Thursday, November 09, 2017

How to Remove Temporary and Junk Files

Temporary files basically referred as Temp file or Foo file are files which are created by computers to hold information for a short period of time while a file is being created and after the program is closed. Mostly when temp files are created which users don't  know and can take a great deal of memory if they are not checked and deleted. They are also used for file recovery when you lose your files or abnormally messed with.
So on this post how to check and delete your junk files would be the focus and on this post, no app would be used during the process and it is totally safe as you can save the memory that the junk file contains to save other files of your choice.

Remove junk files
»On desktop home or anywhere on your pc type the window button which is mostly located on the left-hand side of alt or the start button using the keyboard. so press the START_BUTTON+R after typing that it should display a box and type %Temp% which should look like this. 

» After typing that press enter and all your temp files would be displayed and you get to delete them if it pleases you and this method is better compared to the files used in deleting temp files
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