Wednesday, August 09, 2017

How to Play PSP Games On Pc With Gamepad

When you hear stuffs like ppsspp you already know that we are talking about games. Originally, the ppsspp games where made only and only for psp devices which are the only devices that can open the their files and make use of th content. So running this game on your phone can only be possible by using ppsspp which I believe and those who makes use of ppspp also knows its not comfortable at all because you have to spread all your fingers on the screen leaving little or no space for you to view what  you are actually playing which mostly accompany glitches and hanging which may also result to you rebooting your phone. The best place to play this games is your PC which may be a laptop or a desktop preferably should be  64bits to run psp games easily with your Game pads as that’s the best way you can enjoy playing ppsspp with a wider view, better performance and better speed without glitches or skipping of any sort.
So on this post  I would be showing you guys how you can run this games easily on your pc without glitches and the perfect speed you can ever get and also with your game pads which makes the game more comfortable for you to play which I believe should be fun.

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Basic requirements
»A 64bits pc with a good free memory space.
»Preferably 4 or 3gb Ram.
»Processor should be up to 2.4GHz
»Your Game-pad which can be dual all just single.
»Your PPSSPP for windows preferably ppspp version 1.3 and also all the game files you would like to run on your PC. Click here to download ppsspp v1.3  5 64bits.
I play my games with the system properties below and I experience to lagging or any issue or whatsoever.

So after downloading the ppspp for pc and your games just follow the steps below and am sure you wouldn’t experience any issue at all.

»First and foremost, insert your Game pad into your pc and search USB if you are using windows 7 ultimate you would see set up game controllers or you can just basically search set up game controllers on your PC.
»After locating the game controller set up just open it and it should display like the image below.

»After checking the usb controller set up, Just open the already downloaded ppspp v1.3 above and locate the psp game on your pc and open it.
»While the game still loads, press the escape button and it will show the setting menu. Just at the top of the list, click on mode and change it to skip buffer effects.

»Then click on CONTROLS . Here you would see many keys. Just go down and locate the key which displays only shapes like the ones on the pad. 

After mapping them to the pads which maybe the first or the second pad just press escape and run the game. Now, instead of using your keyboard to play which many do not like you get to control your game with your PC.
After applying and following all the steps above without missing any you will be able to run your games easily and more comfortably without using your keyboard at all. Did you try this and it worked for you or did you encounter any issue? Please feel free to leave your comment.

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