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Friday, April 12, 2019

7:38 pm

New MTN Free Browsing Cheat On 24clan VPN

Not so long from now the loved and one of the most used which cheat which is the hammer VPN has been blocked with the HTTP injector and now we have the new free browsing using the 24ClanVPN which I will be sharing with you guys today.



  • To get started all you need to install the 24clan VPN which you will be needing the config which does not have an expiry
  • Install the configuration file and connect
  • To import click on settings at the upper left>>Choose import the tweak
  • Go back to the main screen and import
  • Just import the file and select any free server and connect.

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Thursday, April 11, 2019

10:32 am

Airtel Free Browsing Cheat Get over 3gb with Reversal Method

It's no more news that the Glo N200 extraordinary data plan offer has been stopped and even the MTN hammer VPN cheat is no longer working. The uplifting news anyway is that there is another free perusing cheat that has been accessible for at some point now and it's for Airtel users.

The new Airtel browsing cheat utilizes the Airtel 100% data bonus you get when you buy another SIM card just as the Airtel reversal technique. In this post, I will give you a well ordered guide on the best way to go about it.

How to get more than 3GB Daily with the Airtel Reversal Cheat
> Buy and register a new Airtel SIM card.
> Send GET to 141(make sure you get the 100% bonus message).
> Dial *141#, follow the prompt and select any airtel data plan of your choice (Make sure you don't subscribe to any data plan with night plan).
> Dial *141*6# to check your data balance, You will see your data plan with the bonus data.

> You can now browse but make sure you don't exhaust the "double(bonus data)".

>After 24 hours, dial *121*6# and select 1 for reversal.

> Your airtime will be reversed and you can go ahead and subscribe again.
> All you need to do is to repeat that procedure everyday.

So that's just how it is. Do leave feedback and also to join our groups with the links below. Protection Status
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Friday, March 15, 2019

3:57 pm

Latest Free Browsing Cheat on MTN Via Webtunnel 2019

Recently the Hammer VPN cheat is currently closed to being blocked as the speed is no longer bearable but today i would be sharing with you guys today and the MTN Tweakware cheat is still very much available which you can opt for.
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The cheat has been confirmed to be working and the settings i would be taking you through right now.

  • Webtunnel VPN
  • MTN 0.0
  • Android Phone

  • First and foremost download Webtunnel App on your phone. Download here
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  • Install your webtunnel and app and apply the following settings
  • Leave the username and password the way it is as touching any of the settings might affect the connection
  • On the "HEADER HOST" insert "" 
  • On the "PROXY HOST" insert "" 

  • On the "PROXY" insert "8080"
  • Select simple on the next button then click on connect.

That's all.
You can also follow the image below for more clarification on how to set the cheat. Do join us on our social pages below. We'would love to hear from you please leave a comment.

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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

11:34 pm

Latest MTN Free Browsing On Stark VPN 2019

Hello guys good evening and today i would be sharing with you the latest Mpulse cheat. Lately we all know there has been a problem with the HTTP Injector, Eproxy and all other VPN apps that we use and recently a new MTN cheat has been discovered it only makes use of the stark VPN.

Also, do note that the Hammer VPN is still smoking hot and if you are yet to activate your click here now to see all the settings.
Also do note that the cheat powers all your apps

If you are new to MTN Cheat, stark VPN is an app which offers free browsing on SIMS based on the settings you apply to the App.

Stark VPN doesn't work based on root authorization as hammer VPN does. So you have absolutely nothing to worry about and I will be sharing with you guys all the setting you will need to start blazing the new cheat.
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  • Updated Stark VPN config. || Download here
  • Your Android Phone
  • MTN Sim
  • An active mPulse Data

  • First of all, make sure you have an active working mPulse subscription. Previously i posted how you can get 1.2gb for N150. Check that out and make sure you subscribe.
  • Download and launch the Stark VPN i posted above 
  • Then go to tweaks, find and click custom

  • Click the "Custom" button with a red background
  • Find the connection mode and select HTTP
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  • Locate server port and enter "8080"

  • For the post header enter ""
  • On the select Header line Type option, and select "multiline"
  • Leave the reverse proxy and input

  • Find your proxy port and input "8080"

After applying all the setting go back and click connect and minimize the Stark VPN and soon the

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app would connect and you will be able to browse free. Do leave feedback on our comment section.
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12:57 pm

Latest MTN Cheat Via Tweakware 2019

Hello guys its Emmanuel again and you should know its no longer new that the Hammer VPN cheat still seems to be the best cheat that has ever been discovered.
Unfortunately, the seems to be giving some users issue as they are unable to do certain things like before. Some users no longer connect as it hangs at waiting for server reply and hence it stopped working for them.

Today, I would be sharing with you the latest Tweakware cheat which has been confirmed and also to be a substitute for them in order to allow them also not to miss out in the ongoing free browsing cheat.

  • Tweakware App || Download now by clicking here
  • Tweakware working config || Download now by clicking here
  • MTN 0.0 sim 

  • Download and install your tweakware app
  • click on setting at the upper right and click on import settings. This will direct you to your file manager. Now all you have to do is to locate your previously downloaded config as indicated in the image below.
  • Go back to the main menu and select a free server and connect
  • Wait for 5-10secs depending on how strong your internet connection it and once it connects you are ready to browse.

  • Do note that its the down arrow that is used on your phone mainly
Do reach us by leaving your comment below. Thanks
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Tuesday, March 05, 2019

4:06 pm

How to Get 1.2gb For N150 on MTN Mpulse

The MTN Pulse which was precisely launched on the 24th of August and blocked ending last year due to some users who reported to MTN which the data was originally used to visit some sites but later in the day it turned out it could do more and more than what we thought with the help of HTTP Injector. 
The HTTP Injector app is more like a VPN which makes use of configs which we at Naijatweaks would make available for you to help users like you and I with Active Mpulse data to make use of the Mpulse, giving us the opportunity to browse different websites like the normal subscription data which the Mpulse data wouldn't allow. Mpulse is believed to be a blessing to many users and we totally agree.

Recently the MTN Mpulse data was restored to some sims and by restore I mean the normal rates have been back to their restored to their sim. hence, the rates should be 

350mb Weekly plan for N50
1.2gb Monthly plan for N150

The MTN Mpulse for some sims is as follow

100mb weekly bundle for N50
350mb 14-day bundle N150.

Some users were moved to Mpulse automatically and by that I mean they did not willingly change. So mainly, to fix this we would try to subscribe back to Pulse

So, on this post, I will be sharing with you guys how you can get back to the normal preferable rates which is the main reason you are here.


✅Get your MTN Sim and verify if you are getting the 350mb rate
✅Dial *406# and select 1 to switch to pulse with 0 subscription fee 

 ✅Now that you have moved to pulse relax and wait for 10Minutes
 ✅After waiting for 10Minutes dial *344*2# and your rates should change from the rates on the very first image to the image immediately beneath the first.



After following the steps you should get your normal rates back. Do join us on telegram with the links below to stay in touch with us. Thank you.

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Monday, March 04, 2019

6:05 pm

Changes and Update On MTN Mpulse Data 2019

If you have been following for a while now you should know about the daily 1gig MTN Data which was later tweaked and changed to the Mpulse Data which made a great wave back then and it's pleasing to tell you that the MTN MPulse is back and you can now use your injector with the MPulse data.
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So on this post i will be sharing with you the changes made to the New MTN Mpulse Comeback which i feel you should know.
  • MTN Mpulse data is no longer for everyone as this now badly selects sim unlike before as the data is available for all Mpulse subscribers.
  • For some users who are on Mpulse the data still remain to the changed rates after the cheat went down when a user informed MTN about the cheat.
i.e The 350mb for 150 and the others.

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  • The Mpulse is now highly selective and if you're not eligible you wont be able to enjoy the cheat on the preferred rates.
  • We are working on a way the preferable rates would be available to all users. Stay sharp on our groups.
Code to buy Mpulse Data
✅ To subscribe to the mpulse data dial *344*2*1# which should give you feedback like the image below.

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Friday, March 01, 2019

4:19 pm

Latest Way to Bypass Daily Limit on Hammer VPN

The Hammer VPN Cheat has been in use by many people lately and recall on our previous post that we introduced Bypass daily limit on Hammer and how to fix App not available on Hammer VPN with the two tricks proved to be working. 

So today i would be sharing with you how you can bypass daily limit without the use of ES explorer

  • After downloading the Hammer VPN FLO file, Make sure you move the file to your download folder or leave it if its already in the download folder.
  • Now after installing Automate APK run it and click yes or accept on all the messages. 
  • Now click the dots in the upper right of the app to import your downloaded Hammer VPN FLO file.
  • After importing the file, you should get something like the image below.

  • Click the Hammer file like the image above and tick the option below then click on start as the app simply automates the frequent date changing the like the previous post.
I hope this fix the issue with the daily usage and we would love to hear from you. Kindly leave a comment
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Tuesday, February 26, 2019

10:56 am

How to get German Servers on Hammer VPN

Getting German servers on Hammer vpn has been a real issue lately and on this post, I will be showing you guys how you can get your loved german servers on hammer VPN. 
The first question is what is your hammer VPN version. If you are using an old hammer VPN you might have issues getting the German servers.


  • Install both the Hammer VPN and Market unlocker 
  • After successful installation, open your market unlocker 
  • swipe right and select any location available for canada on your hammer vpn.
  • After selecting the canada, go back and open your hammer vpn.
Having read and followed all the steps above, you should have a working and active german server available for your hammer vpn.
In case of any issue or problem, feel free to join any of our groups with the links below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Monday, February 25, 2019

2:42 pm

How to Fix App not Available in your Country on Hammer VPN

There's little or no doubt about it,  hammer VPN cheat   seems to be the best thing that ever happen to Many MTN Users as this allows us to surf more than what our regular data could handle or afford. Hammer VPN provides users with free servers to use even if they do not have the premium login account.

Recently, the feedback have been getting lately focuses on users not been able to use the app as they get the pop up of app not available in your country.

So on this post, I will be showing you guys how you can fix this issue


  • After downloading and installing the market unlocker, open the app and togglw on enable unlocker just like the image below.

  • After then swipe left and you will see location like options. (USA, CANADA).
  • Select CANADA. The app will load for some seconds and then you should be able to run the Hammer vpn without the error showing up. just like the image below

After following the steps above, open your hammer vpn which will open without giving you the error message.
Do reach back to us. leave a comment

Monday, February 18, 2019

4:10 am

Latest MTN Config Files 18-24th Feb

So on this post, I will be sharing the with you the latest MTN 0.0kb config just before I dive into that, the MTN Hammer VPN cheat has been blazing for a while and am sure you wouldn't want to miss that as we at has found a way to bypass the 100mb cap. you can now enjoy the cheat unlimitedly. 


We are still working on how to make premium accounts available for you to make use. Please do bear with us for the time being. i would be sharing with you the latest MTN 0.0kb with you as I feel this shouldn't sound new to you.

Also, do install our mobile app never to miss any of our updates and we want to say a big thank you to everyone who gave us feedback concerning the app. You're much appreciated

Http Injector: Download Here 

Http Injector Lite: Download Here 

EproxyDownload Here 

Spark VPNDownload Here 

KPNDownload Here 

That's all for now guys. For more awesome updates, do install our mobile-friendly android app or join any of our groups with the links below. Do you have a complaint or a suggestion? Please do leave your comment below. They're well appreciated.

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

11:37 pm

Latest MTN Free Browsing Cheat On Tweakware

MTN cheat has been on the go for a while starting with the use of MTN configs for all VPN which you get on our telegram channel and the loved Hammer VPN. If you had an issue at times past with the other cheats, this should work perfectly and fill up the blank spaces for you. We also fix errors based on the feedback we are getting such as app not available in your country fix.  As well as how to bypass the daily cap on the servers which has been working well for many users.

Today i will be sharing with you another crazy browsing cheat for Mtn users which uses tweakware  apk for free browsing.

The feedback has been good and, it is the best which offers you more than 500mb per day for MTN users

  • Mtn sim card
  • Tweakware apk
  • Tweakware config. File
  • Good network (Importanter)
The main reason why many cheat do not work is because of their network. You can check out the best APN for MTN here

  • First of all download the tweakware and its configuration.
  • Install and run the tweakware app. Select the import config and import the previously downloaded config.
  • After importing, just connect.
  • Within 5 to 10seconds the VPN will be connected.

Thats all for now guys please do like our fb page. Do you experience any issue while trying the cheat? Do leave a comment below.
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Wednesday, February 13, 2019

10:59 am

New Way to Bypass Daily Server Data Limit

Here's an approach to sidestep MTN Hammer VPN Daily Limit on any Free Server and get Unlimited Free Browsing on Android. This isn't a similar instructional exercise you saw on our previous update utilizing Es File Explorer, this is a quick technique and simple to execute. Absent much ado, how about we get started. If you do not know the cheat am talking about you can now activate yours. Click here on how to set.

We can't deny the reality that MTN Hammer VPN Cheat is the best, extremely quick and its server everyday limit is sufficient for a small amount of people as people are much on the server some.

We suspect there should be an update on the app anytime sooner. Whichever way it is we'll update you.
 This application works without numerous settings and backings and the most interesting part is that it works for all MTN Sim, controls all applications and its absolutely FREE.

So, how are we going to bypass this? Briefly We are going to prevent Hammer VPN from reading the transfer and download information on the App. When we do this, it won't bring it's session notifications and stop reading while you browse with the unlimitedly, in this way, bypassing MTN Hammer VPN Daily server data cap.

Also, do note that there is no premium server without purchase on their website

  • Your MTN 0.0kb Sim( 0.0 data and airtime)
  • Your Hammer VPN downloaded and installed
  • Android phone with 2 sims enanbled(MTN || MTN)
This method mainly depends on the sim and also note you will need a good RAM to prevent your app from force closing. If you experience lagging on your phone click here to fix without ROOT authorization.

  • Start your Hammer VPN and set it up || Yet to set up? click here.
  • Connect with your first sim (MTN Sim recommended) you can try other networks.
  • Once connected, Minimize your Hammer vpn and locate your phone settings locate SIM Cards and switch the Cellular Data sim to your other sim.
  • Do take note the starting SIM must have active data on it for the Hammer VPN to connect
  • If you actually connected with sim 1, switch to sim 2 or the other way around

  • Open Hammer VPN. You'll notice its not reading like the normal way but the main thing is that its CONNECTED 
Henceforth you will be able to browse unlimitedly without the proper server cap like before absolutely not minding the data cap. What do you think about this? do leave a comment we will like to hear from you.
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