Sunday, July 02, 2017

How to customize your mouse cursor easily

Am a type that always find the default mouse cursor not professional enough maybe its due to the fact that have been seeing the same for a long time. Most of the ways in changing your PC cursor always come with you editing a file in which a single mistake can lead to a fsmsge on your PC which is so so not safe. On this post I would be hooking you with an app that changes your cursor without editing a single stuff on your PC which is completely safe and very active without  issue. The program is no other than Cursor fx. The program works for window 10,8,7 vita/Xp. With absolutely no coding and special trick.


  • Lots of different mouse cursors with different loading animation
  • Different fluid animation and sizes.
  • Allows users to add fancy trails to cursor movements and action.
  • Alot of sound for different action e.g A sound when the left button is head down.
  • Amazing effects to every action taken by the mouse and movement.
  • More and more unique and amazing cursors available for download to suit your purpose.
  • Runs at start up so no need for opening again unless there is a cause to change the setting.
  • Allows user to add shadow to mouse cursor which user can decide the position look and length.
  • Just click on the mouse you want and click apply.

Do you also find the default PC mouse not too cool and customisable with no effect and cool sounds? Get this program and give your mouse a new appearance and effect.
Click Here to proceed to download. Wait for 5 seconds then skip the ad and your download would start immediately. Do you have any complaint? Kindly drop your comment and get help.