Sunday, June 11, 2017

Updated Glo unlimited on Uchandler

This cheat has been on for some time and have been tested myself. But its like no one is noticing the cheat but it still active and has been tested and verified myself✔.
The coolest stuff about this cheat is that its unlimited You can browse stream watch upload and may other stuffs you can do online but it must be on the uchander that shouldn't be a problem I think.

There have been complaints on this cheat saying its not active and I think tweaking their APN settings might let the cheat work. If you haven't tried this cheat don't borther tweaking yet until you notice its not working. What I simply mean by tweaking APN settings is by trying different APN settings maybe luckily you find the one that works for the cheat. Some APN can be super fast when some can be the opposite. Cutting the story short let's set up our uchandler for glo.

It works only in uchandler web browser
✔Involes no psiphon and tunnel.
✔It is totally free.Even with a flat balance on your Glo sim 0.0kb
 ✔It is unlimited and not capped.

APN Type: Tick Default & Supl
Proxy: leave it blank
Port: leave it blank
Username and Password: use either flat or secure
APN: gloflat or glosecure

To those that are new to uchandler kindly click Here

  • Open the app and configure stated below:

  • Front query:
  • Tick remove port
  • Proxy Type: Real Host
  • Proxy Server:
  • Middle query:
  • Save and and now you can open any website, it should go.

    How To Download Files With Any Glo Cheat On Ucmini Handler
    1. Go to the file you want to download and copy the Download source link then go to and paste it in the box provided then tap on GO.
    2. Immediately, the file will appear and change the download.php to the file extension you want to download e.g download.apk for Android app and download.mp3 for musics while download.mp4 for videos
    3. Then tap on Download. And the download should start.


Wisdom Michael said...

Please is this cheat still active?
I really need it.

You can check this blog Naijcrackgist for similar post at our tech section.

oyedele tolulope said...

Its still active.. Provided ur glo network make sense...
Thanks for commenting... I really appreciate it

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