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Monday, November 05, 2018

10:28 pm

Latest 0.0kb Glo Cheat Skyvpn 2018

Here is a new way you can enjoy free browsing on your glo sim without a dime. Cheats has been on the go for a while now as the Mpulse is available for MTN users. The glo cheat has been confirmed to be working and require less stress in connecting as it involves the use of Vpn for connecting.
  • Sky Vpn which is available on playstore
  • Your Glo sim
  • 0.0kb which means the sim would be empty

This is one of the easiest cheat as it simply involves you to just start the vpn and browse. You can also get the samsung max vpn here and it works perfectly on MTN mpulse.
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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

3:29 pm

Latest Cheat:How to get 5gb Data on MTN

After the demise of our beloved 0.0kb MTN cheat, Mtn users has been left to use the mpulse as the 0.0kb has stopped for all sims. Here we have discovered a new cheat which has been confirmed to be working by myself , many other users and our team here on naijatweaks, also on our whatsapp group.

The cheat has been personally tested by me so dont expect any fluke or flop on this one. So on this post i will be sharing with you guys the latest and still the best cheat ever been discovered on our beloved MTN platform.

  • This cheat selects sims. Meaning it might work for you and might not
  • You need to have #50 on your MTN sim
  • Locate your phone dialer and dial *123#
  • Select 3 for data services
  • Press 3 Buy Goodybag
  • Select 6 Wechat Goodybag

  • Subscribe for wechat weekly which would cost you #50

After successful subscription you can now check if you have been given the data to flex. Now dial *131*4# and boom!!

You see your newly purchased data here. The screenshot above is mine and would be sharing that of a friends too. He has used some of his own. This is just to show you this is real.

This is my friends screenshot above as you can see the numbers are different from mine.
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Thursday, October 25, 2018

5:50 pm

New Updated Fast Mpulse Configs Now Available

Here is an update on the new config files created by naijatweaks. Files has been tested and seem fit for sharing and usage.
Configs would have been released earlier but due to one thing or the other it was delayed.

Now the files are available for download for VPNs such as Injector, Mega ssh, Eproxy, Spark and KPN.


Keep visiting on updates on the coming jumia black friday which would be coming up very soon.
Incase you do not know jumia black friday

Jumia black friday is a kind of program created by jumia to give crazy discounts to buyers on their website at certain periods of the year and it is happeneing very soon.
Am sure you do not want to miss that.

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Friday, October 19, 2018

7:51 pm

New Updated Mpulse Latest Config Files

Those which has been enjoying our previous Mpulse Config File would notice it expires soon. Have updated the configs and are fit to be used for your config data.
The new config files has now been more improved as the server being used has been changed for users to get better speed.

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Whats new
  • Updated server 
  • Better up-time
  • Updated expiry (7days)
  • If youre encountering connection problem, kindly exit the app, turn off your data and put it on then access the app to connect again.
  • Try changing VPN. You have plenty other options to chew on.
  • If youre not getting connected, try clearing your app data or cache to fix the solution
  • If your question is not still answered here, see the post on frequently asked and answered questions on the cheat. See here

  • Updated Http injector config here
  • Updated Eproxy config here
  • Updated Mega ssh here
  • Updated KPN config here
  • Updated Spark VPN config here
  • Updated APK CUSTOM here
Premium configs are now available on our telegram channel. Join via the link below.

Incase you are still facing any problem with the files, join our telegram group and drop your message and we will give you the fix.

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Monday, October 15, 2018

4:24 pm

New MTN Updated Mpulse Config File Now Available

Due to another down time on our server again, we switched our server and we are introducing new files that have tested and can proudly say they are faster than the rest and much efficient than the previously updated configs.

I have personally tested the new server and they are very fast and stable. Incase of any downtime again, Join our telegram group and channel as this would be the media we would be uploading the new files and our premium files as well. So guys i introduce to you inferno.

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Whats new:
  • The server has been updated so expect better performance.
  • Unblock All Site
  • Full Speed
  • Quality Server
  • Premium Account
  • Fast Download
  • Fast Upload
  • Active 7 days

Config Files
Also please note that the MTN0.0kb has been blocked to further notice. For now we are left with mpulse. Blaze the configs above and leave a comment.
Premium files to be uploaded on our telegram...

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

9:16 pm

New Updated Config Files For Mpulse Available[UPDATED]

Notice: Due to the sudden flop made by our server we have made new files which are available for download below. You can be rest assured, those files are really fast.
Recommended:ehi, epro, Apk custom.

Here is another config file made by Naijatweaks which has been tested and seem to be fit for import and connection. As the MTN 0.0 the mpulse  is obviously the last option left and we would be updating you with the latest updates.

How To Get 1k+ Real Followers On Instagram

Whats new
> Server has been changed. Expect a better speed
>Multiple accounts available for different files
>Config file available for APK custom. Get APK custom by clicking here

VPN Apps
  • Download your updated Http injector Here
  • Download your eproxy apk Here
  • Download your spark apk Here
  • Download Kpn tunnel via Here

Updated Files
Unzip your downloaded files to access the content
Join our channels for updates. Also not that the speed of the file is mostly influenced by how good your network is. Keep flexing

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Friday, October 12, 2018

11:18 pm

How to Get 4.6gb Or More On Airtel

Airtel which has been one of the most loved by users due to its affordable data prizes and freebies which keeps users glued to them. On our previous post i explained how to How To Get 1gig Free On Airtel and today i will be showing you guys how you can get your 4.6gb which am sure you cannot afford to miss.

  • Your Airtel sim. Preferably a new sim but trying on your old sim wouldnt cost you a dime.
  • N200 worth of Airtel airtime.
  • Any phone at all including touch lights types of phones too.

  • First and foremost, go to your message  and type GET  to 141
  • Wait for a positive reply which saying "Congratulations you can now enjoy 100% data bonus anytime anyday for the next 3months when you buy data.
NOTE: If you did not receive a message of any sort, it simply means your sim is not eligible. Get another sim or buy a new one.

  • Get your N200 airtime and load the airtime in this format
*143*Your recharge card pin# Which can also be done repeatedly to get more

  •  Then sit back and get your 4.6gb worth of data free for just N200 only. See screenshot below(some as been used tho). 

Worked for you? Dont be selfish kindly share with friends and also dont forget to join our telegram group and channel for more update.

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Thursday, October 11, 2018

10:35 pm

New Updated Config File for Mpulse MTN

Due to the recent changes in the MTN cheat, which used to be 0.0kb has now been capped for many sims and the only left for users to enjoy is the 0.0Mpulse data which is working fine. Also, they can be tethered with pc. The files has been tested and seems to be working perfectly without no issues

  • Download your VPN (KPN etc) by clicking here
  • Import the files downloaded
  • Rename the file if required
  • Start your app and blaze the cheats.

  • For HTTP injector Users Download Here
  • For Spark VPN Users Download Here
  • For KPN Users Download Here
  • For Eproxy Users Download here
Import the files and enjoy the files. They work fine and would expire at 14thoct. So, stay sharp on all our pages for files update. Kindly leave your comments.

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7:37 am

How to migrate to MTN mpulse and get 1.2gig/month

Its no new update that the MTN 1gig/day has been reduced to 50mb daily which has basically stopped for some sims while some really lucky sims still make use of the cheat. You never can tell your sim might work well with the cheat. Click here to get the config files and procedures on how to connect your cheat.
For the sims that have been blocked the only option left is to make use of the mpulse data which can be connected same way as MTN 1gig/day to surf the internet. The mpulse data has been proven to be working well and i would be sharing that with you guys.

Benefits of joining mpulse
– N200 free airtime as birthday gift
– Free WhatsApp for 7 days
– Free data bonus on recharge: With N100, you’ll get 10MB and N200 will get you 20MB. Which is active for 7days.

How to subscribe to mpulse data plan
- For 350MB weekly plan at N50  send 350 to 344 and await a response from MTN
-– 1.2GB monthly plan at N150 send 351 to 344
– Dial *344# and then, select data bundle then choose which suits you most. which can be used to power all apps.

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7:11 am

How to get 1gig Free on Airtel

If you have been following our blog for a while you should know about the MTN cheat that have been saving lives and now been converted to 1.2gig/1month which nothing have been discovered from our neighboring network airtel has been out of the picture and recently a new trick to get 1gig free on airtel was discovered which i would be sharing with you guys.
The real sauce behind the 1gig is that airtel wants to reward their users who has been recharging frequently on their network. As this might not work on sims that have not been recharging for a while.
You can get more details about the data by clicking here.

How to get your 1gig
  • Get your airtel sim which you have been using for a while and by that i mean an active airtel sim.
  • Dial the code in the image below

  • You will receive an SMS saying 
You have 1gig free from Airtel for this month. Recharge N900 this week to unlock free 250mb this week

After that keep recharging on your airtel sims for more free monthly gift from airtel

How to check my Airtel data balance
  • To check your data dial *121#,
  • Input 3 then send,
  • After then input 1 and wait for a response from airtel showing you your data balance
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Tuesday, October 09, 2018

1:25 am

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers on MTN Cheat 2018

The mtn cheat which has been saving a whole lot of users the money to be used for data hence users now enjoy free data and it has been working quite alright. The MTN Cheat works with Three different VPN apps namely HTTP Injector , Eproxy, Stark Vpn, KPN Tunnel which i guess are the ones that are generally used as at now.
from my side spark seems to be the first app discovered for the mtn cheat and later the remaining were digged up. So on this post i will be answering all the questions different users has been asking not only from our group but different groups. I hope this post answers you well and if you are still yet to be satisfied kindly leave a comment and i will get back to you as soon as possible to get your questions and answer them perfectlty 
Q1 Where do config files come from?
A. Surely they do not fall from the sky. The configs are made saving users the stress of typing in manually like the old ways cheat are being done hence you just import click start and boom your phone starts browsing.
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Q2 Why are the Config files locked?

A.  The main reason why the config files are locked is simply not to enable users who import the file to mess the settings or change the settings which might result in the VPN not connecting.
A2. Another reason the config files are locked is to keep the information and configurations descrete from all.
Q3  How are the config files made

A. The config files are made with a combination of SSH and Host which can be created from different websites such as Fastssh, Sshudp, Contassh and lots more which are used with host to make the configs connect. The steps are kept discrete as to make the cheat last longer and not to get easily blocked by MTN and it has been working quite good.
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Q4 How to import my config files

A1 When the config files are share to whatsapp pages and telegram channel they have to contain an extension. Extensions (specifies what a file is and the type) this extension will make it impossible for your VPN apps such as Injector and the rest to locate your config file.
The only way to fix this is to locate the config file which you downloaded in your file manager and rename just like the image below.
The image directly below shows the config of a KPN tunnel app. Kpn tunnel app wont be able to locate the file as the extension is in .enc. 

To make KPN Tunnel see the file you have to rename and remove the .enc hereby leaving the the .ktr  which is the original file extension for KPN tunnel. The same works with other configs such as Http injector with .ehi Eproxy with .epro kpn tunnel with .ktr as indicated and Spark as .svc 

Q5. Why is my config not connecting 

A1. Firstly, your config might not connect if youve used up the daily 1gig on your sim as this happens mostly when i tether with pc unknowingly to you this might be the reason why your vpn is not connecting.

A2. You should also remember this configs are connected to servers. Sometimes the server can get a little congested and busy which might not allow you to connect. The best thing to do is to a wait a little while before retrying to connect again.

A3. Another reason why your VPN might not connect is the cache which can also be the reason why your VPN is not connecting. Which you can fix by going to your VPN app details and clear cache, Force stop, Better still clear settings.

Q6. How can i import configs for rooted devices with an unrooted phone?

A. The truth is you cannot import such files to your app. The best thing to do is to request for configs that are meant for non rooted phones as we at Naijatweaks will try as much as possible to make config files available for all.
Q7. Can't browse when connected to PC

A.  There are different reasons why you may not still browse when you tether with your phone. The main problem might be from your USB cable which might not be discover-able to your pc and can also happen due to mistakes while setting up your Pdanet which has been confirmed the best way to tether. You can see this link How to use your MTN 1gig daily cheat on PC  or see our Youtube video on solving the problem. 
Q8. Why are the VPN not powering some of my Apps
Theres something called system manager available on infinix which you can turn off some apps via system manager and on Network manager. Going through this list you can disable some apps to access internet. Kindly crosscheck and see if some of your apps has not been disabled.

Q9. Vpn connected and unable to download movies
A.   This is a common issue with the cheat. I was facing the same problem but i found a solution to the problem. For you to download movies you either use the Google Chrome or make use of the opera mini app which works perfectly well. Here is a screenshot of my opera mini downloading a movie. The speed is subjected to the MTN network in my area. Try it. it works well.

Q10 Is the cheat available for iPhone and Microsoft phones
A. The answer is No the cheat is only available for Android phone users but we will check if theres a way it can be used also on other devices.
Read also:New Active Configs File Packs v2

This post will be updated as more questions are gathered.
Do you still have issues relating with the Cheat? kindly leave a comment below stating your question and we will get back to you as soon as possible.
Special thanks to Harry and Precious Agbontan.

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Tuesday, September 19, 2017

9:48 pm

How To Activate 100% Double Data Subscription on Glo, Mtn, Airtel and 9mobile

The best and the most enjoyed networks you can get in Nigeria (MTN, GLO and Airtel) Has now made it possible for users to eat their cakes and have it in the view of data subscription has it gives double data offer bonus to their customers regardless of tariff. In a nutshell it basically gives users X2 of their data when purchased.
It was made known to everyone as MTN was the first of all other networks to start the data doubling before other networks also followed the ladder as this attracts more customers and user to their network.
As a user who consumes a lot of data, nothing can sound cooler than getting your data plan doubled on a single purchase which gives users more time online to surf the internet.
This plan works with all the major sims available in Nigeria and it has been tested and fully trusted. The 2X can be gotten on any phone as there is no special trick of any kind or tweaking to get this done easily.

How to Activate 2X Double Data Offer

↘Airtel double data activate based on eligibility. You can dial *144# and purchase any of the applicable data plans.
↘Immediately, after data has been purchased it wouled be doubled will be doubled.
↘check your data balance by dialling *140# and note that the double data offer lasts for 6 months but your purchased validity period based on the type of data plan you bought.. 

How to activate X2 100% data offer on MTN
↘On a nomsy the message will be sent by mtn themselves. Incase they don’t you can just head over to your message and send  DOUBLE, PROMO and FREE to 131 as text message.
↘When you get reply, you can then recharge your line and get your double data offer activated.
↘Then you can dial *131# and purchase any data plan from the list and your data will be doubled.
↘You can check your data balance by dialing *131*4#.
How to Activate Airtel 2X Double Data Offer
↘Airtel double data doesn't work with eligibility as you can get the data doubled not depending on the current tariff plan. You can dial *144# and purchase any of the applicable data plans.
↘And after purchase Immediately the purchased data will be doubled.

How to Activate Glo 100% Double Data Offer
↘Glo 2X double data doesn't based on eligibility of any type at all. Even new and existing customers also get their data doubled whenever they are purchased.
↘Purchase Glo official data plan by dialing *777# and leave the auto-renewal
↘Once your previous purchased data has been exhausted, the next data plan that will be automatically renewed and will be doubled automatically.
↘check your data balance by dialling *127*0#.

How to Activate 9mobile 2X Double Data
↘The double data bonus offer of 9mobile doesn't base on eligibility just like the other but on tariff plan. If you use 9mobile network, you can change to Morecliq tariff plan by dialling *244*1# to enjoy the offer.
↘After successful migration, dial *545# and activate the 2X double data offer.
↘Subscribe to any 9mobile plan and it will be doubled immediately after purchase.

Kindly check back ⌂ for more amazing stuffs and don’t for get to leave a comment.

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Friday, September 01, 2017

10:54 pm

Browse and Download With the New 9mobile Unlimited Cheat

Its been a while since i post stuffs on this blog and am very sorry. Reason being to some issues with my pc which has made posting really difficult for me. Please accept my apology.
Unlimited cheats has been one of the best stuffs that ever happened nowadays where you get to browse unlimitedly without spending a dime. Our readers who has been keeping it locked down here can testify to the freebies and bonus such has giveaways which can include both airtime and app subscriptions all for your pleasure.
If miss the double data on MTN, Amaze VPN Free browsing cheat or the glo tweakware cheat which has been working well for the users, don't miss this free browsing cheat also.
Also take note that the unlimited cheat does not require any particular plan which means it works for all 9mobile. The cheats can be used and mostly preferred for big file download and upload. Also take note that the cheat is valid for the hours depending on your youtube subscription. So the steps to use this cheat.

To start you would need to subscribe to Youtube bundle which only cost you #400. Dial *141*4#. And if the #400 you can select other plans.

Set-up for 9mobile cheat.

Firstly, download Naijabrainies VPN. I specifically recommend this VPN as it has been working for me back to back. Don't mind the language as it means nothing and doesn't affect the connection.

Install and launch the app, then click on Configuracion. Which is located at the upper right of the app screen.

Turn on the VPN on.

On Protocolo select HTTP. Then turn on the PAYLOAD and click EDITAR PAYLOAD.

URL/HOST: ffff.bbbb.qqqq.eeee.tttt/

Request Method:POST

Injection Method: NORMAL. Then tick the boxes as illustrated in the image below.

Then click on generate, save and go back to click CONECTAR. Then you can start browsing. 

Are you having any issue with any of our post or you have suggestions? please feel free to drop your comment. Be social, Tell us what you think.

Friday, August 11, 2017

12:36 am

How to get 100% Double Data On Mtn without Changing Your IMEI

This is one of the latest trick you can get on MTN has it is very well known to all MTN subscribers as MTN has decided to keeping a big lock to all tricks. The good stuff about this trick is that you wouldn’t need any special setting and trick to get this working on all your MTN sims without breaking a sweat. The MTN double data all started when subscribers get 14gb worth of data just for N2,000 which also continues as this double data also comes along with new android phones which is only meant to last for 6months which other phones can also enjoy the same treatment which is basically possible just by tweaking yourIMEI  just by following simple steps. Also be reminded that you can use any phone model in getting this done
Fortunately, another way of getting the 100% data working on your sim has been discovered and has been confirmed as been 100% working and active which basically doesn’t have anything to do with your IMEI at all. So follow the steps below to get it done without breaking a sweat.

Steps to get 100% Double data on Mtn
»Locate your message and send the following messages one after the other.
-Send DOUBLE to 131, Send Promo to 131, Send FREE to 131.
»Soon you will receive three messages from MTN.
-The first message you would receive would be “Your Request has been received”.
-Second message would be “You have sent an invalid command” which you should just ignore.
-Third message would be “Dear customer Data Offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1# “.

On receiving the last message, you get to purchase your data plan just by dialing *131*1# and you get to enjoy your doubled data whenever you subscribe.
In checking your data+bonus data balance just dial *131*4#. So with this simple step you get doubled data whenever you subscribe on your MTN sim without breaking a sweat.

Did you try any of our tutorial and it worked? or are you having any issue with any of our post or you have suggestions? please feel free to drop your comment. Be social, Tell us what you think.

Saturday, August 05, 2017

3:29 pm

Glo to Launch Freedataday for New and Existing Users.

Glo which has been the grand master of data in Nigeria back to back and has made it publicly known to all their users on their twitter handle about launching a free data day as the day has been decided.The day the #GloFreeData day would be launched would be on the 11 August, 2017.Which is just 7days away from now which I believe would be very useful to every user. Although they have been also great with the Glo Anonytun 0.0kb Unlimited Browsing cheat if you’re missing that, you’re missing a lot.
I guess other networks would also want to follow their lead to get more customers by making such an offer. Both old and new users are entitled to the promo as the browsing is made absolutely free witout restriction.

So if you have thrown your sim somewhere you know best its time to get it out and enjoy the free offer for the time being or if you do not have the glo sim? What are you waiting for. Get one today and do not miss the glo free data day which covers both existing and new users.

Things you need to know about #GloFreeData

»It is absolutely free and no app or VPN at all.
»To qualify, you must have made use of 100mb and also N150 better still N250 airtime in the 7days countdown.
»You get to download and upload free.
»Also take note that the data is capped at 200mb.
»Once you are eligible you would get an SMS notification.

So, what are you waiting for? Start using airtime and data to be qualified for the bonus or you do not have a glo sim? Rush and get one,tap one or just buy one. #GloFreeDataDay on 11August. Don’t miss it.

Friday, August 04, 2017

4:25 pm

Latest Airtel 0.0kb Free Browsing Cheat with Amaze VPN

For some time now, airtel has been one of the network in which there browsing cheats are so scarce. Recently people has been blazing the glo anonytun and tweakware which has been serving for a long time now and has saved a lot of people from buying data in which there has been complains about disconnections and poor connections and which has been fixed and also the locked etisalat cheat.  Now here comes another way to browse free on your Airtel 0.0kb sim absolutely free. Do you enjoy buying data all the time when with some little tricks you can browse absolutely free without spending a dime for data. Finally airtel has fallen this time and on this post I would be giving you setup to blaze the internet which is nothing but absolutely free without spending a dime or having a dime on your sim. So on this post I would be making use of amaze VPN which does nothing but lets you browse free with your airtel line.

Things you need to know about amaze VPN.
»Allows users to browse blocked websites and apps which are country specific which includes Netflix, BBc.
 »You get to browse and protect your identity while browsing.
»it’s absolutely free and unlimited.
»Allows users to change location as pleases.
»Provides shield on unsecure public hot-spot.
Setting up Amaze VPN
»Download and install Amaze VPN by clicking here. Then install the app.
»Make sure your internet connection is ON.
»Select Netherland as your region or you can even decide to change location as you wish.
»Then press connect.

After pressing connect , then you’re good to go. Incase you encounter any form of difficulty while trying the cheat, Please feel free to drop your comment and get help as soon as possible.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

9:38 am

Browse Absolutely Free with 51 VPN on 9mobile

Want to browse absolutely free on 9mobile 51? Then 51 vpn  is that stuff which will give you want you have been looking for. So in getting this done and allowing you to browse free will be making use of 51vpn for the trick this time around.
51 VPN is believed to be a Chinese vpn which is capable of providing free surfing for users. The app provides quality and stable nodes, free download, no registration or whatsoever, Sharp connections, simple and very convenient to use.
Though the app also have a pro version with cooler features in which its speed  exceeds 1mb/s which is presently not available but you can get it on Blackmart which I believe should not sound new to our readers.

Things you need to know about 51 VPN

»Free servers connect just one click away.
»Ads are present. The good stuff is that you can block all the ads without disturbing your connection. 
»Does not power all the apps.
»Works on etisalat with 0.0kb
»Hardly disconnects 
»It is apparently slow.

How to setup your 51 vpn
»First and foremost install 51vpn.
»After installing open the app.
»Apply 9mobile Default Apn Settings.
»Choose any of the nodes present. (UK, HK, Singapore).
»Turn on your data connection.
»Click on the kite like icon to connect.

»Keep clicking okay on any pop up you see and patiently wait for the icon t turn green (takes nothing less than 6seconds).
»Once connected you would see sending and receiving arrows. Then you can then launch your browser  and fire on the browsing.

»»NOTE: Currently as you make use of the free 51VPN the app would provide with you speed rates as high as 3mb/s only for about 20 minutes then as time goes on it drops to 100kb/s. As times goes on.
I feel you can still use the app

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

11:06 pm

Glo Latest Free Browsing Cheat On Tweakware 6.4

Glo has always been every users favorite as there data plans aare cool .But people do not just like them because of their data plan but of also the chance they have give to users to browse absolutely free without a paying a dime. Its no new story as this cheats have been serving the users back to back did you miss or have issues with Glo Anonytun Free Browsing or you did not hear about the previous Glo tweakware 6.4 then you shouldnt miss this one has this cheat apps had always been the blast from the past back to back.
So on this post i would be showing you the way you can set up your tweakware and get it running like never before. The new settings makes it new and better like ever and which also enables you to browse free using your glo sim card.

The common complains about tweakware has mainly been with the issue of disconnections which comes also with slow connections and speed has been fixed with the new settings i would be dropping here on how you can set your glo successfully without issues


»Download Tweakware 6.4 Here
»Download the import tweak Here Also note that this imported tweak works for only v6.4
»After downloading both the VPN and the imported tweak go to your phone settings and create a ew APN setting for the cheat and use the settings below.
»APN Name: Naijabrainies
>APN: gloflat
>Username: flat

Then save and apply the settings
»Now open your installed Tweakware v6.4 and locate settings.
»Select import tweak.
»Immediately you would be referred to your file manager. now locate where you downloaded the saved .twk file and tap on it.
»Now go back to tweakware's main page and click on twwaks, then select tweaks and tap import tweak.

Take note that the cheat is capped at a data rate of 350mb daily which simply means you stop browsing when you use up your 350mb. However you can purchase a premium account to enjoy this cheat well.

Saturday, July 29, 2017

1:01 am

How To Set Up Glo Anonytun Unlimited Browsing cheat

This is one of the cheats that has been working and it took me some time to get the real settings to prevent issues with disconnections. The coolest part of this cheat is that it is unlimited meaning you get to download and download till you start finding it hard to figure out what to get next. Are you out there using glo and you still spend money on buying data I would say you are really missing and wasting money meant for other things. So on this post I would be dropping the active settings for the glo unlimited which is perfectly working without restrictions and with recent proof. Although you might have issue with the ads popping up from thr anonytun in which we would be making use of and the ads can also be blocked not to display so as to make your browsing swift.

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  • Firstly, Download Anonytun APN Here If you by any chance see any update of this app, do not download it. It may not connect.
  • After downloading, Install and do not open the app yet.
  • Now we would be setting the APN in your phone settings, Locate mobile networks> Find Access Point Names>> The choose glo or you can just create a new APN for the cheat.
  • Apply the following settings.
APN: 176.90.6868.67:4430®_Ultra
APN Type: Default,Supl
→And leave the remaining settings empty.
incase the above APN is not working you can try the settings below.

APN: Ultra®8118:153.70.82:3128/@X
After applying the above leave the remaining options empty.

If you are still having issues connecting with the above settings still whereby the error message can be connection timeout apply the settings below.
  APN: gloflat
  APN Type: Defaut


Now open your already installed anonytun and use the following settings.

  • Click on Stealth Settings.
  • Turn on Stealth tunnel.
  • Choose HTTP in connection protocol.
  • Type 80 in connection protocol: port.

Tap on Edit Custom TCP/HTTP Headers and configure it with the following settings
  • On request method choose: Normal
  • Tick User-Agent. Make sure all other buttons are unticked

  • After applying all the settings tap the generate button and save
  • It would take you back to the home screen of the app.
  • Click on connect and it would connect in less than 4seconds.

So after applying all this settings you can now start browsing and downloading as you like till you are tired. Please try not to forget to use some Kbs to drop your comment and also like our page for more.

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