Saturday, May 06, 2017

See How to rename your label on blogger


Maintaining a logical category structure on a blog is extremely important, as it not only helps keep things organized, it also helps with user-friendliness. A category navigation makes it easy for users to find your articles, and also helps them discover similar titles on your blog. In Google Blogger, categories are named Labels, whereas in WordPress, category navigation is maintained by Categories as well as Tags. Managing Labels in Blogger isn't as straightforward as in WordPress, but it is fairly simple. In this post, we'll look at how to create, edit, or delete labels in Blogger.

If you've spent any time working in WordPress, you will know how easy it is to create, edit, or delete Categories and Tags from the admin panel. But assigning those categories and tags to posts is another matter, which is where Blogger scores. Even though Blogger doesn't have straightforward controls for creating or editing labels, it uses a pretty slick and easy implementation for them, making it very simple to assign/un-assign labels to individual posts.

There are times when you will need to change a label probably die yo a change in idea or a change of style to meet the needs of your blog  or the categy of blogging you've decide to switch to or change to. 

Theres actually no one click way of changing the name but on this tutorial we would be letting you know how to change the label name to suit your updated interests and desire but it is very easy and doesn't take much time in getting it done

  • Login to your blogger Dashboard then look at the upper right side on dashboard 
  • Have you found it? Well done! 
  • Click on it to display all the labels present on your blog 
  • After then tick all the post on the label 
  • After ticking all the post Click on the icon at the left hand side of the publish button. 
  • Then select the the label all the post are published and the label will be deleted 
  • To assign another label with a changed name click on the same icon on the left side to publish and insert new name
  • Then insert your new label name and save

Do you experience any difficulty understanding and trying the article kindly drop your comment to get help