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Friday, March 01, 2019

4:19 pm

Latest Way to Bypass Daily Limit on Hammer VPN

The Hammer VPN Cheat has been in use by many people lately and recall on our previous post that we introduced Bypass daily limit on Hammer and how to fix App not available on Hammer VPN with the two tricks proved to be working. 

So today i would be sharing with you how you can bypass daily limit without the use of ES explorer

  • After downloading the Hammer VPN FLO file, Make sure you move the file to your download folder or leave it if its already in the download folder.
  • Now after installing Automate APK run it and click yes or accept on all the messages. 
  • Now click the dots in the upper right of the app to import your downloaded Hammer VPN FLO file.
  • After importing the file, you should get something like the image below.

  • Click the Hammer file like the image above and tick the option below then click on start as the app simply automates the frequent date changing the like the previous post.
I hope this fix the issue with the daily usage and we would love to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

10:56 am

How to get German Servers on Hammer VPN

Getting German servers on Hammer vpn has been a real issue lately and on this post, I will be showing you guys how you can get your loved german servers on hammer VPN. 
The first question is what is your hammer VPN version. If you are using an old hammer VPN you might have issues getting the German servers.


  • Install both the Hammer VPN and Market unlocker 
  • After successful installation, open your market unlocker 
  • swipe right and select any location available for canada on your hammer vpn.
  • After selecting the canada, go back and open your hammer vpn.
Having read and followed all the steps above, you should have a working and active german server available for your hammer vpn.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

3:14 am

How to Fix App Not Available In Your Country

This is a major problem faced by most Android users when trying to download from play store or other App stores which hides the download button and makes it impossible for the user to download the App or game. 

Note: The app requires root. If your phone is not rooted you can click here to see how you can go about it without hassle.

On this post, we will be sharing how you can bypass the app not available in your country issues on your phone which is as easy as it sounds.

How to Fix App not Available
  • First of all download, a mobile app called Mobile Unlocker which will be used in fixing this issue. Download now by clicking here.
  • Open the App and you should have a view such as the image below. If you are not having an app like the image below its either you just downloaded a wrong Apk or there's an update on the app.

  • To get the App started all you have to do is to click on the "Enable Unlocker" which unlocks the app store making it possible for you to download the app or game you want.
  • On the immediate right is the proxy. I do not advise you change the settings available on that panel.

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  • At the left side is the Market menu which displays location you can switch to just in case the location you chose doesn't allow you to download the app. You should have a view like the image below.
  • Hence you can switch till you get to download your app.

how t

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Friday, February 01, 2019

4:25 pm

How to Unroot Your Phone Without A Computer

Rooting unlocks your actual phone potential and allows you to make use of your phone to full potential which sets it apart from iPhone, Windows phone and others and of course you should know rooting is not for everyone.

Right now i assume you know and understand what rooting is and how rooting works but if you are new here you can see All You Need To Know About Rooting which answers all your questions on rooting and how you can make the best use of rooting. So in this post, I will be we would be showing you how to unroot your phone without the use of a computer.

Some users do root their phone using a computer which i do not really think it works for me as it takes more stress and steps to get it done. Instead, you can make use of rooting apps such as Kingroot to root your phone which is very easy and does not take much time. So below i will be listing apps you can use to unroot your phone which you won't be needing a pc.

Unroot Using  Super Su
Super Su is an android app is a popular android rooting app as it helps you in managing your rooted device. Super Su has many features and which also include unrooting your phone under setting tab. Just like the image below. All you have to do is to click full unroot which unroots your phone immediately.
You might need to reboot your phone after the whole process

After the loading, your device has been successfully unrooted. Also, you might want to check if truly your device has been rooted. You can easily do that by downloading and installing root checker. Download now by clicking here
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Thursday, January 31, 2019

9:30 pm

How to get 4GB for N1000, 1GB for N200 and 250MB for N100

We all know MTN is one of the network whose cheat or cracks are hard to get as they knit all loose ends which makes it close to being impossible for we to get them and to upload for you. Although MTN keeps stylishly ripping us off day by day with services that some subscribers do not really need. Be it as it may be we will always try our best to provide you with the latest update and cheats which am sure you wouldn't want to miss. 
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So back to the deal of the day.

How to subscribe 
  • To enjoy this offer, all you need to do is to pick up your device as this works perfectly irrespective of your phone and dial *131*65#. 
  • After dialing you should get a response just like the image immediately below

  • This works if you either buy a recharge card or make a transfer from your bank account as some tricks would not allow you to do that.
That's all for now guys? Encounter any issue or you have a suggestion, do leave your comment below and we will get back to you as soon as possible or you can also reach us on facebook by clicking here.

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Sunday, November 04, 2018

7:51 pm

How to use mpulse data without config

The mpulse data which has been saving many users like me and many of our members money for subscription has now gotten better and better. A new and latest improvement has been made which i will be sharing with you guys for free without collecting a dime as many users you must have been seeing around would charge you.

Are you not tired of using configs which expires and surely prompt you to get another one.
Am sure the answer is yes. So on this post we will be sharing with you guys ow you can use the mpulse data with no config which sounds absolutely cool.

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So, today i would be sharing with you guys an awesome app called Samsung Max
Samsung max is a vpn app which can also be likened to opera max which allows you to surf the internet with your mpulse data. The samsung max comes with different features which are cool and can help you manage how your data is being used on your phone

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-Fast speed
-Supervises your mobile and data usage
-Connects in seconds
-Mobile data savings
-Ultra app savings
-Privacy reports (Blocks apps which gather information from your phone to their server)
-Ad trackers
-Allows online gaming
-No expiry.
To simply use the Samsung max click the menu button at the upper left and tick the button.
As shown in the image above.

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The samsung max is an upgrade to different popular VPNs such as Eproxy, Http Injector, Mega ssh, Spark vpn, Apk custom, Kpn and so many other vpn apps for mpulse.
The samsung max is very fast compared to the different other Vpn. The problems that have been discovered so far includes:

-Connected but not surfing
-Consumes alot of data
-Consumes alot of battery on some phones.
Am using infinix and it works well. Incase you still need config for Vpns do join us on our telegram group and stay with us for more cool updates.
All configs and Samsung Max Premium Apk available on our telegram channel

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Sunday, October 28, 2018

7:53 pm

How to Fix Lagging On Your Android Phone(NO ROOT)

The most common faced by android users is the issue of lagging and which i personally hate as well which can be due to different variety of causes that basically slows down your android phone.

On this post, i will be sharing with you how two different ways you can fix the lagging on your phone hence, make your phone run very fast and am sure this is what you want.
Some people might know how to fix this already but for the sake of those that doesnt know this i will be making use of the developer options which opens up another variety of ways you can make some changes but not all to your android device.

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By default, the developer option will be unavailable. Reasons might be
-Your phone is new
-You just formatted your phone
-You havent activated this before at all.

-Incase youre yet to activate the developer option. I will be showing the way to go. First and foremost
-Open settings on your phone or swipe down your notification and click  the setting icon.

-This takes you to your settings screen. Then swipe down and locate About phone
-On about phone scroll down and locate build number
-Tap on the build number repeatedly and it should show you are now a developer. No you have activated the developer option on your phone.

-Click the developer option and turn it on by clicking at the upper right of your screen.

-Locate the Hardware accelerated rendering.
-Just under the HAR you will find "Force use of GPU for 2d rendering" turn it on

-Scroll down and locate the Apps section. Here you get to decide which of the options that suits you the most. You can decide to keep no activities which will speed up your game and the app youre running on your mobile phone
you can as well decide to keep a cap on your background apps.

The second way you can fix lagging on your phone is by clearing cache files on your phone. What are your cache files? cache files are temporary apps which are created by apps on your phone. They can be accumulated also by playstore. Sometimes when download fails on your phone playstore it saves in your cache which later inturn make your phone slow

To fix this find storage in setting and clear the cache. This clears the cache hence, giving you more space on your phone and also increasing your phone speed.

Lastly, do not use app speed boosters. From experience as i have tried this apps. They basically takes space and make use of good interface to make users not to uninstall them. But really they do not actually perform the task expected.

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Saturday, October 13, 2018

4:55 pm

How to Get 1k+ Real Followers On Instagram

Instagram is a popular social media app basically used for sharing photos and videos just like Facebook. Instagram with over one billion download still seems to be the best way of sharing videos to a large number of people which also let your products and services known to a wide range of people.

On this post i would be showing you guys how you can increase your instagram followers which works well and have been using for a while. I will be making use of fan lift.


  • Active instagram account or you can create a new one to test
  • Instagram App downloaded and installed
  • Fan lift downloaded and installed. Click here to download
The App

Fan lift is the app to be used in this tutorial as have tested the app and it works well. Without downloading any playstore user should know the app works perfectly due to the positive reviews on the android store.

 Fan lift does not display ads so you have less to worry about.

How it works
  • After downloading and installing the app, open the app and input your details.
  • Dont worry your details are totally safe. After logging in you should get an interface like the image below

  • Looking at the image below you can order the followers you have as you have enough points for the purchase.
  • This app makes use of points to give you followers. So to do so toggle the switch above and select the like icon to get point. What this basically does is that it likes pictures of others users as you which in turn adds points to order followers for your account.

    I made an order for 300 new followers as in the image below.

    • Your followers will be added in 30mins or more as the followers are not bots.

    Sorry for the image thats what popped up while i can still get the shot. Hope the painting aint bad.

    The coolest stuff about the app is that you can toggle on and minimize while it works in the background to get more points for followers when you are available. 
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    Friday, October 12, 2018

    11:18 pm

    How to Get 4.6gb Or More On Airtel

    Airtel which has been one of the most loved by users due to its affordable data prizes and freebies which keeps users glued to them. On our previous post i explained how to How To Get 1gig Free On Airtel and today i will be showing you guys how you can get your 4.6gb which am sure you cannot afford to miss.

    • Your Airtel sim. Preferably a new sim but trying on your old sim wouldnt cost you a dime.
    • N200 worth of Airtel airtime.
    • Any phone at all including touch lights types of phones too.

    • First and foremost, go to your message  and type GET  to 141
    • Wait for a positive reply which saying "Congratulations you can now enjoy 100% data bonus anytime anyday for the next 3months when you buy data.
    NOTE: If you did not receive a message of any sort, it simply means your sim is not eligible. Get another sim or buy a new one.

    • Get your N200 airtime and load the airtime in this format
    *143*Your recharge card pin# Which can also be done repeatedly to get more

    •  Then sit back and get your 4.6gb worth of data free for just N200 only. See screenshot below(some as been used tho). 

    Worked for you? Dont be selfish kindly share with friends and also dont forget to join our telegram group and channel for more update.

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    Thursday, October 11, 2018

    7:11 am

    How to get 1gig Free on Airtel

    If you have been following our blog for a while you should know about the MTN cheat that have been saving lives and now been converted to 1.2gig/1month which nothing have been discovered from our neighboring network airtel has been out of the picture and recently a new trick to get 1gig free on airtel was discovered which i would be sharing with you guys.
    The real sauce behind the 1gig is that airtel wants to reward their users who has been recharging frequently on their network. As this might not work on sims that have not been recharging for a while.
    You can get more details about the data by clicking here.

    How to get your 1gig
    • Get your airtel sim which you have been using for a while and by that i mean an active airtel sim.
    • Dial the code in the image below

    • You will receive an SMS saying 
    You have 1gig free from Airtel for this month. Recharge N900 this week to unlock free 250mb this week

    After that keep recharging on your airtel sims for more free monthly gift from airtel

    How to check my Airtel data balance
    • To check your data dial *121#,
    • Input 3 then send,
    • After then input 1 and wait for a response from airtel showing you your data balance
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    Saturday, October 06, 2018

    6:26 pm

    How to Tether Vpn With your PC VIdeo

    User having issues connecting tethering their cheat with PC, this videos solves and answers it all as i have carefully explained how you can share your mtn cheat with your pc. If youre yet to activate and get yours started you can start now by clicking here
    watch video here

    kindly leave a comment below

    Friday, October 05, 2018

    6:56 pm

    How to Tether your VPN with PC

    The new mtn cheat discovered can now be shared with your pc with the use of an app called PDAnet. Have been using this for a while and it works perfectly and am able to download updates to my pc and make changes to the blog. If youre still wondering its the new MTN 0.0kb 1gig daily you can click the link and get started. Some has tried this and complained its not working but have tried and its working perfectly.
    You should know already that by using Hotspot you wont be able to browse.


    • Connected to HTTP injector
    • Download the Pdanet program for windows HERE
    • Download Pdanet the android version by clicking here
    • An active USB cable preferably a data transfer cable
    • Most importantly a computer

    • Download and install the Pdanet android app available on playstore. Download with the link above.
    • Install the Pdanet program with the link provided above for your PC.
    • Now connect your phone to your system and select connect via USB. 

    Note: Do not open the Pdanet app now

    • Now you will have to enable debugging mode in your phone. To do so click on settings on your phone scroll down and locate developer options. if the option is not available click on about  phone and tap keep Build number until it shows youre now a developer.

    • Now turn on the debugging mode and also tick the USB debugging available as the image below.

    • Now open your Pdanet app and click USB Tether.

    • After clicking USB tether now open your installed Pdanet.exe and it would pop up on your tray at the lower right side of your screen or on your toolbar the double click and the connection process will start.

    • Then now you can surf and update all your programs for free.
    incase you encounter any problem during the cause of activation kindly drop a comment or join our whatsapp group by clicking HERE Do like our facebook page to get more new info and tricks.

    Thursday, November 09, 2017

    10:02 pm

    How to Remove Temporary and Junk Files

    Temporary files basically referred as Temp file or Foo file are files which are created by computers to hold information for a short period of time while a file is being created and after the program is closed. Mostly when temp files are created which users don't  know and can take a great deal of memory if they are not checked and deleted. They are also used for file recovery when you lose your files or abnormally messed with.
    So on this post how to check and delete your junk files would be the focus and on this post, no app would be used during the process and it is totally safe as you can save the memory that the junk file contains to save other files of your choice.

    Remove junk files
    »On desktop home or anywhere on your pc type the window button which is mostly located on the left-hand side of alt or the start button using the keyboard. so press the START_BUTTON+R after typing that it should display a box and type %Temp% which should look like this. 

    » After typing that press enter and all your temp files would be displayed and you get to delete them if it pleases you and this method is better compared to the files used in deleting temp files
    Having issues kindly let us know by leaving a comment. Kindly leave a comment.

    Saturday, November 04, 2017

    11:15 pm

    How to Fix Lagging On Your Pro Evolution Soccer

    PES 2017 is one of the best games on the face of the earth as the football is regarded is one of the most played and loved by the mass. Pro evolution is one a kind game as this game is graphically high and doesn't support all systems or not fully. The most complained problem about users who play the game is the issue about the lagging of the game which makes it kinda hard for users to play the game. In this is post I would be giving out the way you can completely fix or lagging and really enjoy the games as the game was made for.

    Lagging and the Causes
    Lagging is one of the most annoying parts of gaming as everything seems to be slow or the game might be hard to play. If you are really familiar with the game you should be able to notice some things such as the replay loader and the graphic as this are the things which can be optimized to give your system a full drive of the game. But other things can also be the cause of lagging such as temporary files which are more or less useless to the pc and which may slow down the play of the game. You dont have to worry about and also your ram usage as on this post i will be giving out two amazing programs you can use in optimizing your system and also free your ram usage which in turn makes the play faster as the name of the program is jetboost. Before the game, you will have to click on boost which in turns increase the performance of the game and also jetclean which cleans all unused files or temporary files on your PC. Also try to upgrade your drivers also. I have a pc configuration in which i run my PES perfectly on it with little or no glitch. In this post i will be giving two types of optimization for your PES and the two can be used for critical lagging.
    Download Jetclean
    Download Jetboost
    On my pc i play pes with the following properties below and it has been working very very fine.

    The major part that makes use of more graphic is the crowd present in the game and the replay reloader for the game. I found a way you can remove this two and your game would run at a faster speed. If your configuration is better than mine you stand at a better chance of success. Anyway its like a different route the same result kinda stuff. Download our Antilag pack by clicking HERE. After opening you will see 3 anti-lag which you can choose any as you please and only a disabler which is active and tested.
    In the pack also there is a bonus Pitch smoke which you can add if you want which might affect your speed

    How to Install
    To install you would need PES2017-DpFileListGeneratorv1.8byBaris which you can download by clicking HERE. as this is the best version for pes.
    -Move your .CPK files into your download in your pes directory which you can get by opening the file location of the game shortcut.
    -Open the DpFileList Generator select the already downloaded Naijabrainies anti lag and open the DPlist and select the file name showed and generate.

    -Then it will show success.
    -Refresh your computer and run your pes and your game would run faster and smoothly.
    After following all the above steps your PES would run faster and the glitch would be reduced. Kindly like our page for more.

    Saturday, October 14, 2017

    10:55 pm

    How to Block Users Connected to the same Hotspot as You

    We all know quite alright that when you are connected to a public Wi-Fi there is possibility of the internet connection being slow while the Wi-Fi bar may be completely full or the strength might be at excellent. Mostly when people are connected to such a Wi-Fi some people are bound to have a faster internet connection while some wouldnt just get a kb/s. So on this post showing younguys how you can actually reduce the weight of users on the wifi network or even protect yourself from people who might want to mess with the wifi connection by the use of Netcut.

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    To start with you will have:
    »To be connected to a Wi-Fi network.
    »Little or slow internet connection from the Wi-Fi
    »Preferably a PC
    To get started you need to visit this Netcut by clicking here.
    After clicking that link you will have to wait for like 3seconds then it wil direct you to a page which should look like this.

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    Here you have to make sure you turn on your DEFENDER so as to ensure you are protected from being disconnected and hereby make your connection slow. To remove block or reduce the speed of other users just drag the pc to the jail column hence making the network faster for your use and you can also lock others from connecting by locking it up using the padlock symbol. You are solely responsible but this method is very safe

     Kindly like our page for more cool update.