Tuesday, July 25, 2017

How To Add Smiley Buttons To Your Blog

Smiley i would describe in my words as an humanoid ready face which could match an individual's personal or emotional state at point in time. Smileys has been gaining wave as far way back as 1963 which the colors are mostly yellow. So, on this post adding smiley buttons would be the main focus here, whereby you can use this buttons to get reactions from your readers on your post which could justify whether the post id good and they are fine with it or the code is the other way round. Adding this to your blog is simple and i must say this is one of the best widget you can add to your blog. It basically allows users to leave feedbacks without dropping their comment.


  • First and foremost go to
  • Here. sign up with your blog name, your website and your e-mail address.

  • Now you would be provided with a large different range of smileys and all you have to do is to pick the one you would like to add to your blog.
  • On the next page, You would be given codes to add them, Just copy them.

  • Now, Log in to your blogger dashboard and go to EDIT HTML.
  • Then press CNTR+F to open your search box and type <data:post.body/> and search.
  • Paste the code provided for you earlier right after <data:post.body/> . Then refresh your blog and the smiley buttons would appear.

Did you try this and it worked for you? kindly take some of your time to drop your comment. 

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