Friday, August 11, 2017

How to get 100% Double Data On Mtn without Changing Your IMEI

This is one of the latest trick you can get on MTN has it is very well known to all MTN subscribers as MTN has decided to keeping a big lock to all tricks. The good stuff about this trick is that you wouldn’t need any special setting and trick to get this working on all your MTN sims without breaking a sweat. The MTN double data all started when subscribers get 14gb worth of data just for N2,000 which also continues as this double data also comes along with new android phones which is only meant to last for 6months which other phones can also enjoy the same treatment which is basically possible just by tweaking yourIMEI  just by following simple steps. Also be reminded that you can use any phone model in getting this done
Fortunately, another way of getting the 100% data working on your sim has been discovered and has been confirmed as been 100% working and active which basically doesn’t have anything to do with your IMEI at all. So follow the steps below to get it done without breaking a sweat.

Steps to get 100% Double data on Mtn
»Locate your message and send the following messages one after the other.
-Send DOUBLE to 131, Send Promo to 131, Send FREE to 131.
»Soon you will receive three messages from MTN.
-The first message you would receive would be “Your Request has been received”.
-Second message would be “You have sent an invalid command” which you should just ignore.
-Third message would be “Dear customer Data Offers on MTN Deal zone, Dial *131*1# “.

On receiving the last message, you get to purchase your data plan just by dialing *131*1# and you get to enjoy your doubled data whenever you subscribe.
In checking your data+bonus data balance just dial *131*4#. So with this simple step you get doubled data whenever you subscribe on your MTN sim without breaking a sweat.

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