Thursday, June 29, 2017

How to fix custom page not found on blogger

Basically this means that the page you’re trying to get to is unavailable or doesn’t exist. If you’ve followed a link and got this error page, it usually means one of two things:
  • Link doesn't exist 
  • The link has been updated

Blogging has been fun most of the times. But have you ever opened a page on a blog or a website and you see "Custom page not found" what do you after seeing that.. Am sure you will leave the page immediately. The good stuff is that you can fix thus stuff easily on blogger on your dashboard. Instead of seeing the custom page not found you can decide on what to be seen when readers see the page not found normally links would be the stuffs that would be added and it's purely HTML which shouldn't give you any issue editing it. Firstly the choice of word to be used must be enticing, it must have contents that would move the reader to click and the links must be valid..Make sure you remove the ?m=1 

leaving it with .html...?m=1 tells the browser to open a page in mobile view while ?m=0 tells the browser to display the page in web view. So on this post controlling the error page to show links instead of error page would be what we would be dealing with and not getting your readers to dash out of your blog.

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Steps to fix page error
  • Firstly, log into your blogger dashboard
  • Locate settings and click search preferences
  • Under Errors and redirection under the heading you will see custom page not found then click edit.

There if you know HTML already just click on the set and make a your enticing write up to make the reader to stay. Or so you have issues composing one? Just copy the one I made below and edit to suit your choice.

<h2>Oops!</h2><p> <h3 align=”left”> Sorry that the page you are requesting isn’t available in our blog.</h3></p>
<p align=”left”>But, here is the <strong>3 Best posts</strong> I’ve picked for you which can be useful to you.</p>
<ul align=left>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”>How to get up to 1k likes on Facebook</a></li><br/>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”> Top PSP and android games with active download links</a></li><br/>
<li><a href=”” target=”_blank”> How to add social and share buttons to your blog</a></li></ul>
<p align=”left”>And, I suggest you to visit our<a href=””>homepage</a> where you can see some of our best posts.</p>

That's all. So instead of users to see the error page this would be seen instead.

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