Friday, March 15, 2019

Latest Free Browsing Cheat on MTN Via Webtunnel 2019

Recently the Hammer VPN cheat is currently closed to being blocked as the speed is no longer bearable but today i would be sharing with you guys today and the MTN Tweakware cheat is still very much available which you can opt for.
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The cheat has been confirmed to be working and the settings i would be taking you through right now.

  • Webtunnel VPN
  • MTN 0.0
  • Android Phone

  • First and foremost download Webtunnel App on your phone. Download here
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  • Install your webtunnel and app and apply the following settings
  • Leave the username and password the way it is as touching any of the settings might affect the connection
  • On the "HEADER HOST" insert "" 
  • On the "PROXY HOST" insert "" 

  • On the "PROXY" insert "8080"
  • Select simple on the next button then click on connect.

That's all.
You can also follow the image below for more clarification on how to set the cheat. Do join us on our social pages below. We'would love to hear from you please leave a comment.

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gox said...

The application is not available for use in your country (Nigeria)
What should I do?

oyedele tolulope said...

Use market unlocker to fix that

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