Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Browse Absolutely Free with 51 VPN on 9mobile

Want to browse absolutely free on 9mobile 51? Then 51 vpn  is that stuff which will give you want you have been looking for. So in getting this done and allowing you to browse free will be making use of 51vpn for the trick this time around.
51 VPN is believed to be a Chinese vpn which is capable of providing free surfing for users. The app provides quality and stable nodes, free download, no registration or whatsoever, Sharp connections, simple and very convenient to use.
Though the app also have a pro version with cooler features in which its speed  exceeds 1mb/s which is presently not available but you can get it on Blackmart which I believe should not sound new to our readers.

Things you need to know about 51 VPN

»Free servers connect just one click away.
»Ads are present. The good stuff is that you can block all the ads without disturbing your connection. 
»Does not power all the apps.
»Works on etisalat with 0.0kb
»Hardly disconnects 
»It is apparently slow.

How to setup your 51 vpn
»First and foremost install 51vpn.
»After installing open the app.
»Apply 9mobile Default Apn Settings.
»Choose any of the nodes present. (UK, HK, Singapore).
»Turn on your data connection.
»Click on the kite like icon to connect.

»Keep clicking okay on any pop up you see and patiently wait for the icon t turn green (takes nothing less than 6seconds).
»Once connected you would see sending and receiving arrows. Then you can then launch your browser  and fire on the browsing.

»»NOTE: Currently as you make use of the free 51VPN the app would provide with you speed rates as high as 3mb/s only for about 20 minutes then as time goes on it drops to 100kb/s. As times goes on.
I feel you can still use the app

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