Monday, June 26, 2017

How to detect a fake or cloned phone

Fake phones has been in existence from the unset of telecoms everywhere and its not really new. At some point I thought they're not allowed or people should be wise enough to detect the fake from the real but I noticed people keep falling for this fake phones still and that's one of the things that promoted me to make this post. The good stuff is that you can detect a fake phone I about 2minutes or more of scanning without any special trick or any difficult step .When you hear the word clone it simply means the transfer of identity and copying of design to make a duplicate of material.The same method also helps to show or tell us more about our devices. If you think you know everything about phones you're about to find out you don't know much. I personally tried this and I made my own personal research testing the method and I feel sharing with you guys would be a great idea.

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 So on this post detecting fake phones and knowing what our Android phones can really do  and inbuilt information and also what they contain will be the target for this post.

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On this posy we would be using the app CPU RAM/DEVICE IDENTIFIER. CPU Z can also be used as a duplicate

  • Firstly, click Here to download the app.
  • Install and open the app and if you want to get more info about your phone just click on evaluate and it should display something like this.

  • There are some phones who doesn't show the RAM(Random access memory). Using this app you can get the ram info and everything about the phone
  • You can also get info about the phones database and it's capability.

 Cloning and fake phone identification

Are you about to get a phone from a friend or do a kind of used phone and may method of purchase. I strongly recommend this app for you so as not to end up buying a fake phone.
After downloading and installing the app. Without any clicking and evaluation the app would automatically show the device is a fake . So when it shows the fake it means the phone is either showing versions bigger that normal and the phone is just a clone


I personally tried thisapp on the phone of my Friend whose android version was looking really suspicious and very glaring that the phone is fake. See screenshots below.

Immediately on opening the app it shows the phone was fake. So whenever you will be testing let the app load well or even go at extra length to click on the Evaluate button at the upper right of the app or switch on your data during evaluation.

On testing with another phone definitely an original it shows this.

So when you get a view of this when you evaluate your phone it shows the phone is original and then you can proceed with the bargain.

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