ready for connections. Do you still encounter problems with connection and how to tether your data click here to get help and if you feel your questions has not been correctly handled kindly leave a comment and we would get back to you as soon as possible to answer your questions.

    Read also:All You Need to Know About Rooting

    If youre yet to enjoy the MTN cake see it here and let the download start.

    • Download the config files which are zipped by clicking here.
    • Unzip the folder and import your files to your different VPN apps.
    • Still having issues importing click here to get the steps.
    Kindly leave a comment, tell us what you think about the new config files updated.

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    1:25 am

    Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on MTN Cheat 2018

    The mtn cheat which has been saving a whole lot of users the money to be used for data hence users now enjoy free data and it has been working quite alright. The MTN Cheat works with Three different VPN apps namely HTTP Injector , Eproxy, Stark Vpn, KPN Tunnel which i guess are the ones that are generally used as at now.
    from my side spark seems to be the first app discovered for the mtn cheat and later the remaining were digged up. So on this post i will be answering all the questions different users has been asking not only from our group but different groups. I hope this post answers you well and if you are still yet to be satisfied kindly leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible to get your questions and answer them perfectlty 
    Q1 Where do config files come from?
    A. Surely they do not fall from the sky. The configs are made saving users the stress of typing in manually like the old ways cheat are being done hence you just import click start and boom your phone starts browsing.
    Read also:How to Locate Viewed Instagram Videos On Your Phone Without any App
    Q2 Why are the Config files locked?

    A.  The main reason why the config files are locked is simply not to enable users who import the file to mess the settings or change the settings which might result in the VPN not connecting.
    A2. Another reason the config files are locked is to keep the information and configurations descrete from all.
    Q3  How are the config files made

    A. The config files are made with a combination of SSH and Host which can be created from different websites such as Fastssh, Sshudp, Contassh and lots more which are used with host to make the configs connect. The steps are kept discrete as to make the cheat last longer and not to get easily blocked by MTN and it has been working quite good.
    Read also:All You Need to Know About Rooting
    Q4 How to import my config files

    A1 When the config files are share to whatsapp pages and telegram channel they have to contain an extension. Extensions (specifies what a file is and the type) this extension will make it impossible for your VPN apps such as Injector and the rest to locate your config file.
    The only way to fix this is to locate the config file which you downloaded in your file manager and rename just like the image below.
    The image directly below shows the config of a KPN tunnel app. Kpn tunnel app wont be able to locate the file as the extension is in .enc. 

    To make KPN Tunnel see the file you have to rename and remove the .enc hereby leaving the the .ktr  which is the original file extension for KPN tunnel. The same works with other configs such as Http injector with .ehi Eproxy with .epro kpn tunnel with .ktr as indicated and Spark as .svc 

    Q5. Why is my config not connecting 

    A1. Firstly, your config might not connect if youve used up the daily 1gig on your sim as this happens mostly when i tether with pc unknowingly to you this might be the reason why your vpn is not connecting.

    A2. You should also remember this configs are connected to servers. Sometimes the server can get a little congested and busy which might not allow you to connect. The best thing to do is to a wait a little while before retrying to connect again.

    A3. Another reason why your VPN might not connect is the cache which can also be the reason why your VPN is not connecting. Which you can fix by going to your VPN app details and clear cache, Force stop, Better still clear settings.

    Q6. How can i import configs for rooted devices with an unrooted phone?

    A. The truth is you cannot import such files to your app. The best thing to do is to request for configs that are meant for non rooted phones as we at Naijatweaks will try as much as possible to make config files available for all.
    Q7. Can't browse when connected to PC

    A.  There are different reasons why you may not still browse when you tether with your phone. The main problem might be from your USB cable which might not be discover-able to your pc and can also happen due to mistakes while setting up your Pdanet which has been confirmed the best way to tether. You can see this link How to use your MTN 1gig daily cheat on PC  or see our Youtube video on solving the problem. 
    Q8. Why are the VPN not powering some of my Apps
    Theres something called system manager available on infinix which you can turn off some apps via system manager and on Network manager. Going through this list you can disable some apps to access internet. Kindly crosscheck and see if some of your apps has not been disabled.

    Q9. Vpn connected and unable to download movies
    A.   This is a common issue with the cheat. I was facing the same problem but i found a solution to the problem. For you to download movies you either use the Google Chrome or make use of the opera mini app which works perfectly well. Here is a screenshot of my opera mini downloading a movie. The speed is subjected to the MTN network in my area. Try it. it works well.

    Q10 Is the cheat available for iPhone and Microsoft phones
    A. The answer is No the cheat is only available for Android phone users but we will check if theres a way it can be used also on other devices.
    Read also:New Active Configs File Packs v2

    This post will be updated as more questions are gathered.
    Do you still have issues relating with the Cheat? kindly leave a comment below stating your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
    Special thanks to Harry and Precious Agbontan.

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    Saturday, October 06, 2018

    6:26 pm

    How to Tether Vpn With your PC VIdeo

    User having issues connecting tethering their cheat with PC, this videos solves and answers it all as i have carefully explained how you can share your mtn cheat with your pc. If youre yet to activate and get yours started you can start now by clicking here
    watch video here

    kindly leave a comment below

    Friday, October 05, 2018

    6:56 pm

    How to Tether your VPN with PC

    The new mtn cheat discovered can now be shared with your pc with the use of an app called PDAnet. Have been using this for a while and it works perfectly and am able to download updates to my pc and make changes to the blog. If youre still wondering its the new MTN 0.0kb 1gig daily you can click the link and get started. Some has tried this and complained its not working but have tried and its working perfectly.
    You should know already that by using Hotspot you wont be able to browse.


    • Connected to HTTP injector
    • Download the Pdanet program for windows HERE
    • Download Pdanet the android version by clicking here
    • An active USB cable preferably a data transfer cable
    • Most importantly a computer

    • Download and install the Pdanet android app available on playstore. Download with the link above.
    • Install the Pdanet program with the link provided above for your PC.
    • Now connect your phone to your system and select connect via USB. 

    Note: Do not open the Pdanet app now

    • Now you will have to enable debugging mode in your phone. To do so click on settings on your phone scroll down and locate developer options. if the option is not available click on about  phone and tap keep Build number until it shows youre now a developer.

    • Now turn on the debugging mode and also tick the USB debugging available as the image below.

    • Now open your Pdanet app and click USB Tether.

    • After clicking USB tether now open your installed Pdanet.exe and it would pop up on your tray at the lower right side of your screen or on your toolbar the double click and the connection process will start.

    • Then now you can surf and update all your programs for free.
    incase you encounter any problem during the cause of activation kindly drop a comment or join our whatsapp group by clicking HERE Do like our facebook page to get more new info and tricks.
    4:03 pm

    Latest MTN Free 1gig Cheat 2018

    There is a new mtn trick that has been saving lifes for a while which i would be sharing with you guys. The cheat works with 0.0k Mtn sim meaning you dont need to have anything on your sim for this cheat to work which makes it absolutely free and which works perfectly with the use of http injector which has been blazing all day. All you need is to import the config file and start the app. Have gotten a pack of http injector which has been blazing just to cut the chase for you and get you connected.
    Have got a pack on config files which i will share with you to blaze the cheat.
    How to load
    • Your empty mtn number 0.0k
    • Http injector app. download app here
    • Config file which you will import
    • All config files should have their extension as .ehi if not rename the file and make sure it stays as.ehi e.g Naijatweaks.ehi
    • To import just click on the document icon on the upper part of the blog and click import to import your file.
    • Click start and it should display something like this.

    Download file pack here

    Join our whatsapp group to get updated configs here also like our facebook page for more info...
    Having problems activating? leave a comment and get help ASAP

    Thursday, July 12, 2018

    11:12 pm

    Get Free Airtime Vouchers Phone and More with OperaNews

    Getting free freebies from internet has not been really easy but i came over an app called Opera News which i find really amazing as it not just only keep you updated with the latest news but also comes with awesome freebies which i would be listing here.

    • Free airtime for both data and calls after installation.
    • Latest and trending news right on your palm
    • Free Jumia vouchers just to shop available also on opera  news 

    • Get free points to be converted to airtime by correct predictions and guesses on the trending world cup

    • Stand a chance to win free airtime GAG GA3S Car, ItelA32F, Techno spark2, Supabets voucher

    Who knows you might be the next winner for the car, android phone absolutely for free without spending a shii. Get started now by downloading Opera news by clicking here.

    Please, kindly take a minute out of your time to bookmark our site to get more useful post or via our RSS and like our FB page for more.