Wednesday, July 19, 2017

How to Cast Your Android Screen to Your PC

Have you ever stumbed or had the idea if your android screen can be reflected better still projected on your laptop screen for better and larger view. This is one of the best programs ever and this is a great improvement to all android users.

You get to chat bigger, Play your games on a bigger screen, Run your social accounts on a bigger screen. The app just gives you another feeling about all the apps on your phone and see them from a different and better perspective. Am talking of no other program other than MirrorGo.

Features of MirrorGo:

  • Allows users to cast their Android screen on their laptop or desktop computers.
  • Allows user to choose from a variety of qualities in which they want their their android screen to display.
  • Enables users to take screenshot and transfer files.

  • Enables users to record the screen which can be used in making tutorials.
  • Allows users to toggle between full screen mode and exit full screen.
  • Gives notifications on every change in activity on the phone.
Am sure you want this awesome app and i would be giving the steps in installing and getting this app on your PC.

  • First of all click Here to proceed download.
  • After downloading. Open the program which is in exe format and click on install.

  • Wait for about ten minutes to get the installation complete and open the program.

Connecting to your phone

The main and the way i use in connecting is via the USB with a little change in settings in which i would be dropping here.

  • For the first time usage you will be making use of your USB.  And you would also need to allow USB Debugging on your device.
  • To allow to debugging go to settings.

  • Then locate About device. 

  • To enable debugging mode click on build number like up to 7 times and it would show  youre now a developer.

  • After then  turn on developer option and allow debugging.

After applying all the settings above and the connection would start immediately and you will have to wait for like 3minutes for the connection to complete. In the course of connection the program would install an app on your phone in which you should never uninstall if you still want to connect.

Then your android screen would display on your laptop or desktop. The app uses time for the free trial in which your access would be limited using the app. 
I would be giving out a free account whose subscription to the app is unlimited which simply means you can use the app and all its feature for life.
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