Wednesday, March 15, 2017

The best way to download from YouTube

Best way to download from YouTube with no special application and works with all browsing phonephone

YouTube has been one of the biggest video bucket site of all time as tutorials and live coverages highlight of meetings conference or funny videos are posted o their platform..There are many times i would love to get a video on my phone but wouldnt want to watch cause i beleive it takes double data compared to downloading.But i later found a way to download the videos of my choice with no limitation and On this tutorial i would be showing you guys the easiest,fastest and the coolest  way to download from YouTube with any phone provided its browsing or surfing.
Firstly of all search for the video of your choice you wish to watch later on your phone or lemme just say download
For example I want to download best the top ten life hacks

After getting the video that you want to download. So to download the video you have to edit the watch and share URL.
So to get the video you have to proceed by adding "magic'' tYouTube hence making it 

Then I access it the URL with the new Youmagictube

After the page has successful loaded just click on the quality you prefer and on the next page it shows downloadYou can select HD and other file format.

How easy was that very easy u guess