Sunday, April 30, 2017

Get your airtime disappearance problem solved on your MTN line here

Get your airtime disappearance problem solved here

Have you ever loaded and airtime and later find out that it's gone without turning your data on nor making any call. 
This problem is mostly associated with users using MTN and on this tutorial we would be letting you know the possible reasons and ways to stop them so as not to ruin your plan of making a call or enjoying a service believe me it's the  Worstest experience ever! if there is anything like worstest  You just subscribed to a particular data plan and later discovered that MTN has been using the medium to extort money from you and for you to opt-out suddenly became a problem because sometimes, MTN doesn't give code to option out from a particular data plan. This is like a thorn to the flesh because you will be afraid to recharge your line. And the main reason is the problem with auto renewal 
Meanwhile, data renewal is good in some ways whereby, you subscribed to a data plan to keep renewing automatically for you in order to save time and stress of looking for codes to dial.

This data autorenewal has different codes to option out, depending on the type of data plan you activate and MTN has no special code to deactivate all at once. So in this tutorial, we will be making use of an App to deactivate this data automatic renewal. So let's go on!

How To Cancel, Deactivate, Disable, Stop MTN Automatic Data Plan Autorenewal

  • Its very simple and straight but firstly download the official MyMTN app Here
After the installation open the downloaded Mymtn app and click on start

  • After then locate the my subscripti     ons 
  • Then ypu see all the active subscriptions on your line and when you spot a subscribed service you so not need you turn it OFF

  • And then tap on unsuscribe and shortly you will receive a message saying "you have successfully unsuscribed" 
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