Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Glo Latest Free Browsing Cheat On Tweakware 6.4

Glo has always been every users favorite as there data plans aare cool .But people do not just like them because of their data plan but of also the chance they have give to users to browse absolutely free without a paying a dime. Its no new story as this cheats have been serving the users back to back did you miss or have issues with Glo Anonytun Free Browsing or you did not hear about the previous Glo tweakware 6.4 then you shouldnt miss this one has this cheat apps had always been the blast from the past back to back.
So on this post i would be showing you the way you can set up your tweakware and get it running like never before. The new settings makes it new and better like ever and which also enables you to browse free using your glo sim card.

The common complains about tweakware has mainly been with the issue of disconnections which comes also with slow connections and speed has been fixed with the new settings i would be dropping here on how you can set your glo successfully without issues


»Download Tweakware 6.4 Here
»Download the import tweak Here Also note that this imported tweak works for only v6.4
»After downloading both the VPN and the imported tweak go to your phone settings and create a ew APN setting for the cheat and use the settings below.
»APN Name: Naijabrainies
>APN: gloflat
>Username: flat

Then save and apply the settings
»Now open your installed Tweakware v6.4 and locate settings.
»Select import tweak.
»Immediately you would be referred to your file manager. now locate where you downloaded the saved .twk file and tap on it.
»Now go back to tweakware's main page and click on twwaks, then select tweaks and tap import tweak.

Take note that the cheat is capped at a data rate of 350mb daily which simply means you stop browsing when you use up your 350mb. However you can purchase a premium account to enjoy this cheat well.

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Is this open to new sim cards too?

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