Tuesday, July 18, 2017

How To Drop Your Comment On Our Blog

Many times readers on this blog always complain on the search box and say its having issue or it's not just active. So i took a good look and decided to make this post. Hopefully this post would solve the issue and where the problem accompanying commenting would be treated and we really appreciate those who have been dropping their comments which in one way or the other has been encouraging me to write and get better stuffs for you guys.
The possible problems which i feel could be the cause of issue in commenting can be the following.

  • Using old and outdated browsers.
  • Not waiting for the page to load fully.
  • Issue with signing into your gmail account.
So on this post i would be showing how comments should be made in which i believe should give issues when trying to drop your comment on the blog.
Normally when you reach the base of the post you would see the comment box and under the box you see commenting as. When you login frequently to your gmail account. It would be the name you registered for your gmail would appear.

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When you click on the button under the commenting as it would show this. If you have a LiveJournal you can tick livejournal instead and the same works for the other except the Anonymous which you only make use when you want to leave a comment without any profile. But, when you own a blog and you want to leave a backlink in which your blog would be crawled alongside with mine and also improve how well your contents appear on google 

Here is a perfect example of a comment with a back link along side with the profile.

With the following explanations i hope you fully understand how the comment works and i believe no one should be having issues leaving comments.


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