Thursday, April 20, 2017

See 7 Signs That Will Happen Your Smartphone Has a Virus

See 7 Signs That Will Happen Your Smartphone Has a Virus 

Virus comes in different ways and the next thing to do is to flash that phone, or do factory reset of that phone. here now we will be giving a tutorial on what you will see if you phone has contact a virus or not.

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See 7  Signs That Will Happen Your Smartphone Has a Virus

Increased mobile phone charges
You did not subscribe to anything from your service provider but your phone credit is being deducted almost every second. In fact, you called them to complain but they are unaware of such deductions. This means a malicious app is removing your credit to make fake phone calls and send text messages.
Slowdown in performance
We tend to pay more attention to our computer than our phone. Your phone is a mini computer. So, when you notice an unusual slowdown in its function, it may be a sign of a virus infection.
Your phone contacts receive weird text messages
If your contacts call you to talk about a message you did not send, it means a malware has infected your phone. It is attempting to infect your contact's phone by sending spam texts. You should scan your phone if this happens.
Unusual data consumption
For a malicious application to function perfectly, it needs internet. If your phone is connected, the virus will run uninterrupted. Clearly, the virus is using your data. So, if you notice a weird spike in data usage, it may be a virus. Switch off your data and search for the app consuming the highest amount of data.
Significant drop in battery life
Not all battery drains mean the battery is bad or it is time to replace it. It may be that some malicious app is using your battery for certain illegal activities. 
New applications
You never downloaded an app but you notice it on your phone. You must have mistakenly clicked a link to automatically download the app. In some cases, you do not need to open the app before the virus infects your phone. You should delete it. In serious situations, you have to format your phone.
Undesirable adverts
Every time you click a link, an annoying advert pops up or your page is flooded with different adverts, it shows that your phone has a malware or virus.
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