Sunday, July 30, 2017

How to Insert AdSense Or Affiliate Ads in-between post

After many searching i finally got the way you can insert affiliate links inbetween your blogger post. Normally, i my first thought about adding ads to blogger post is by editing my HTML. in which i was very wrong.The steps are very simple but i notice many do not know how to get it dine and it is very close to them. So on adding affiliate links in-between our blogger post would be the purpose of this post. Without wasting much of your time i would go through the steps to add ads to which i feel would increases the amount of clicks you get on the ad and enable you to make more money on the ads.


  • Firstly, Log in to your blogger dashboard.
  • Locate settings and click on it.
  • The after Basic, You will find Post, Comments and sharing  and click on it.
  • So, under posts locate Post Template.
  • The box provided would be where you paste your ad codes.

So to control which part of the post should they be located is very easy and simple. Whenever you want to make a post after adding the ad codes to post template it would automatically pops up on your editing screen. So from there you get to determine which area of the post you want them to be. Do you experience any difficulty or did you try this and it worked for you kindly drop your comment below.