Thursday, June 29, 2017

Glo cheat still active on tweakware 6.4

This has been on for a while now and its still active with proves. To get this working on your phone you need to get the app. Actually thisbis one of the easiest cheats active no custom files no rooting no tweaking just the use of tweakware no serious configuration or step. Just note not all sims as some sims wouldn't browse even though the settings is correct. On this post we would be using tweak ware 6.4 for the glo cheat.


  • Your glo sim with 0.0kb or no airtime better still
  • Download tweakware 6.4 Here 

After downloading install and open then select glo and choose Autoselect on the server bar then click on connect and once it connects you can start browsing free!!