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How to submit your sitemap to google,bing and Yahoo

I know the first thing that would be on your mind is What are sitemaps . well, sitemap is a file in XML format with the list of the whole pages in your blog. Sitemaps helps and improve the rate in which your blog would be crawled and also helps search engines like GOOGLE, YAHOO And BING to Index your blog post.
Well, submitting a sitemap to search engines would will tell them about your blog and the contents present on your blog. Want to learn more about sitemaps? Just click Here

So on this tutorial getting your sitemap and submitting them to search engines would be treated on this blog with completely safe steps so as to ensure your blog not ending up being messed up.
However, Blogger's default sitemap contains only 25 latest articles on your blog. You can take a look on your blog sitemap.

Steps on submitting your maps to search engines
  • Firstly, log on to Google search console
  • Click the blog name you want to add the sitemap.
  • Locate crawl and clock on Sitemaps
  • Locate the "ADD/TEST SITEMAP located at the upper right of that page and paste the code below.

  • Click on submit sitemap and reload the page.
  • With this step you have successfully submitted your sitemap to Google search console and also remember the above sitemap will work for 500 post and perhaps if you have more than 500 post. Use the code below instead.

Or do you still have more post than 500 probably 100 use the code


With the following instructions and codes you've successfully submitted your blog sitemap and your post will appear on blogger and your blog would be crawled.

So next we would be dealing with submitting your blogger template to yahoo and Bing. Note that your post and blog wouldn't appear on yahoo and Bing without submitting your sitemap.

Steps to submit blogger sitemap to yahoo and Bing

The yahoo site explorer was merged with Bing webmaster. So if you submit your sitemap to bing it will automatically appear on Yahoo and Bing search engines. Just follow the steps carefully.
  • First of all log into  Your bing webmaster tool 
  • If possibly you do not have an account just sign up. The steps are simple and doesn't really need any special step.
  • Locate ADD A SITE
  • Type in your blog URL in which you want to submit the sitemap
  • Then, type the following line to the ADD SITEMAP field.

  • Don't forget to replace your blog URL with the example stated Above.

  • Click on the "ADD" button
  • Here, you're in the verifying ownership page. There and e different methods to verify but I will strongly recommen the Meta tag method. I believe its simpler.
  • So, using the meta tag. You'll be given a code to add the template of your blog.

  • Now search for the <head> tag or just hold CNTRL+F to search for the tag.
  • Then paste the code below the <head> tag.
  • Click on SAVE TEMPLATE.
  • So on the bing webmaster tab and click on verify.
  • If you have more than 500 post then submit the sitemap with the code below.

If you have more than 500 post use the code belowbelow

It takes some time before yahoo and bing can start indexing your blog post.

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Olajide Ayomide said...

thanks helped a lot

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Wisdom Michael said...

Wow awesome writeup you got. I implemented every thing properly on my blog Naijcrackgist

oyedele tolulope said...

Thanks gee...kindly subscribe to our blog to stay updated.. With our post...
Thanks for commenting I really appreciate it

Ezewest said...

Nice tutorial commenting from

oyedele tolulope said...

Cool thanks boss

atoz said...

What if i dont have up to 100 posts on my blog! Can i still submit it

oyedele tolulope said...

ofcourse you can submit without having up to 100 post. It just allows your stuffs to appear on google and hence increase your traffic. Thanks for stopping by. come back for more...

E-keyz said...

Please what's the difference between the sitemap.xml and the atom.xml?redirect=false&start-index=1001&max-results=500.....i am really confused here

oyedele tolulope said...

Sitemap.xml is a file which allows search engines to crawl and locate your blog on their search engine while the atom.xml
is a simple HTTP-based protocol for creating and updating web resources and updating web contents on search engines

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