Wednesday, May 03, 2017

See how to save your data and secure your privacy

How to save your Data to last longer 

Have you ever subscribed to a data service and you noticed that the data is steadily decreasing or burning at a fast rate without downloading nor uploading any big file? 
It is mostly common with the Android users and on this tutorial we would be helping you on how  to reduce the rate it your data burns in order  to make your data last longer
On this tutorial we would be using Opera Max

Opera Max saves data on text, images, and videos transferred over normal web connections. Opera Max can't compress binary or encrypted data, for example app installation or updates through Google Play or traffic on your bank or email applications. But, if you use other apps like WhatsApp, Instagram or social apps  you’ll start to see savings.

                                            How it works▶

The app works on your VPN hereby preventing apps that sync or use background data to be unable to get access any longer here by preventing auto update or use data when the permission ia not given by you ans stopping apps from getting information like your location and your personal data 
▶open app click on start savings and allow access 
▶if interested you can turn on the privacy 
Download Opera max Here
Start saving your data and protect your privacy with opera max

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Harper michach said...

However, premium VPN account allows you to easily access all the content available on the internet in any part of the world effortlessly. Reasons to use VPN

oyedele tolulope said...

yeah thats true also

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