Wednesday, March 06, 2019

The Best Platform to Invest and Make Money 2019

Hello it's Emmanuel again and on this post i will be sharing with you the fastest growing enterprise which i am a team on it and i can boldly inform you that this is 100% scam free.

Have been a victim of being scam before and surely i knows how it feels especially if thats your last card (LAST MONEY ON YOU) and i can boldly assure you that you have absolutely nothing to worry about. I just need you to take a chill pill and relax as i would be introducing to you TDAInnovations.

Am sure you are eager to know who we are and briefly I would answer that.

TDAI is an acronym for The Dayo Amusan Innovations. TDAI is a solution outfit that is working constantly to invade the global space with their smart, simple and secure solutions in form of hardware, software, humanware and marketware.

Why you should invest your money
The investment allows you to make provisions for the future. With one time allowee investment solution, you'll be covered for the next 6 months after your commitment to invest on our platform.

Where is your investment going
As realtors, we help you to invest your funds in real estate. Which is also one of the major department of our business. We buy and sell landed properties.

Who Can Invest
Note: Every cycle shall be last for six (6) month, within which an investor is expected to have been fully remunerated.
The Ꞥ10,000 investment is basically for students who collect a monthly allowance from home. It serves as a boost for their monthly income. Ꞥ100,000 naira is meant for workers or businessmen.

What are our plans
On our platform, we only have 2plans which suits every interested people who want their money to work for them

The Basic Plan:
As i said earlier the  Ꞥ10,000 is basically the plan for students who collect allowance from home. The plan is basically for students.
For investments with 10,000, the investor shall be entitled to 5,000 after 30 days. However, the 5,000 is cashable only if the investor was able to refer two people to register under him/her.'

The Premium Plan:
For investments with 100,000, the investor shall be entitled to 50,000 after 60 days (two months). However, the 50,000 is cashable only if the investor was able to refer two people to register under him/her. 

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