Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Airtel Unleashes Unlimited Data Plan, Codes and Prices

Airetel has which has always been one of the best telecom in africa made it known recently to the general public about the new unlimited data plan which is to be unleashed and which has finally been successfully unveiled days ago. After listening to customer and the general public, conclusions where made as customers frown at the new data plans data plan which is due to the price tag and the allocated data for them.

Airtel claimed the data are unlimited through their video advert but the real truth is that each data plan have an allocated data tag, which simply means the data plans are capped. This is definitely the worst part of everything, They also made it known that the data plans can be throttled at the speed of 252kobo/seconds which simply means your speed might slow down after enjoying full speed at the unset of the of the subscription.

Data Packages and validity periods

  • Airtel 10,000 gives 100GB worth of data, Valid for 30days by dialing *471#.
  • Airtel 15,000 gives 125GB worth of data, Valid for 30days by dialing *463#.
  • Airtel 20,000 gives 160GB worth of data, Valid for 30days by dialing *351#.
Note: Fair usage applies. You might experience speed throttle at the rate of 252kobo/seconds. By dialing *141#. and follow the instructions displayed.

What do you think about the new data plan?