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Saturday, February 09, 2019

8:04 pm

Latest MTN Cheat With Hammer VPN 2019

Some weeks ago we dished you with Combo VPN MTN cheat which just some simple settings which get you connected. And now we would be sharing with you a better MTN cheats which I believe it beats the previous combo VPN. So, if you missed the combo VPN, Http injector surely you wouldn't want to miss this as this gives a better data cap compared with the combo VPN. 

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The most interesting and satisfying stuff about the cheat is that it allows you to change servers in case you experience slow speed as this seems to be the main complaint. So on this post, I will be sharing the settings with you and also answer all questions and issue you face starting and enjoying the cheat and so you may know the cheat is absolutely FREE.

Also, do note that the HAMMER VPN is not Nigerian App but so far it generates free data which I guess that's cool enough.
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The most loved feature of the Hammer VPN is that it has a lot of many free servers which makes switching from one server to another one very easy which I expect no issue using this cheat.

Keeping things short I would be sharing the settings now

Setting up Hammer VPN MTN cheat
  • First and foremost download the Hammer VPN by clicking here
  •  After successfully installing the app to apply the settings as stated below. else, the cheat might not work
+ USERNAME: Naijatweaks Official
+ PASSWORD: Leave it at default.
+ Choose any of the server – free.server-22, nl
+ Now, insert 8080 on port and and 9201 on Lport. As shown below:

+ Choose UDP and Connect.

This shouldn't take much time before it connects. Once you hit the 100mb daily limit just switch to another server. If you are not connected or you have issues do scroll down.

Possible complains and fix for hammer VPN

Q: App is not installing
A: This is a problem mainly because of your OS. If you have an update available to download or just switch to another phone to enjoy this cheat

Q: It's not connecting
A: If you are having issues connecting, do change the server and try again

Q: App not available
A: If you keep getting app not available for 

Q: Servers are empty
A: If you notice your servers are empty. Do re-install the app this should fix the problem.

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Thursday, February 07, 2019

5:01 pm

How to Get 100% Data Bonus On MTN Kpalasa

MTN kpalasa is a newly introduced offer by the highest No of Network subscriber in Nigeria which is MTN with the that offers users with a bonus range of 50%-100% data bonus to all users with new 3g or 4g smartphones on all different data purchase in the next 3-6months dependnig mainly on the type of device (Smartphone) you purchase.
Do note that the offer is available for all sims provided that:
  • The MTN sim hasn't been used on the device before
  • USIM sim that has not enjoyed the offer for the past 12 months 

Do note that only devices that have a special partnership with MTN will most likely enjoy the offer for 6 months

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How to qualify for MTN Kpalasa Offer 
  • First and foremost insert your registered sim into your 3G or 4G devices.
  • You should get a confirmation message saying you are qualified to enjoy the offer.
  • Dial *131*1# to buy any data of your choice and enjoy the 100% bonus data offer
  • Check your data balance by dialing *131*4# or SMS 2 to 131
Also, do note that you can enjoy the offer on both sims provided that you have 4G or 3G available. Do note that the offer does not work on 2G devices.

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long can i enjoy the kpalasa offer
Ans You can enjoy the offer for 3-6 months

  • Which smartphone is eligible
Ans All smartphones that have not been used on MTN network

So thats all for now. Incase you have more questions concerning the new kpalasa offer, do leave a comment and we will get back to you ASAP.

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Monday, February 04, 2019

1:31 pm

Latest MTN Free Browsing With Combo VPN 2019

Aint you tired of the config expiry and incorrect usernames that you see on configs which generally affects every users using configs. As the configs might be removed from the SSH server or by an error by the maker.

On this post will be showing you guys how to configure the Combo VPN using different Host to enjoy Unlimited browsing or capped as the case might be. Also do not forget you can now get 4Gb for N1000 on MTN

 I don't specifically know the real or correct measure of data assigned to the hosts yet they are extraordinary and will most likely help you peruse till your fulfillment on an everyday schedule.

Combo VPN is like that of Anonytun VPN yet the plan and capacities make them extraordinary. The excellent green tab capacities for information perusing is completely marvelous and different from Anonytin

Also do note that This Combo VPN can connect and give you 50MB day as other hosts can offer a wider range of cap on their data which I don't have a clue about the limit for the time being, or possibly is boundless.

How to Set Up Combo VPN for Free Browsing
  • First and foremost download the Combo Vpn by clicking Here Install the App and you should have a screen just like this then click

  • Having downloaded and installed the app click STEALTH SETTING and leave your Connection protocol as TCP.
  • Now set CONNECTION PORT as 443 and toggle on "CONNECT VIA PARENT PROXY" and tap on the "EDIT PARENT PROXY" tab and and 8080 as Proxy host and Port

  • Once done, enable “CUSTOM TCP/HTTP HEADER HEADERS” and use these settings  below:

-TICK: Online host, Keep-alive and User-agent.                                                                                             -And tap on “VALIDATE“, then ” GENERATE” and finally, save it and go back to home to connect.

Other Host You can Use
You can decide to use for MTN daily 50MB data or use for MPULSE SUBSCRIPTION. You can also use which capped up to 100mb daily.
They all renew by themselves on a daily basis which is 24 hours a day. What do you think? Do leave your comment below...
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

9:30 pm

How to get 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100

We all know MTN is one of the network whose cheat or cracks are hard to get as they knit all loose ends which makes it close to being impossible for we to get them and to upload for you. Although MTN keeps stylishly ripping us off day by day with services that some subscribers do not really need. Be it as it may be we will always try our best to provide you with the latest update and cheats which am sure you wouldn't want to miss. 
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So back to the deal of the day.

How to subscribe 
  • To enjoy this offer, all you need to do is to pick up your device as this works perfectly irrespective of your phone and dial *131*65#. 
  • After dialing you should get a response just like the image immediately below

  • This works if you either buy a recharge card or make a transfer from your bank account as some tricks would not allow you to do that.
That's all for now guys? Encounter any issue or you have a suggestion, do leave your comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible or you can also reach us on facebook by clicking here.

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3:01 pm

How to Activate 1GB for N200 Instabinge Bundle

Its now a new thing that Instagram consumes a lot of data which is definitely too high for a normal data plan to handle this is the main reason why MTN introduced Instabinge giving you more time to chat, share pictures and video basically to share your moments with the world.
We are all in the season of love which MTN has been trying to put a wide smile on the faces of all their subscribers. 

Mtn has this to say in regards to the Instabinge bundle
It's the season of love, so here’s an offer #JustForYou. Get the best data deals on #myMTNApp today. Goto to download the app and enjoy 3GB data for N1500.

Also, MTN promoted the new instabinge offer to what's trending in order to reach a lot of people at a small fee of  N200 for 1gb which seems fair to me. Also, do not forget that Airtel also introduced Instagram 1gb data on Airtel.

Also do note than this plan is only available for subscribers on MTN pulse users only. You can migrate to MTN pulse by dialing *406# 

Also to activate the instabinge bundle just dial *406#  to activate and you can also explore other plans available at your disposal. 

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2:16 pm

How to Activate Airtel Instagram Bundle 1gb for N200

This is another awesome bundle made by Airtel and they also you can enjoy Airtel 3x data which makes you pay less and enjoy more or Airtel 1GB for N300 and many more to be introduced to you guys as in dey hot. So do join our telegram channel to get all our post updates ASAP.

Airtel officially unleashes her Instagram bundle just almost immediately after their rival MTN introduced their own instabinge bundle. Although they also offer smaller data for smaller amount also. Giving you more opportunity to enjoy the latest on Instagram with this bundle

We all know that Instagram consumes a lot of data which is the main reason why Airtel decided to make this bundle which can be used for Instagram.
This is what Airtel specifically said concerning the data

Introducing Airtel Instagram Bundles. Stay connected on Instagram all day with 1GB for only N200. Dial *141*205# to activate now

How to activate 1GB for N200

✅ All you need to do is just to load a card of N200 which can be from your bank or by buying a recharge card then you will dial *141*205# which gives you 1GB for 200 almost instantly.

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1:41 pm

Airtel Triple 3x Data Offer, Pay less Enjoy More

Airtel Triple 3x has been on the go for a while as many users have been keeping it on a low which I would be sharing with you guys today. as it seems to still be active and you can also opt for the airtel download bundle. So let's dive into that.

The steps below are quite lengthy and I hope the way Airtel selects sims shouldnt be too surprising to you as it might work for some sims while it wouldn't work for others. Anyways you are at liberty to check this on different who knows if it will work.

Do follow the steps carefully for a success

How to activate 3x data on Airtel

✅ Buy a new Airtel sim or you can make use of your 3months old sim
✅ Send GET to 141 and make sure you receive a response 

"Dear Customer, Congratulations! You can enjoy 100% DATA BONUS ANYTIME EVERYDAY FOR THE NEXT 3 MONTHS "
If you do not get a response like this, you can try again or wait till you get a response just like that.

✅ Then send MIFI to 141 afterward
✅Load either 500 naira normally. and by normally I mean by buying a recharge card and not by bank transfer and dial *141*500#  (validity- 14days) 750mb x 3=2.2gb alongside with other smaller bonuses.

✅Or recharge 1000 naira normally like i explained in the step above and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days)1.5 x 3=4.5gb which also comes alongside with other smaller bonuses.

✅Or recharge 2000 naira normally like i explained in the step above and dial *141*1000# (valid for 30 days) 3.5 x 3=10.5gb which also comes alongside with other smaller bonuses.

Thats it for now. Do join us on all of our media and do not forget to share this with your friends. Do have a complaint? do tell us by leaving a comment.
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