Wednesday, September 06, 2017

All You Need to Know About Rooting

Am sure you have been hearing of the world rooting which i guess shouldnt sound strange at all. So on this post i would be teaching you guys all you need to know about rooting and the cool stuffs you can do with your android phone when it has been rooted.
i would define rooting in my own way as the backdoor which allows android users to have full access and previledge control which you can also call root access to control,customize and redefine the normal functioninig of an android phone to tailor it to the need of the user via the use of root access granting apps
such as supersu which i would recommend for phones with low or not too much memory so as to prevent the phone from hanging. You can also make use of super user for granting root access. In a nutshell rooting is performed with the aim of breaking boundaries which has been installed bt default by the manufacturer. Rooting gives
ability to change system setting,apps,Add or remove to system app list and also change the appearance of an adnroid phone.
Although have made many uses of rooting known in the intro above but below i would be giving them in more details about stuffs you need to know about rooting.

»Full access and Authority
Many android user who uses customized phone in which i am also one may have been asking how they can unlock there phone to use all sims
and browse on 3G without the specified sim for the phone. For example i am using an MTN phone, with rooting and prop editing which i would
still go into later you can turn the brain of the pc to accept all sims which not only breaks the limit of using another sim but also allows
you to browse in 3G with another sim just with the use of special apps like toolbox which makes users using rooted phones to break limits.

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»Change in Appearance
Those which has been using android phones mostly complain of the interface and looks as it does not suit there desire. With rooting you can change the look
of your phone,the fonts, or even the notification bar buttons depending on the Custom-built roms which comes in different versions in which some are fully customized.
With rooting also you can also change your boot animation. In which boot animation is the short clip which plays whenever you switch on or boot your phone. It is mostly very
short in time and it can also be changed to your desired animation. You can click here for more details.
»Remove Useless System Applications
Most phones if not all comes with different default apps right from the manufacturer which mostly all android users find them to be useless or does not just fit into the stuffs they do
such apps include games, Chat apps or IP companies apps which you can change with just a click a way. While doing so, you save memory to do other things and also save space for other useful stuff on your phone removing such apps is nothing but impossible without rooting with the use of an app called System remover.

»Speed and battery boost
When you phone starts to get laggy or basically slow or you experience issue with violent batery discharge you can make use of apps to increase the phone speed which also makes speed demanding games to be played smoothly more than the 
normal speed to be made possible. You can make use of the app Set CPU to increase the speed or overclock the processor and set rules for the usage.
»Backup and restore your Apps
This is one of the coolest part of rooting.Rooting allows users to make a backup of all the files they would love to keep for future restore. Not only that it backs up your app, It also backs up your app data. The coolest part is that
the exact location, the exact level and way you left the app that is exactly the way you will have it back whenever you restore. For example am a football loving guy, I have ChampMan on my phone which makes use of levels and which can  be
very painful if you decide to start again i make use of an app called Titanium Backup. So if along the way i have the need of restoring my phone  so inorder not to start again i make the backup and move the titanium backup to my SD card and after the restore i move the folder back to phone memory
and install the Titanium Backup then i can restore my phone and continue the exact level i left it without the need of starting all over again.

With the stuffs above which cannot be used by non rooted phones you can still decide not to root your phone. The choice is yours. Some take it as another way of destroying your phone while some take it as the best stuff that ever happened to android. Its your decision as the phone would always be yours.

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