Sunday, July 23, 2017

Blackmart The Best Playstore Alternative

Playstore shouldn't sound weird or new to any android user  at this point in time in the world. Playstore which is officially owned by google and which was launched March6, 2012 has been one of the widely used app buckets back to back. The issue here is that playstore dooesnt work on itself without the play service which you will also install along side with playstore. Which becomes bigger and bigger with time. The main focus of this post is for those whose phone memory are not so accommodating to use playstore, Those who feels playstore downloading is very slow like i do. So inoder to download apps on your phone i found an app called blackmart.

Simply click here to download blackmart. Blackmart Alpha and Blackmart are the same. The name is just the difference.
You can still prefer Playstore but you do not get a back up of the app you installed on playstore but with a trick you can get them on your SD card.

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 So comparing both Blackmart and playstore see the shots below;

  • Blackmart is just 4.07mb alone without no other file backing it up.

  • While google play srevice alone occupies 39.8mb and also be reminded that it also get installed along side with the playstore itself. 

Blackmkart basically reduces the time spent in downloading your apps and it also makes a back up of the app you installed via the app. You can also get paid apps free on blackmart and also saves your data loading playstore and it basically works without you logging into your gmail account hereby saving space on your phone and get your apps faster. This app can also be used when the service is not good.