Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Hot reloaded: Let data fall on you get up to 1gig of data via MTN Myapp

if youre given the MTN 100mb anad you are still strugling with brother youre on a long thing as now you can accumulate up to 1gig shap! with the small trick i would be sharing with you guys. so lets go....

And if by chance you have no idea of what am talking about you are also missing alot. click here.
just like the picture above have found a way you can puncture the data bucket of mtn to let data fall on you.


  • like normally go to your messagae and Send Myapp to 131. and if you receive no error message then youre good to go.
  • After sending the command you have subscribed now to get more you will have to unsubscribe by sending Stop Myapp to 131. ignore the sorry command and lets fire on.

  • After sending that subscribe again by sending Myapp to 131.
And you will receive a message just like the screenshot below

  • keep repeating the same procedure and it will keep on adding and adding for you. Event though its 3days do you have idea of how many things you can download within 3days when its absolutely free??.
Am currently having this on my SIM 1

And am also having this on my SIM 2

keep on repeating the process and let the data rain keep falling download like never before, stream like never before,do anything like never before let it keep raining. did it work for you  please kindly use small of the data to drop your comment.

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