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Thursday, January 31, 2019

1:05 pm

How to Activate Airtel Download Bundle 1gb for 300

Just after glo and airtel launched their new data plans, airtel has also launched a new download pack bundle mainly for downloading as the name inclines.

The main motive for airtel to make this package is for users who downloads heavy files such as games, movies, software or just anything too large for an average data plan to take in.
Airtel download bundle pack gives you a whooping sum 1gb worth of data just for 350 which not too fair to me and surely on the high side.

Although its competitors, 9mobile charges 1GB for N200, while Glo offers 1.2GB for N200, all which last for 3 days. But Airtel download bundle of 1GB for N350 is valid for just 24 hours.

Airtel download pack works on all devices and can also be used on your modem which makes basically no restriction on your sim whether (4g or 3g sims but old and new sims also included)

How To Subscribe To Airtel 1GB For N350
✅ First of all you need to have N350 airtime on your phone to start with
✅Dial *141*354# to activate 
✅ Dial *140# to check your data balance

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Also do not forget that airtel triple data is very much available and alive which gives you a chance to 2.2gb for N500 and 4.5gb for N1000 is still smoking hot
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Thursday, January 24, 2019

5:53 pm

Glo Best APN for Fast and Smooth Browsing 2019

Glo subscribers these days we are going to see a way to enhance your network pace, as it appears most folks do complain of the slow network even though the network bar is full.

We have discovered the nice VPN to enhance your network, but, it most effective works for 4g/LTE phones, so in case your smartphone doesn't guide 4g kindly pass this post and maintain the usage of the default settings.

Hello! Do you want to enjoy stable internet connection while you surf the net, today I will show you how to maximize your browsing experience without losing your internet connectivity at interval on Glo . Just follow the instructions and act accordingly.
Glo internet configuration 

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For data subscription plan 
• Enter the main menu.
• Scroll to and select "Settings" and "Wireless & networks".
• Scroll to and select "Mobile networks", and "Access Point Names".
• Press the "Menu" button and press "New APN".
• Scroll to and select "Name" and enter Glo Mobile Internet.

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• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "APN" and enter gloflat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "Username" and enter flat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "Password" and enter flat.
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to and select "APN type" and enter "default".
• Press "OK".
• Scroll to Authentication Type and enter “PAP or CHAP”
• Press “OK”.
• Scroll to APN Protocol and enter “ipv4”.
• Scroll to Server and enter “Not Set”.
• Scroll to MNSC: “Not set”.
• Scroll to MMS Proxy and enter “Not Set”.
• Scroll to MMS Port and enter “Not Set”
• Press the "Menu" button and press "Save".
• Scroll to and select the new profile.
• Press the "Home" button to return to the main screen.
NB: Parameters above not included in your device settings may be ignored/skipped
Subsequently change the network mode following the steps below;

· Enter the main menu.
· Scroll to and select "Settings" and "Wireless & networks".
· Scroll to and select “Mobile Networks”
· Select 2G/3G (Auto Mode) or 3G Only

Please ensure that the mobile data feature on your device is enabled and restart the device to connect.
Note : The above information is reliable!.

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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

7:38 pm

Download Latest GB instagram v1.60 for Android

Instagram is a standout app amongst the most utilized online applications widely used, where Images, video recordings and stories are shared. Everybody use Instagram to share stories which are inclining via web-based networking media. Yet, on Instagram, a standout amongst the most chafing thing is that nobody can download Images, stories and you have shared on it which other used different apps to download contents. But theres a better way with the gb instagram which i would be sharing with you.
Today I will acquaint you with GB Instagram from the designers of Gbmods, much the same as Gbwhatsapp, contains certain highlights that are not accessible in the General one. By utilizing GbInstagram you can essentially download any Image or Video from Instagram without downloading any outsider application. 
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Highlights Of GB Instagram Apk 
 Allow Users To Download Images, Stories and Videos From Instagram 
 Allow Users to Upload Images and Videos From Alsturi. 
 Translate Comments into your ideal Language. 
 Allow Users to Copy Comments. 
You can Copy and Share Images Links and Videos Directly. 
✅ Change Theme Conversations screen and transformation. 
 Ability to Zoom In/Out for photographs. 
 Able to play Audio with Video Automatically. 
 Allow Users to Copy Description. 
 Notification Count. 
 No Root Require to Download. 
 Allow to Use Two Instagram in the Same Phone. 
 And Much More
To download instagram post all you have to click on the 3 dots on the post to open the options.
•Click Gboptions on the gb instagram app.

•Select download as this applies for different post you would be downloading.

To download the new gb whatsapp Click Here to download now. 
Extra link
Extra link
Extra link
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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

1:34 pm

Latest MTN 0.0kb Config

With no long stories, i would be sharing with you guys the latest MTN0.0kb Config which is working perfectly and expires on the 22nd of January.
My sincere apology goes to everyone reading this as its been a while i posted updates on the blog. You can still keep in touch with us by joining our telegram group chat.

✅ Fast speed and you should not have much issue in connecting with this config.

✅Expires in 7 days. Incase you have any issue with the config, do reach out to us on our telegram group. Get the link just below this post. Download the new config below.

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Wednesday, November 07, 2018

8:04 pm

Updated MTN Mpulse Config 2018

A new config file for mpulse is now available for usage as the previous dropped on our telegram group is about to expire.
The server(SSH) has been changed. The new server is totally different from the other as all users that imports this config file should get a good treat in both speed and downloading.
The new config is also available for all VPNs and it has been tested active. 
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If you are still having problem with connecting your vpn please, visit here as the feedback on the configs not working which are actually working do not seem to be cool with that.

Whats new
-Updated config server
-Faster speed
-Less connection time
-Increased duration.

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The configs are working fine and the image below shows connected when connected with http injector.

Also note
The updated configs are compressed into zip. You will need a zip opener to extract the files. Get Zarcheiver here.


Also note that the VPN WILL NEVER CONNECT if you are having your samsung max on.

Why? the reason is that you can't use two different VPNs on your phone as the two of the vpns will conflict one another giving way for none of them to connect and browse.
Mtn0.0kb configs are still available on our channel.
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Monday, November 05, 2018

10:28 pm

Latest 0.0kb Glo Cheat Skyvpn 2018

Here is a new way you can enjoy free browsing on your glo sim without a dime. Cheats has been on the go for a while now as the Mpulse is available for MTN users. The glo cheat has been confirmed to be working and require less stress in connecting as it involves the use of Vpn for connecting.
  • Sky Vpn which is available on playstore
  • Your Glo sim
  • 0.0kb which means the sim would be empty

This is one of the easiest cheat as it simply involves you to just start the vpn and browse. You can also get the samsung max vpn here and it works perfectly on MTN mpulse.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

3:29 pm

Latest Cheat:How to get 5gb Data on MTN

After the demise of our beloved 0.0kb MTN cheat, Mtn users has been left to use the mpulse as the 0.0kb has stopped for all sims. Here we have discovered a new cheat which has been confirmed to be working by myself , many other users and our team here on naijatweaks, also on our whatsapp group.

The cheat has been personally tested by me so dont expect any fluke or flop on this one. So on this post i will be sharing with you guys the latest and still the best cheat ever been discovered on our beloved MTN platform.

  • This cheat selects sims. Meaning it might work for you and might not
  • You need to have #50 on your MTN sim
  • Locate your phone dialer and dial *123#
  • Select 3 for data services
  • Press 3 Buy Goodybag
  • Select 6 Wechat Goodybag

  • Subscribe for wechat weekly which would cost you #50

After successful subscription you can now check if you have been given the data to flex. Now dial *131*4# and boom!!

You see your newly purchased data here. The screenshot above is mine and would be sharing that of a friends too. He has used some of his own. This is just to show you this is real.

This is my friends screenshot above as you can see the numbers are different from mine.
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