Friday, May 12, 2017

Updated Etisalat capped 60mb now perfectly working

There have been a shortage on free browsing cheats lately and the only free data bonus that sustains users have been misbehaving. Now another app has been developed so as to enable steady connection and easy surfing and corrects the issue of not conmecting when you attempt and this is one of the most annoying stuff especially with QUENCEE and STARK VPN.
On the new updated 60mb etisalat cheat the app anonyTun VPN will be used. The anonytun is more or less like OPEN VPN and NETLOOP VPN. It doesn't drain data and the connection is steady.Though the mb is small but at least it can still be used in doing one or  things online.

  • A strong 3G network
  • Your Android phone
  • Your installed Anonytun VPN. Download 
  • Your ETISALAT Sim with 0.0kb and 0.0 airtime on the line
  • Etisalat default APN on your phone setting or make sure, APN is etisalat and for username and password, leave them empty.

Settings for ANONYTUN VPN 60mb capped free data
  • Download the anonytun VPN Here 
  • After downloading launch the application and click on CONTINIUE 
  • Click on stealth settings
  • Now Use the following setiings
  • Connection protocol:HTML
  • Connection port:8080
  • Put the following there...

  • URL/HOST: #
    •      INJECTION METHOD: Normal
    •      Then tick USER AGENT
    • .Tap GENERATE
    • Click on Save

      The AnonyTun VPN should now connect, connection takes a few seconds.

      That's all.

      Enjoy While It Lasts!  

    Do you experience any difficulty understanding and trying the article kindly drop your comments