Saturday, June 17, 2017

How to locate viewed WhatsApp status on your phone

WhatsApp introduced a new update on their app that allows users to set images and videos with 30 seconds length to be posted on their status for members on the contract list to view them and also allows user to decide who to see their status. The secret is that whenever you view a contact's status it automatically downloads it on your phone which is unknown to you. There are times a contact uploads a status you like and you would like to save it to view later but you won't be able to as the status would be automatically deleted in 24hrs. So on this tutorial getting those status you like to stay on your phone and prevent them from being deleted is what this post isabout and getting and having them for viewing later.

Steps to locate your viewed status

  • Firstly locate your file manager and click on the menu to view hidden files  your phone.

  • Click on show hidden files and some files would come up which would look faint compared to the Non hidden files.
  • Locate your WhatsApp folder and click on it.

  • Click on media to see where all downloaded documents and all shared and sent images are stored.

  • Then click on the .shared which looks faint meaning it's also an hidden file and it can't be viewed unless you view hidden files.

  • So to prevent them from being deleted after 24hrs just move them out of the folder to view them later.
How easy was that?...very easy I guess


Honey Xhk said...

I just want to say thank you for sharing all those Whatsapp Status . I have been looking for those for over an hour now. I want to give those quotes to my girl friend. She finds it cute and she really loves Whatsapp Status .

oyedele tolulope said...

glad i could help you. Please keep visiting our blog. we also find it cute and we really love it also...thanks for stopping by

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