Saturday, November 04, 2017

How to Fix Lagging On Your Pro Evolution Soccer

PES 2017 is one of the best games on the face of the earth as the football is regarded is one of the most played and loved by the mass. Pro evolution is one a kind game as this game is graphically high and doesn't support all systems or not fully. The most complained problem about users who play the game is the issue about the lagging of the game which makes it kinda hard for users to play the game. In this is post I would be giving out the way you can completely fix or lagging and really enjoy the games as the game was made for.

Lagging and the Causes
Lagging is one of the most annoying parts of gaming as everything seems to be slow or the game might be hard to play. If you are really familiar with the game you should be able to notice some things such as the replay loader and the graphic as this are the things which can be optimized to give your system a full drive of the game. But other things can also be the cause of lagging such as temporary files which are more or less useless to the pc and which may slow down the play of the game. You dont have to worry about and also your ram usage as on this post i will be giving out two amazing programs you can use in optimizing your system and also free your ram usage which in turn makes the play faster as the name of the program is jetboost. Before the game, you will have to click on boost which in turns increase the performance of the game and also jetclean which cleans all unused files or temporary files on your PC. Also try to upgrade your drivers also. I have a pc configuration in which i run my PES perfectly on it with little or no glitch. In this post i will be giving two types of optimization for your PES and the two can be used for critical lagging.
Download Jetclean
Download Jetboost
On my pc i play pes with the following properties below and it has been working very very fine.

The major part that makes use of more graphic is the crowd present in the game and the replay reloader for the game. I found a way you can remove this two and your game would run at a faster speed. If your configuration is better than mine you stand at a better chance of success. Anyway its like a different route the same result kinda stuff. Download our Antilag pack by clicking HERE. After opening you will see 3 anti-lag which you can choose any as you please and only a disabler which is active and tested.
In the pack also there is a bonus Pitch smoke which you can add if you want which might affect your speed

How to Install
To install you would need PES2017-DpFileListGeneratorv1.8byBaris which you can download by clicking HERE. as this is the best version for pes.
-Move your .CPK files into your download in your pes directory which you can get by opening the file location of the game shortcut.
-Open the DpFileList Generator select the already downloaded Naijabrainies anti lag and open the DPlist and select the file name showed and generate.

-Then it will show success.
-Refresh your computer and run your pes and your game would run faster and smoothly.
After following all the above steps your PES would run faster and the glitch would be reduced. Kindly like our page for more.

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