Saturday, June 03, 2017

Latest Etisalat unlimited 100%Free browsing

The formally active etisalat which has been working for a while and has not being in the favor of those using it as the amount of mb per day is 60. The good news is that an new one is out and its conformed working and active in which would be shared now.

Freedom app is the key here as it has been in existence for a long time and has been used on several occasion for free browsing

The new Etisalat unlimited free browsing allows you to browse download upload video call steam in brief it does anything you can ever think of online makes you get the best browsing experience

Procedures to activate the free etisalat unlimited cheat
  • Kick start by downloading the freedom app Here also download the configuration file Here
  • Install and launch the app and tap on configure at the buttom side
  • After that choose backup and restore

  •  followed by load config file

    • Load the config file downloaded earlier and then tap on LOAD 
    • Locate the configuration file and select any one at random

    Loading successful
    • After  Loading successfully go back to main screen and select start connection 

    After connection you can now minimize and blow up the internet...